Centennial List of Mayors, City Clerks, City Attorneys, City Treasurers,

and Aldermen, elected by the people of the city of Chicago, from the incorporation of the city on March 4, 1837  to March 4, 1937, arranged in alphabetical order, showing the years during which each official held office.


Compiled in commemoration of the centennial of the incorporation of Chicago as a city on March 4, 1937, under the direction of Frederick Rex, Librarian

 Municipal Reference Library

1005 City Hall

City of Chicago


Table of Contents

 Alphabetical list of Mayors, City Clerks, City Attorneys, City Treasurers, and Aldermen

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Name                              Office                              Ward            Years            Notes


Abbott, Charles H            Alderman                2nd    1858-1860

Abbott, James E               Alderman               7th     1863-1864

Aboll, Sidney                   City Clerk                         1848-1851

Abrahams, Emanuel          Alderman                20th   1913            (1)

Ackerman, Daniel W          Alderman                28th   1892-1894

Ackhoff, Henry                 Alderman                11th   1866-1868

Adams, Francis                 City Attorney                   1863-1865

Adams, W.H.                    Alderman                3rd     1849-1851

Adamkiewicz, Stanley       Alderman                17th   1917-1921

                                                                    31st   1923-1929

Adamowski, Max              Alderman                22nd 1916-1923

                                                                    38th   1923-1929    (1)

Agnew, Charles J             Alderman                21st   1920-1923

Ahern, Thomas J              Alderman                13th   1911-1915


Albert, Arthur F                Alderman                22nd  1921-1923

                                                                    43rd   1923-1927    (4)

                                                                    43rd   1929-1931

Aldrich, William                Alderman                3rd     1876-1877

Aleckner, David                Alderman                13th   1863-1864

Allen, Thomas                  Alderman                2nd    1855-1857    (3)

Allen, William                   Alderman                5th     1840-1841

Alling, Charles                  Alderman                3rd     1897-1901

                                                                    2nd    1901-1905

Alston, John                    Alderman                7th     1859-1861

Altpeter, John J               Alderman                6th     1879-1883

Alwart, Frederick W          Alderman                20th   1897-1899    (2)

Amberg, Franz                  City Clerk                         1889-1891

Anderson, Albert O           Alderman                33rd   1918-1923

Anderson, Barnard            Alderman                15th   1903-1904    (1)

Anderson, John                Alderman                13th   1896-1898

Anderson, John R             Alderman                13th   1915-1917

Anderson, Louis B             Alderman                2nd    1917-1934

Anson, Adrian C               City Clerk                         1905-1907

Anthony, Elliott                City Attorney                             1858-1859

Appleton, James T            Alderman                2nd    1881-1889

Armitage, Edward R          Alderman                27th   1919-1923

Armstrong, John               Alderman                13th   1863-1865

Arnold, Isaac N                 City Clerk                         1837            (2)

Arvey, Jacob M                Alderman                24th   1923-1937

Ashton, Samuel                Alderman                8th     1855-1857

Badenoch, John J             Alderman                11th   1887-1889

Badenoch, Joseph             Alderman                31st   1898-1901

                                                                    32nd  1901-1908

Bailey, Michael B              Alderman                8th     1870-1874

Bailey Thomas H               Alderman                9th     1873-1875

Ballard, Addison               Alderman                2nd    1876-1881


Ballenberg, Abraham A      Alderman                4th     1897-1899




(1) Died in Office

(2) Resigned

(3) Elected to fill Vacancy

(4) Election Contested.




Name                              Office                     Ward  Years            Notes


Ballingall, Patrick               City Attorney                   1847-1848


Baragwanath, William        Alderman                4th     1961-1863

Barbee, Robert E               Alderman                17th   1925-1926

Barnes, Hamilton              Alderman                3rd     1842-1843

                                                                             1844-1845    (4)

Barrett, Edward P              Alderman                17th   1879-1883

Barrett, Stephen               Alderman                3rd     1863-1868    (1)

Barry, Miles E                   Alderman                24th   1897-1899

Bartels, Henry C                Alderman                9th     1888-1889

Bartine, John A                Alderman               34th   1892-1894

Bartlett, Fred H                 City Treasurer                   1916-1917

Bateham, William B           Alderman               9th     1870-1872

Batterman, William            Alderman               7th     1869-1871

Bauler, Herman J              Alderman               22nd  1909-1911    (1)

