Storage:  Box Lot (1 11 x 14 in. box)

Accession number:  G1986.0024


Description of the Collection


Summary:  Photographs of Century of Progress murals, sculpture and

architectural decorations created by Chicago artists Lorado Taft, Edouard

Chassaing, Alfonse Iannelli, John Norton, and other nationally known artists.

Also includes photographs of two Parisian doorways in the art deco style by

French designers Roux Spitz and Gilbert Poillerat.                   


Container List


Box 1


1  #1-5--Details of the Federal Building

     1  Sculpture representing the executive branch of government by Raoul


     2  Sculpture representing the legislative branch of government by John

          H. Storrs.

     3  Sculpture representing the judicial branch of government by Lorado


     4  Another view of #3.

     5  Another view of #2.


2  #6-10

     6  Pylons sculpted by Lee Lawrie preceding entrance to the Electrical


     7  Detail of North pylon of #6.

     8  Sculpture by John H. Storrs, main court of the Hall of Science.

     9  Another view of #8.

    10  Detail of the East entrance of the Court of the States, designed by

          Donald Nelson.


3  #11-15

    11  American eagle sculpted by Edouard Chassaing, at entrance to the

          Court of the States.

    12  Sculpture by Alfonse Iannelli, West entrance, Social Science Hall.

    13  Sculpture by Leo Friedlander, North entrance, Social Science Hall.

    14  Silhouette sculpture by Raoul Josset, West wall, Agricultural Bldg.

    15  Another view of #12.

    15b Another view of #1.


4  #16-20

    16  Sculpture by Gaston Lachaise, West entrance, Communications Hall.

    17  [lacking]

    18  Mural,"The Tree of Science," by John Norton, Hall of Science.

    19  Mural, "Buffalo Hunt," by New Mexico Taos Indians, Pavilion 5,

          General Exhibits Building.

    20  Mural, "Primitive Industry," by New Mexico Taos Indians, Pavilion 5,

          General Exhibits Building.


5  #21-29

    21  Mural, "Wave Lengths," by John Norton, North wall, Hall of Science.

    22  Mural, "OK," by A. Raymond Katz, South wall, entrance, Pavilion 3,

          General Exhibits Building.

    23  Another view of #22.

    24  Mural, "Mining," by William Schwartz, West wall, Pavilion 1, General

          Exhibits Building.

    25  Mural, "Machine movement," by Rudolph Weisenborn, West wall, Pavilion

          4, General Exhibits Building.

    26  Mural, "The New Freedom," by Davenport Griffen, West wall, Pavilion

          3, General Exhibitis Building.

    27  Mural, "Seed Time," by George Biddle, South entrance, Agricultural


    28  Night photograph of the Chrysler Building.

    29  Night photograph, North entrance, Hall of Transportation.


6  Art Deco doors

     1  Iron and chromium door by Roux Spitz, Paris.

     2  Iron & unoxydizable steel door by Gilbert Poillerat.



March, 1987