Stephen Deutch Photograph Collection, part 1, 1930-1979


Descriptive Inventory for the Collection at the Chicago History Museum, Research Center

By Maureen O'Brien Will, 1985


Copyright 2006, Chicago History Museum, 1601 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614-6038


Title: Stephen Deutch photograph collection, part 1

Inclusive dates: ca. 1930-1979

Main entry: Deutch, Stephen

Accession number: 1980.0058


Call #: 1980.0058 PPL

20 boxes of photographic prints

Storage: Box Lot (20 11 x 14 in. boxes).

Restriction: Credit photographer.


Summary: Includes the photographs of Stephen Deutch, a Chicago-based commercial photographer. Photographs show commercial models, portraits, and some photodocumentary scenes in Chicago. Some photographs show African American celebrities, such as singer Lena Horne and baseball player Jackie Robinson.


Description of some related material: Also search under a later accession, Stephen Deutch photograph collection, part 2 (1989.0152) and Pista : the many faces of Stephen Deutch, a film by his daughter Katherine Deutch Tatlock (1989.0232).


Provenance statement: Gift of Stephen Deutch, 1980 (1980.58)


Storage designation:

Box lot: 20 11 x 14 in. boxes.


List of online catalog headings:

The following headings were placed in the online catalog:

Guthrie, Woody.

Horne, Lena.


Robinson, Jackie.

Terkel, Studs, 1912-

African Americans


Chicago (Ill.)--Social life and customs.

Silver gelatin prints.


Container list of box/folder numbers and titles:

Box 1 Photographs by Stephen Deutch of advertising agency executives, business executives, newspaper publishers and staff, musicians, and artists. Arranged alphabetically by name.

Amon, Jack

Apeco Company President

Axelrod, Richard

Barr, Dr. C.H. (Abbott Lab)

Beech, Keyes

Beier, Herbert at Bauhaus Aspen Institute

Bohrod, Aaron

Breunig, (president of Victor Duplicating)

Breunig, John (painter)

Brorby, Mel

Buchen Company executives

Carlson, Edward (Chairman of United Airlines) (2)

Columbia Broadcasting System broadcasters

Cone, Fairfax

Cordesman, Harry

Cummings, Nathan

Daily, Maggie

Daily News Staff

Daley, Mayor Richard

Dick, A.B. Company (engineer)

Dimitri, (Chicago Sun editor)

Douglas, (Daily News staff)

Evans, Sullivan (3)

Farmer's Union President

Felier, Joe

Field, Marshall III

Fine Arts Quartet

Freeman, (Chairman First National Bank)

Fromm, Erica

Fuehrmeyer, John

Garroway, Dave Goldblatt Brothers (4)

Gourfain, Ed


Hannon, Jack


Harper, Paul

Hartman, Gabby

Hubachek, Frank Brooks

Jarman, Franklin (5)

Jarvis (Chairman Swift & Co.

Johnson, John

Kner, Albert

Kraft, J.L.

Kupcinet, Irv

Lawless, Dr. (6)

Lewis, Hal

Libby Food, president of

Livingston, (First National Bank)

Logan, Mrs. Frank

Lyon, Leonard? (Chicago Tribune)

Lundgren, Eric

Marathon Paper Company (President)

Maremont, Arnold

Marsh, (President, Santa Fe)

Merriam, Robert

McCormick, (President, Household Finance)

Needham, Maurice (7)

Needham, Louise & Brorby

Poore, Taylor

Randall, Clarence

Rayberger, Gus

Russell, Rosalind

Schooler, Lee

Schwartz, Carl

Schwartz, Kay


Sextin, John

Shriver, Eunice & Sargent

Siskin, Rabbi


St. Louis Post Dispatch, publisher 1969

Stracke, Win

Suba, Susan

Wood, Arthur (8)

Wausu Daily Record Herald, publisher

Wells, Gary

Unidentified: Lawyers, labor leaders, business executives, Chicago Sun

staff, cast of play (either Life With Father or The Man Who Came to



Box 2


1 Entertainers and Sports Figures:

Baker, Josephine

Bennett, Motta

Ellington, Duke

Horne, Lena

Jackson, Mahalia

Louis, Joe

Robinson, Jackie


2 A series of photographs made for the Chicago Sun Times, 1950s,

documenting people who make the Sun Times and people who read the Sun

Times. A "Make & Read" series.