Bauler, John H                  Alderman               22nd  1912-1920

Bauler, Mathias                 Alderman               43rd   1933-1939

Baumgarten, John             Alderman               14th   1876-1878

Beebe, George T               Alderman               13th   1867-1870

Beers, Cyrenus                  Alderman               1st     1843-1844

Beidler, Jacob                   Alderman               9th     1876-1879

Beilfuss, Albert W             Alderman               14th   1896-1901

                                                                   15th   1901-1914

Bender, Fred C                  City Clerk                        1903-1905

Bengley, Alexander           Alderman               18th   1869-1870

Bennett, Frank I                Alderman               34th   1897-1901

                                                                   7th     1901 and

                                                                             1902-1909    (1)

Bennett, John                  Alderman               8th     1895-1899

Bergen, Henry P                Alderman               31st   1910-1916

Berger, Louis A                 Alderman               14th   1868-1869

                                                                   17th   1869-1870

Best, Martin                     Alderman               2nd    1893-1897

Bewersdorf, Frank W         Alderman               11th   1912-1914

Bidwill, Joseph E              Alderman               9th     1889-1897

Biegler, Peter J                 Alderman               24th   1891-1893

Biewer, Peter                    Alderman               10th   1897-1899

Bigane, John                    Alderman               28th   1894-1896


Bihl, Ernest                      Alderman               33rd   1902-1910

Bixby, Edmund                 Alderman               10th   1865-1867    (1)

Blaha, Joseph C                Alderman               34th   1915-1917

Blair, Frank M                   Alderman               18th   1881-1883

Blake, Freeman K              Alderman               26th   1899-1905

Blake, Michael M              Alderman               5th     1899-1901

Blase, Hans                      Alderman               27th   1906-1908

Blencoe, Wm. H                Alderman               28th   1908-1910

Block, Eugene                  Alderman               33rd   1910-1912

                                                                   9th     1912-1917

Blocki, Fred W                  City Treasurer                   1905-1907

Bodman, Albert H             City Clerk                        1865-1869

Bolles N.H.                       City Treasurer                   1840 and

                                                                             1841-1842    (3)




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Bolles, Peter                     Alderman               2nd    1837-1838

Bond, Lester L                  Alderman               11th   1863-1866

                                                                   10th   1871-1873

Bond, Thomas N               Alderman               11th   1880-1886

Boone, Levi D                   Alderman               1st     1846-1847

                                                                   2nd    1847-1848

                                                                   2nd    1854-1856

                                      Mayor                              1855-1856

Bortree, Maurice R            Alderman               28th   1890-1901

Bos, John N                     Alderman               14th   1899-1901

Boser, Jacob                    Alderman               18th   1876-1877

Botsford, J.K.                   Alderman               1st     1859-1863

Boutell, Francis L              Alderman               48th   1925-1926    (2)

Bowen, Chauncey T          Alderman               1st     1871-1873

Bowler, James B               Alderman               19th   1906-1923    (2)

                                                                   25th   1927-1934

                                                                   25th   1935-1937

Bowler, Michael F             Alderman               15th   1888-1892

Bowler, Thomas J             Alderman               41st   1923-1930    (2)

Boyd, Charles J                Alderman               30th   1902-1908

Brachtendorf, Anton J       Alderman               21st   1894-1896

Brackett, William H           City Clerk                        1839-1840

Bradley, John J                 Alderman               30th   1902-1908

Bradshaw, George H          Alderman               33rd   1912-1914

Brady, George                   Alderman               5th     1842-1843

                                                                   7th     1849-1851

Brady, Peter J                   City Clerk                        1931-1937

Brady, Oscar M                 Alderman               13th   1880-1882

Brand, Gustave A              City Treasurer                   1935-1937

Brand. Michael                 Alderman               19th   1872-1874

Brand, Rudolph                 City Treasurer                   1881-1883

Bransfield, Michael J         City Treasurer                   1893-1895

Brenner, Nathan T             Alderman               7th     1896-1898


                                                                   9th     1901-1903

Brennan, John J               Alderman               18th   1891-1913    (1)

Brennan, William F            Alderman               10th   1899-1901

                                                                   12th   1901-1903

Brieske, Leo M                  Alderman               24th   1921-1923

                                                                   45th   1923-1926

Briggs, Clinton                 City Treasurer                   1876-1877

Briggs, J.G.                      Alderman               11th   1876-1877

Brinkerhoff, J                   Alderman               3rd     1847-1849

Bristol, R.C.                     Alderman               1st     1849-1850    (2)

