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Polk Directory

R. L. Polk Co. published this first edition of the " Chicago Numerical Street and Avenue Directory" as a companion Volume to its "1928-29 Chicago's City Directory." At this time, R. L. Polk published more than 700 other city, county, state and national directories.

This Directory was designed to give a panoramic view of the entire city, street by street. All of the streets are arranged alphabetically, with each street described as to starting point, termination and relative positions to other streets and landmarks.

For each street, all house numbers are arranged in numerical progression with the intersecting streets noted at their respective crossing points. Opposite each house number is place the name of the married man, the wife's given name is shown in parentheseses immediately after his name. In case of a place of business where the firm name is not self-explanatory, the nature of the business is indicated. Home ownership is indicated by the character Double O Numbers and tenants in office buildings and apartment houses are sub-arranged under the street number of such buildings and apartments.

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