3 Skid Row photographs--people, places, and activities on W. Madison, N.

Clark, Wells and Rush streets.


4 Weisman, Al and family

Helen (Deutch's assistant)

United Fund Drive photo of elderly couple

Unidentified portraits of models, artists, skiers


5 Contact Sheers:

American Academy of Art, Chicago 1937

Chicago scenes, 1937, 1939

Chicago Cubs, 1938

Gymnasts, 1938

Lundgren, Eric

Panda at Brookfield Zoo

University of Chicago Labs

Assorted contact prints of city scenes, nudes, people, children,

musicians, etc. ca. 1930s-1950s.


Box 3

1 Art Institute--photographs of objects in the collections


2 School of the Art Institute--classroom activities


3 Art Institute--candid photographs of visitors


4 Chicago Daily News Columnists, 1960s:

Carmichael with Bill Veeck

Harris, Sidney

Mabley, Jack

Zwecker, Peggy

Snider, Arthur

Walters, Stuffy


5 Photographs of the Chicago Seven and friends, 1970. Photographed at the Harper Court Restaurant near the University of Chicago.

Avery, Sharon

Davis, Rennie

Dellinger, Dave

Dellinger, Michelle

Dellinger, Tasha

Hathaway, Susan

Hayden, Tom

Hoffman, Abby

Hoffman, Anita

Kunstler, William (defense lawyer)

Langer, Elizabeth

Rubin, Jerry

Rubin, Nancy

Schultz, Suzy

Terkel, Studs

Weills, Anne



6 University of Chicago, 1940s: Building interiors and exteriors, Students and classroom activities, nuclear installation, etc.


7 University of Chicago, 1940s: Faculty

Coch, Dr.

Compton, Dr.

Fermi, Enrico

Hogness, Dr. Thorpin

Maude or Mande, Dr.

Unidentified individuals connected with nuclear research


Box 4 Interior photographs of people at work in various Chicago area companies and factories. There are no exterior shots of buildings.

1 Abbot Lab, 1940s-1950s

American Meat Institute, 1940s


2 Bell Telephone Company, 1960s

Borg Company, 1970s

Container Corporation, 1940s-1960s

Cummins Company, Columbia, Ind., 1950s


3 Inland Steel

NELCO (Chemical factory), 1940s


4 Papermaking factories--UARCO, A.B. Dick, 1940s 1970s

Santa Fe Railroad yard, Oklahoma, 1950s


5 U.S. Gypsum

Assorted individual photos of identified companies


Box 5

1 Buchen Advertising Company, executives and staff, 1960


2 Board of Education--illustrations for 1937 annual report


3 Leo Burnett Advertising, 1950s and 1960s

Container Corporation Designs, 1950s and 1960s

First National Bank Advertisements, 1960

Hammond Organ Advertisements, 1950s-1960s

Marshall Field & Co. PR and Advertising Photos, 1940s-1960s


Box 6 Photographs taken to use in advertisements, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s.

Continental Bank interiors, 1940s

Assorted action ads, 1950s (human interest, family scenes, games, classroom, etc)


2 Fashion, 1940s


3 Health Care and Hospitals, 1950s-1960s


4 Hands as dominant motif in ads, 1940s


5 Humorous ads, 1950s


6 Product close-ups


7 "A Day in the Life of a Woman" taken for a pharmaceutical company


8 Miscellaneous ads for clients such as Bell Telephone, Rand McNally,

mimeograph machines, etc.


Box 7 Photographs taken for use in advertisements, 1930s-1960s

1 Action ads, including Deutch's first Commercial assignment for Abbott

Labs in 1937.


2 Beer and cosmetic ads


3 Children in advertisements


4 Englander Mattress ads, 1951


5 Miscellaneous ads


Box 8

1 Algren, Nelson--candid shots and 1970 wedding


2 Social Service Agencies: Infant Welfare Society; Little Brothers of the

Poor; Mother's Milk Station; Provident Hospital; and the Visiting Nurses



3 Stephen Deutch family and friends


4 Experimental photographs of crushed metal


5 Political events involving the following:

Aaron Bohrod

Dr. Rudolph Ganz

Canada Lee

Paul Robeson

Win Stracke

Studs Terkel

Josh White

Vera Zorina


6 Poor Clare's Order (convent life)


7 World War II Home Front photos (recruitment at Fort Sheridan, women and

industry, etc.)