Britten, Fred A                  Alderman               23rd   1908-1912

Brody, H.L.                       Alderman               39th   1935-1937

Brookman, Frank E            Alderman               25th   1890-1893

Bross, William                   Alderman               1st     1857-1859

Brown, Andrew J              Alderman               8th     1852-1854

Brown, Charles F              Alderman               20th   1898-1900

Brown, Francis C              Alderman               6th     1862-1863

                                                                   9th     1863-1864




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Brown, Henry                   City Attorney                   1842-1842


Brown, Thomas                Alderman               5th     1844-1845    (4)                        

Brown, William S              City Clerk                        1845-1846    (3)

Bryan, George O               Alderman               6th     1842-1843

Buck, Robert M                Alderman               33rd   1915-1917

Buckley, James R              Alderman               13th   1910-1912

Buehler, John                   Alderman               12th   1867-1869    (3)

                                                                   15th   1869-1872

Buel, Ira W                       City Attorney                   1861-1862

Bunker, George F              Alderman               8th     1889-1891

Burke, Alex J                    Alderman               5th     1907-1911

Burke, Edward P               Alderman               5th     1880-1886

                                                                   6th     1888-1892

Burke, Thomas D              Alderman               22nd  1888-1890

Burley, Augustus H           Alderman               18th   1880-1890

Burmeister, Charles           Alderman               16th   1887-1888

                                                                   22nd  1888-1889

Burns, John                      Alderman               30th   1903-1907



Burns, James F                 Alderman               21st   1912-1914

Busse, Fred A                   Mayor                              1907-1911

Busse, Gustavus A            Alderman               20th   1870-1872

Butler, Hubert W               Alderman               27th   1894-1900


Butler, Walter                   Alderman               25th   1899-1901

Butterworth, William         Alderman               31st   1901-1905

Butz, Casper                     City Clerk                        1876-1879

Byrne, Charles J                Alderman               9th     1900-1901

                                                                   11th   1901-1902

Byrne, Thomas F               Alderman               29th   1916-1923

                                                                   15th   1923-1930    (2)

Calhoun, John                  Alderman               1st     1842-1843

Calkins, Allan C                Alderman               4th     1866-1870

Campbell, James L            Alderman               13th   1869-1871


                                                                   12th   1884-1890


Cannon, John C               Alderman               26th   1897-1899

Cannon Thomas               Alderman               18th   1872-1874

Capitain, Henry D             Alderman               25th   1911-1921

Capp, Joseph F                Alderman               27th   1909-1911

Carey, Thomas                 Alderman               29th   1891-1895


Carney, James                  Alderman               2nd    1840-1841

                                                                   1st     1849-1851    (3)

Carney, Thomas                Alderman               18th   1869-1873    (2)

Carney, Thomas J. Jr        Alderman               17th   1886-1888

Carpenter, Benjamin          Alderman               9th     1858-1860

Carpenter, John H            Alderman               9th     1867-1870

Carpenter, William            Alderman               6th     1853-1855

Carr, Patrick J                  Alderman               5th     1911-1914    (2)

Carroll, Edward                 Alderman               5th     1842-1843

Carter, Artimas                 Alderman               5th     1857-1859

Carter, William H              Alderman               2nd    1865-1867

Carter, Zina R                   Alderman               10th   1895-1896    (2)

Cary, Eugene                    Alderman               3rd     1877-1879

Case, Charles H                Alderman               13th   1874-1875




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Casselman, Chris              Alderman               12th   1864-1864


Caspers, Thomas R           Alderman               26th   1920-1923

Caton John D                   Alderman               3rd     1837-1839

Cermak, Anton J              Alderman               12th   1909-1912    (2)

                                                                             1919-1922    (2)

                                      Mayor                              1931-1933    (1)

Cepak, Joseph                  Alderman               12th   1920-1923

                                                                   22nd  1923-1932    (1)

Carvenka, John A             City Treasurer                   1923-1927

Cerveny, Vladamir             Alderman               12th   1902-1904

Chadwick, Oliver L            Alderman               34th   1894-1896

Chaloner, Eben C              Alderman               4th     1842-1843

Chapin, E.H.                    Alderman               5th     1849-1850    (2)

