Storage:  Box Lot (3 11 x 14 in. boxes)

Accession number:  G1989.240


Description of the Collection


Photographs submitted for Art & Design course 269 taught by Robert Stiegler at

UIC, Spring 1986.  Photographs primarily show street scenes in residential areas,

foucussing on Bridgeport, Lakeview and Pilsen communities.  Some photographs

depict small businesses or resatuarants and their owners.  Others show residents,

schools, grocery stores, interiors of loft apartments, Wrigley (baseball) Field

and lakefront scenes.  A few photographs show campaign materials for Harold

Washington and Bernard Epton mayoralty election.  One series has scenes from

Maxwell Street and South Water Street market areas.  Afro-Americans and Hispanic

Americans are depicted.


Container list


      Name                                Topic                   Number


Box 1


Berrafato, Chris              Beaches, harbors                    10

Cantu, Dolores                      Bridgeport people on porches        10

Cardona, Evette               John A. Komensky school yard        10

Chan, Chun Man                      Benito Juarez High School,         

                                    Catholic Charities facility         10

Chubin, Wayne                       Street scenes                             14

Cooper, Mark                        Grocery stores                            11

DiNuzzo, Nuccio               Hispanic Americans around

                                    24th & Sawyer                             10

Favelli, Tom                        Hispanic Americans for Harold

                                    Washington                          11

Fedorivy, Diana               Wrigley Field, spectators           11

Feldman, Louis                      Bars, restaurants, vendors

                                    of Lakeview community               11


Box 2


Gagliano, Anthony D.          Hispanic neighborhood scenes

                                    26th & Central Park                       11

Goldin, Sandra                      Little Village/25th & Millard       11

Heiman, Larry                       Clock shop, bar, laundry, fast

                                   food restaurant                      11

Kendall, Tim                        Street scenes, graffiti             10

Kocelko, Paul                       Clothing store, Epton for mayor

                                    signs, cafe, kitchen store           9

Krahm, Peter                        Bridgeport homes                    13

Lorenc, E.A. (Elizabeth A.)   Casa Aztlan, Mexican painting       13

Rasmussen, James              Jewel/Osco grocery store, George

                                    (fire victim at 5218 Lakewood)      13


Box 3


Rogers, James                       Bridgeport street scenes                  10

Sorensen, Mark                      Loft interiors at 527 and 711 S.

                                    Dearborn                                  12

Van Antwerp, Rhonda L.        Cubs merchandise vendors                  13

Wiora, Kim                    North Side street scenes around

                                    Winthrop and Bryn Mawr              10

Zuniga, Mauricio              Bridgeport people on porches        10

Unknown photographer 1        North Side street scenes                  11

Unknown photographer 2        Grocery stores, junk man, coffee

                                    shop, Thai restaurant               14

Unknown photographer 3        Olive Park, Navy Pier, lakefront    12

Unknown photographer 4        Maxwell Street, South Water market

                                    loading docks                             20



April 20, 1989