8 Miscellaneous--sculptures of Chicago merchants at the Merchandise Mart

and photos of pianist's hands


Box 9 Assorted photographs of Chicago, 1930s-1970s

1 Architecture


2 Entertainment: Music and Dance

Bolshoi Ballet

Goodman Theater rehearsal

Kungsholm Puppets



3 Neighborhood views: Maxwell Street

Near North Side

Division & Milwaukee

Old Orchard Art Fair

Siebens Brewery


4 Parades


5 Northwestern University


6 Catalog photos taken for Genesco Corp., 1972


7 Miscellaneous photographs


Box 10 Assorted photographs of Chicago, 1930s-1960s

1 Sports: Chicago Bears at Soldiers Field



Horseback riding


2 Zoo


3 Transportation


4 Miscellaneous


5 Miscellaneous


Box 11 Chicago views and street scenes, 1950s-1960s

1 Chicago skyline and architecture: Italian Court

Marina Tower construcution

Union Station

Museum of Science & Industry


2 Chicago Street Scenes: Loop and Near North

Crilly Court

Fulton Market, 1950s

Art Institute Steps

Sedgwick & Damen

Near South & West Side


3 Unidentified Neighborhood Individuals


4 Miscellaneous


5 Miscellaneous


Box 12 Photographs from the exhibit "Doors and Windows" by Deutch, 1960s

1 Storefront churches, religious advisors, religious themes


2 Apartments, hotels, rented rooms


3 People incorporated into doorways and windows


4 Rundown buildings


5 Barber shops, beauty parlors, clothing and shoe stores


6 Miscellaneous


Box 13 Photographs from the exhibit "Doors and Windows" by Deutch, 1960s Exhibited at the Art Institute in 1962

1 Food stores


2 Restaurants and bars


3 Assorted retail shops: Book stores, used furniture


4 Assorted retail shops


5 Assorted retail shops


Box 14 Photographs from the "Bench People" exhibit by Deutch, 1950s

1 Sitters, I


2 Sitters, II


3 Sociable sitters, I


4 Sociable sitters, II


Box 15 Photographs from the "Bench People" exhibit by Deutch, 1950s

1 Solitary sitters, I


2 Solitary sitters, II


Box 16 A series of photographs on mental health institutions in Illinois, 1964. Photographs ran in the Daily News in a five part story on mental illness.

1 Chicago State Hospital


2 Dixon State School for the Retarded, I


3 Dixon State School for the Retarded, II


4 Elgin State Hospital


For correspondence associated with this project see Box 19 Folder 8


Box 17 Magazines containing articles or photographs by Deutch, 1940s-1960s

1 "Hygeia"


2 "Industrial Photography"


3 "Popular Photography"


4 "Art Photography"


5 "The National Photographer"


6 Sunday Magazine articles


7 "Girl Beautiful"


8 "Ecole d'Art"


9 "Girl Parade"


10 Professional photography magazines--miscellaneous nudes


11 Photography magazines miscellaneous


Box 18 Magazines and advertisements with photographs by Deutch

1 "Ebony" 1947, 1949


2 "Ebony" 1951-52


3 "Tan Confessions" 1950-51


4 Humorous magazines


5 Magazine covers


6 Printed advertisements


7 Advertising catalogs


Box 19 Publications with photographs by Deutch; correspondence; articles by and about Deutch.

1 Catalogs and brochures with photographs by Deutch


2 Chicago Sun Times Beauty Contest catalogs


3 Professional correspondence, 1930s (xerox copy)


4 Professional correspondence, 1940s (xerox copy)


5 Professional correspondence, 1950s, (xerox copy)


6 Professional correspondence, 1960s (xerox copy)


7 Professional correspondence, 1970s (xerox copy)


8 Correspondence concerning the newspaper series "The Twilight World" 1965

(xerox copy)


9 Reprint of the series "The Twilight World"


10 Deutch biographical information (xerox copy)


11 Newspaper articles on Deutch and by Deutch (xerox copy)


12 Newspaper clippings on beauty contests judged by Deutch, 1940s-1950s


Box 20 Original newspaper clipping which have been photocopied onto archival paper. Photocopies are filed in box 19. Saved for possible exhibit use at a later date.