Chapin, John P                 Alderman               1st     1844-1845

                                      Mayor                              1846-1847

Chapman, F.M.                 Alderman               25th   1889-1890

Chapman, John Wm         Alderman               40th   1927-1929

Chapman, William P          Alderman               25th   1894-1896

Chasey, James                 Alderman               34th   1889-1892

Church, Thomas               Alderman               1st     1845-1846

Church, William  L            City Treasurer                   1845-1847


                                      Alderman               3rd     1854-1856

Clancy, J. Edward             Alderman               14th   1912-1914

Clancy, James F               Alderman               27th   1908-1910

Clark, David W. Jr             Alderman               10th   1872-1875

Clark, Henry H                  City Attorney                   1850-1852

Clark, John M                  Alderman               3rd     1879-1891

Clark, John S. (Sr.)           Alderman               35th   1917-1923

Clark, John S. (Jr.)            Alderman               35th   1917-1923

                                                                   30th   1923-1934    (2)

Clark, Richard                   Alderman               8th     1863-1865

Clark, Robert                    Alderman               16th   1865-1867    (3)

Clarke, Henry B                 City Clerk                        1846-1848

Clarke, Henry W               City Attorney                   1844-1846

Clarke, Thomas C             Alderman               5th     1874-1875

                                                                   4th     1884-1888    (3)

Clarke, William M             Alderman               19th   1870-1872

Clettenberg, Bernard F       Alderman               22nd 1908-1912

Cleveland, S.E.                 Alderman               14th   1874-1875

                                                                   13th   1876-1877

Cloidt, Frank X                 Alderman               5th     1897-1899

Clowry, Jeremiah              Alderman               8th     1871-1873

Cobb, James W                Alderman               6th     1860-1862

Coey, David                     Alderman               3rd     1870-1875

Colby, William                  Alderman               4th     1855-1857

                                                                   1st     1860-1862

Colson, Robert K              Alderman               11th   1898-1900

Colvin, Harvey D               Mayor                              1873-1876

Colvin, John H                 Alderman               16th   1882-1886

Comiskey, John                Alderman               10th   1859-1863

                                                                   7th     1863-1865

                                                                   8th     1867-1869

                                                                   9th     1869-1870

Conlan, James                  Alderman               7th     1862-1863

                                                                   15th   1863-1864




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Note


Conley, Philip                   Alderman               9th     1857-1859

Conlon, Michael               Alderman               18th   1898-1910

Connelly, Hugh B              Alderman               11th   1935-1937

Connery, Francis D            Alderman               28th   1901-1903


                                      City Clerk                        1909-1915

Connor, Edward D            Alderman               5th     1887-1889


Considine, James R           Alderman               13th   1905-1908

Conway, Mathew J           Alderman               27th   1889-1895

Cook, Patrick J                 Alderman               2nd    1897-1899

Cooke, Ansel B                 Alderman               11th   1877-1879

Cooke, John A                 Alderman               7th     1890-1896

Corcoran, John T              Alderman               20th   1872-1875

Corkery, Charles               Alderman               34th   1900-1901

                                                                   33rd   1901-1902

Corr, Frank J                    Acting Mayor           (3/15-4/13) 1933

                                      Alderman               17th   1931-1934    (1)

Coughlin, Dennis              Alderman               10th   1857-1859

Coughlin, John J              Alderman               1st     1892-1837

Cowhey, Wm. J                Alderman               41st   1935-1937

Cox, William                    Alderman               1st     1866-1871

Coyle, James G                Alderman               17th   1927-1931

Cregier, Dewitt C              Mayor                             1889-1891

Cremer, Nicholas A           Alderman               1st     1890-1892

Crocker, Geo F                 City Attorney                   1859-1860

Cronson, Berthold             Alderman               4th     1925-1937

Cross, Ernest M                Alderman               8th     1912-1917

                                                                   10th   1923-1927

Crowe, Dorsey R               Alderman               21st   1919-1923

                                                                   42nd  1923-1937

Cruver, John                    Alderman               5th     1919-1923

Cullerton, Edward F          Alderman               7th     1871-1875

                                                                   6th     1876-1888

                                                                   9th     1888-1892


                                                                   11th   1901-1920    (1)

Cullerton, P.J.                  Alderman               38th   1935-1937

Currier, Thomas H             Alderman               24th   1894-1896

Curtiss, James                  Alderman               2nd    1838-1839

                                      City Clerk                        1842-1843

                                      Alderman               3rd     1846-1847

                                      Mayor                              1847-1848


Cusack, James J. Jr          Alderman               5th     1933-1937

Cutting, F.H.                    City Treasurer                   1862            (4)

