This is a list of current and former street names in Chicago, first compiled in 1948. It has been updated through approximately 1989. To find your street name, click on the letter of the alphabet that it begins with, and then scroll down until that street name appears. Numeric street names are listed alphabetically, as if the number were spelled out (e.g., Fifty-fifth; Thirty-sixth.)

Helpful Hints

Street names no longer used are indicated with a hyphen in front of the name. Following this is the current street name.


  • Agnes Avenue. 4134 to 4240 W. School Street
This means that the street once called Agnes Avenue is now the portion of School Street that runs from 4134 to 4240 West.

Current street names are followed by their geographic coordinates, some information on the origins of the name, and a list of former street names.


  • School Street 3300 N 901 to 8400 W. District School was located on this street. Austin Ave., Edmond St., Hathaway St., Hesing Ave., Agnes Ave., Otto St., Aldine Ave., 40th St.
This indicates that School Street is located at 3300 north. It is an east-west street that runs from 901west to 8400 west. It was named after a district school located on this street. Streets with names that were changed to create this single street were Austin Avenue, Edmond Street, Hathaway Street, Hesing Avenue, Agnes Avenue, Otto Street, Aldine Avenue, and 40th Street.

Notes for searching

Be aware of multiple street names. Because of Chicago's frequent annexations of adjoining towns, there may be multiples of street names no longer current. For example, the street name change guide lists seven different Lincoln Avenues. Only one of these is still current—the Lincoln Avenue that runs from 1800 to 6500 north.

Be aware of differences between Street, Court, Place, etc. In addition to the seven Lincoln Avenues, the name change guide also lists one Lincoln Court, one Lincoln Parkway, three Lincoln Places, and four Lincoln Streets.