Czekala, John                   Alderman               16th   1912-1914


Daggy, Peter                    Alderman               5th     1869-1872

Dahlman, John J              Alderman               16th   1890-1892

Dailey, James M               Alderman               4th     1903-1907


Daley, Thomas J               Alderman               7th     1933-1937

Dalton, John E                 Alderman               13th   1882-1886

Daly, James H.B.              Alderman               18th   1877-1879

Danisch, Frank P               Alderman               11th   1910-1912

Darcy, Hugh T                  Alderman               33rd   1898-1900



Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Davis, George                   City Clerk                        1837 and

                                                                             1838-1829    (3)

                                      Alderman               3rd     1844            (4)

Davis, Hasbrouck              City Attorney                   1867-1870

Davlin, John                     Alderman               1st     1841-1842

Dawson, William L            Alderman               2nd    1933-1937

Deal, Henry M                  Alderman               10th   1886-1888

Dean, Thaddeus                Alderman               11th   1881-1883

Decker, Nicholas               Alderman               33rd   1901-1903

Deist, David                     Alderman               5th     1894-1896

Dempsey, John                 Alderman               7th     1856-1888

Dempsey, N.J.                  Alderman               28th   1914-1916

DePriest, Oscar                 Alderman               2nd    1915-1917

Derpa, John S                  Alderman               8th     1906-1908


Dever, William E               Alderman               17th   1902-1910    (2)

                                      Mayor                              1923-1927

Devereux, Thomas P          Alderman               17th   1921-1922

Devine, M.A.                    Alderman               20th   1869-1871

Devine, Miles J                 City Attorney                   1897-1899

Devine, William M             City Treasurer                   1885-1887

DeWolf, Calvin                 Alderman               3rd     1856-1858

                                                                   2nd    1866-1868

DeWolf, William F             City Treasurer                   1855-1856

Dickey, Hugh T                 Alderman               1st     1843-1844

Dickinson, William B         Alderman               19th   1874-1875

Diversey, Michael              Alderman               6th     1844-1845

                                                                   9th     1856-1858

Dixon, Arthur                   Alderman               2nd    1867-1875

                                                                   1st     1879-1891

Dixon, Laban B                 Alderman               3rd     1889-1893

Dixon, Thomas J               Alderman               3rd     1900-1901

                                                                   2nd    1901-1910

Dodge, John C                 Alderman               8th     1850-1852

Doerner, Charles F.L.         Alderman               6th     1838-1839

Doerr, William J                Alderman               5th     1895-1897

Dole, George W                Alderman               6th     1838-1839

                                      City Treasurer                   1839-1840

                                      Alderman               6th     1842-1844

Donohue, James               Alderman               34th   1910-1912

                                                                   35th   1912-1914

Donnellan, P.M.                Alderman               2nd    1868-1871

Doornbos, John                Alderman               15th   1888-1889

Dorman, John F                Alderman               10th   1891-1895

Dorney, James                  Alderman               24th   1919-1921

Doubek, Frank                  Alderman               4th     1901-1903

Dougherty, Michael D       Alderman               22nd  1902-1908

Downey, John                  Alderman               29th   1907-1909

Doyle, Thomas A              Alderman               5th     1914-1918

                                                                   13th   1931-1933

                                                                   11th   1933-1935    (1)

Drew, Charles W               Alderman               3rd     1885-1887

Driscoll, Daniel D              City Attorney                   1865-1867

Duddleston, George          Alderman               11th   1897-1901

Duer, Charles                   Alderman               5th     1890-1892




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Duffy, John J                   Alderman               19th   1935-1937

Dunham, James S             Alderman               24th   1889-1891

Dunlap, John                   Alderman               7th     1857-1859

Dunn, Winfield P              Alderman               25th   1901-1911

Dunne, Edward F              Mayor                              1905-1907

Dunphy, John H               City Treasurer                   1883-1885

Dvorak, Frank J                Alderman               8th     1889-1892

Dwyer, Thomas B              Alderman               6th     1852-1854    (3)

Dyer, Thomas                   Mayor                              1856-1857

Eaton, Charles S               Alderman               6th     1919-1923

                                                                   5th     1923-1927


Eckhardt, Nick                  Alderman               15th   1872-1875

Edwards, Francis               Alderman               3rd     1845-1846

Edwards, John T               Alderman               1st     1862-1863

                                                                   4th     1863-1864

Egan, Dennis J                 Alderman               9th     1907-1912

                                                                   20th   1912-1913

Egan, John E                    Alderman               13th   1933-1937

Ehemann, William H          Alderman               24th   1901-1905

Ehlert, Charles E               Alderman               20th   1890-1892

                                                                   20th   1900-1901

Eidmann, Henry F             Alderman               31st   1899-1901

                                                                   32nd  1901-1906    (2)

Eisfeldt, William Jr.           Alderman               15th   1883-1887

                                                                   20th   1890-1892

                                                                   20th   1900-1901

                                                                   24th   1901-1902

Eiszner, John                    Alderman               10th   1878-1800

Ellert, Peter J                   Alderman               16th   1892-1894

Ellison, William P              Alderman               22nd  1915-1919

Ellithorpe, A.C.                 Alderman               6th     1852 and

                                                                             1855-1857    (4)

Elston, Daniel                   Alderman               4th     1842-1843

                                                                   6th     1851-1852    (4)

Emerson, John R              Alderman               8th     1909-1915

Emmerich, George             Alderman               6th     1888-1889

Engel, Fred C                   Alderman               10th   1894-1896

Engel, Robert                   Alderman               14th   1866-1867    (2)

Enzenbacher, Andrew        Alderman               10th   1858-1860

Epstean, Louis I                Alderman               1st     1893-1895

Ernst, Joseph H                Alderman               15th   1886-1888

                                                                   21st   1888-1890


Evans, James E                 Alderman               13th   1908-1910

Evans, John                     Alderman               2nd    1853-1855

Evans, Maurice                 Alderman               7th     1853-1854    (3)

Everett, Jos. D                 Alderman               12th   1879-1883

Feigenbutz, William           Alderman               45th   1927-1933

Fetzer, William R               Alderman               7th     1917-1020    (2)

Fick, Henry L                    Alderman               7th     1898-1901

                                                                    9th     1901-1912

                                                                   20th   1914-1916

                                                                   20th   1917-1927




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years


Finkler, William                 Alderman               26th   1893-1897

Finn, Nicholas R               Alderman               11th   1900-1901

                                                                   20th   1901-1910

Finucan, M                       Alderman               5th     1866-1867

Fisher, Albert J                 Alderman               32nd  1906-1921

Fitch, Henry S                  Alderman               3rd     1896-1900

Fitzgerald, William            Alderman               3rd     1873-1875

Fletcher, Lorenzo              Alderman               3rd     185501857

Flynn, Michael J               City Treasurer                   1913-1915

Foell, Charles M                Alderman               21st   1906-1912    (2)

Foley, John                      Alderman               9th     1883-1884

Foley, Thomas                  Alderman               1st     1873-1875

Follansbee, Charles           Alderman               1st     1841-1842

Follansbee, Frank              Alderman               3rd     1883-1884

Fonda, David B                 Alderman               27th   1889-1892

Foreman, Milton J             Alderman               4th     1889-1901

                                                                   3rd     1901-1911

Forrest, Jos. K.C.              City Clerk                        1873-1875

Forsberg, Charles J           Alderman               35th   1907-1912

Foss, Robert H                  Alderman               4th     1847-1852    (1)


                                                                   5th     1860-1862

Foss, S.D.                        Alderman               4th     1882-1884    (3)

Foster, Geo. F                   Alderman               6th     1841-1842

                                                                   8th     1850-1851

Foster, George S               Alderman               27th   1895-1897

Foucek, Charles G             Alderman               10th   1902-1903

Fowler, Frank T                 Alderman               13th   1899-1901

                                                                   14th   1901-1903

Francis, James L               Alderman               31st   1893-1895

Francis, Joseph H             Alderman               12th   1897-1899

Frankhauser, E.I.               Alderman               25th   1921-1923

                                                                   49th   1923-1929

Franz, Matt                      Alderman               20th   1914-1915


Franzen, Mathias              Alderman               13th   1864-1868

Freund, Jacob A               Alderman               25th   1912-1914    (3)

Friestedt, Luther P            Alderman               13th   1902-1905

Frisbee, M.L.                    Alderman               8th     1865-1867

Fulton, Arthur W              Alderman               13th   1907-1911

Furman, Martin S              Alderman               8th     1918-1923

Gage, David A                  City Treasurer                   1863-1865


Gage, George W               Alderman               1st     1864-1866

Gage, John                      Alderman               3rd     1840-1841

Gahan, Thomas                Alderman               29th   1889-1893    (2)

Gallagher, Thomas            Alderman               19th   1893-1895


Gallup, Benjamin E            Alderman               4th     1863-1864

Gardner, Samuel S            Alderman               13th   1870-1872

Garner, John P                 Alderman               33rd   1919-1923

Garrett, Augustus             Alderman               2nd    1840-1841

                                      Mayor                              1843-1844





Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Garry, Michael S               Alderman               8th     1899-1901

Gary, Charles H                Alderman               12th   1900-1901

                                                                   13th   1901-1902

Gastfield, Charles A          City Clerk                        1893-1895

Gastfield, John E              Alderman               12th   1863-1867

Getzler, Andrew                City Treasurer                   1847-1848

Gilbert, James H               Alderman               4th     1876-1879

Gile, David H                    Alderman               3rd     1886-1888

Gill, B.G.                          Alderman               14th   1869-1872

Glade, Herman O              Alderman                11th   1870-1872    (2)

Gleason, Francis P             Alderman               1st     1895-1897

Gnadt, Herman E              Alderman               24th   1915-1917

Goldzier, Julius                 Alderman               22nd  1890-1892


                                                                   21st   1901-1902

Golombiewski, John          Alderman               29th   1906-1910

Goodale, Marlow M          Alderman               26th   1890-1891

Goodhue, J.C.                  Alderman               1st     1837-1838

Goodrich, Grant                Alderman               6th     1838-1839

Gorman, Al F                    City Clerk                        1923-1927

Gorman, Patrick J             Alderman               33rd   1889-1892

Gorton, Anson                  Alderman               3rd     1888-1892

Gosselin, Stephen M         Alderman               17th   1891-1895

Govier, Sheldon M            Alderman               9th     1918-1933

Grannis, Amos                  Alderman               4th     1879-1881

Granger, Elihu                  Alderman               5th     1844 and

                                                                             1845-1847    (4)

                                                                   7th     1847-1848

                                                                             1849-1852    (3)


Gray, Charles M                Mayor                              1853-1854

Gray, J.H.                        Alderman               3rd     1853-1855

Grealis, John H                 Alderman               44th   1933-1937

Green, Russell                  Alderman               5th     1856-1858

Greenacre, Isaiah T            Alderman               31st   1895-1897

Greenbaum, Henry            Alderman               6th     1856-1858

Grier, Samuel                   Alderman               5th     1841-1842



Griffith, Robert                 Alderman               25th   1898-1900    (1)

Grinnell, Julius S              City Attorney                   1879-1885

Grossman, Leonard           Alderman               5th     1927-1929

Groves, William A             Alderman               5th     1862-1863

Guernsey, Guy                  Alderman               7th     1918-1923

                                                                   6th     1923-1931

Gunderson, S. T               Alderman               11th   1874-`875

Gunther, Charles F            Alderman               2nd    1896-1900

                                      City Treasurer                   1901-1903




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Gurnee, Walter S              City Treasurer                   1840 and      (2)


                                      Mayor                              1851-1853

Haas, Edward                   Alderman               7th     1895-1897

Haas, Joseph F                 Alderman               15th   1895-1897

Haberkorn, Joseph A         Alderman               19th   1897-1899

Hackley, Manning T          Alderman               28th   1900-1901

                                                                   34th   1901-1902

Haddock, E.A.                  Alderman               1st     1838-1839

Haderlein, John                Alderman               24th   1910-1923

Haffa, Titus A                  Alderman               43rd   1927-1929    (4)

Hage, Otto                       Alderman               20th   1888-1890


Hageman, F.C.                 Alderman               9th     1849-1852

Hahn, James                    Alderman               3rd     1862-1863

                                                                   1st     1863-1864

                                                                   3rd     1868-1871    (3)

Hahne, Albert                   Alderman               24th   1905-1909

Haines, John C                 Alderman               5th     1848-1854

                                      Mayor                              1858-1860

Hallstrom, Charles E          Alderman               15th   1899-1901

Hambleton, Charles E        Alderman               11th   1895-1897

Hamilton, R.J.                  Alderman               6th     1840-1841

                                                                   9th     1849-1851    (3)

Hamilton, Robert P           Alderman               2nd    1845-1846

Hamline, John H               Alderman               3rd     1887-1888

                                                                   2nd    1888-1889

Hammer, D. Harry             Alderman               4th     1888-1889

Hannah, James M             Alderman               6th     1851-1852    (3)

Harding Geo. F. Jr.            Alderman               2nd    1905-1915

Harkin, Daniel V               Alderman               14th   1903-1907

Harlan, John Maynard       Alderman               22nd  1896-1898

Harris, Abraham J             Alderman               9th     1905-1907

Harris, Jacob                    Alderman               2nd    1857-1858    (3)


Harris, Madison R             Alderman               9th     1887-1888

                                                                   18th   1888-1891

Harris, Uriah P                  City Treasurer                   1854-1855

Harrison, Carter H., 1st      Mayor                              1879-1887

                                                                             1893            (1)

Harrison, Carter H., 2nd     Mayor                              1897-1905


Hart, Frederick A               Alderman               29th   1901-1903

Hartnett, Bryan                 Alderman               12th   1927-1929


Hartwick, John H              Alderman               20th   1895-1897

Harvey, Alonzo                 City Treasurer                   1858-1860

                                      Alderman               7th     1861-1863

Hatch, Thomas C              Alderman               6th     1865-1867

Haussen, Frederick F         Alderman               27th   1892-1894

Hayes, Patrick F                Alderman               26th   1889-1890


Hazen, Irwin R                  Alderman               35th   1911-1912

                                                                   33rd   1912-1915

                                                                             1917-1918    (2)



Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Healy, John F                   Alderman               6th     1931-1937

Healy, Martin J                 Alderman               35th   1913-1915

Healy, William J                Alderman               18th   1910-1918

Heath, Monroe                 Alderman               12th   1871-1875

                                      Mayor                              1876-1879

Heenan, Daniel                 Alderman               6th     1870            (4)

Held, Winfield J                Alderman               34th   1913-1915

Helm, S. Harvey                Alderman               24th   1899-1901

Helwig, John H                Alderman               7th     1912-1914

Hendricks, Charles S         Alderman               26th   1921-1923

Hepburn, John W             Alderman               4th     1888-1896    (3)

Herlihy, Daniel D               Alderman               28th   1906-1908

Herrick, William B             Alderman               8th     1848-1850

Herrmann, Ernst F             Alderman               21st   1898-1901

                                                                   23rd   1901-1904

Herting, John                   Alderman               15th   1868-1870

                                                                   19th   1869-1870

Hey, Jacob A                   Alderman               23rd   1907-1915

Hibbeler, Math                 Alderman               22nd  1919-1921

Hickey, David R                Alderman               4th     1915-1918    (1)

Hickey, Patrick J               Alderman               7th     1869-1872

Hickey, Timothy C            Alderman               5th     1889-1891

Hildreth, James H             Alderman               7th     1868-1869

                                                                   8th     1869-1870


                                                                   7th     1876-1877    (2)


Hillock, Charles                Alderman               5th     1886-1888

Himrod, George                Alderman               10th   1863-1865

Hirsch, Clemens                Alderman               14th   1881-1883

Hirsch, James H                Alderman               25th   1897-1899

Hodes, Barnet                   Alderman               7th     1931-1933

Hoellen, John J                Alderman               17th   1925-1933

Hoffman, Francis A           Alderman               8th     1853-1855    (2)

Hoffman, Peter K              Alderman               11th   1904-1908

Hogan, John S.C.             Alderman               4th     1837-1838

                                                                   2nd    1838-1839

Hogan, Scott M                Alderman               31st   1919-1923

Hogan, Timothy A            Alderman               4th     1919-1923

                                                                   11th   1923-1925

Holden, C.N.                    Alderman               5th     1861-1863

                                      City Treasurer                   1857-1858

Holding, Melville G           Alderman               32nd  1912-1914

Holman, Charles F             Alderman               13th   1895-1897

Hopkins, John P               Mayor                              1893-1895    (3)

Horan, Albert J                 Alderman               29th   1923-1931    (2)

Horan, Dennis A               Alderman               29th   1920-1923

                                                                   21st   1923-1930    (2)

Horan, Daniel J                 Alderman               2nd    1892-1894

Horn, John C                   Alderman               14th   1887-1888

                                                                   16th   1888-1891

Horne, John G                  Alderman               13th   1916-1923

Horner, Isaac                    Alderman               18th   1888-1890

Hotchkiss, Charles T         City Clerk                        1869-1873

Hottinger, Anton              Alderman               14th   1863-1866

Hough, R.M.                    Alderman               2nd    1855-1856




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Howard, Patrick J             City Clerk                        1879-1883

Howe, James J.H.             Alderman               6th     1841-1842

                                                                   7th     1855-1857

Howell, Cyrus H               Alderman               33rd   1892-1896


Hoyer, Frederick A            Alderman               21st   1895-1897

Hoyne, Thomas                City Clerk                        1840-1842

Hoyt, J.Q.                        Alderman               2nd    1861-1863

Hrubec, John                   Alderman               29th   1915-1919

Hubbard, Gurden S           Alderman               7th     1860-1862

Huck, J.A.                       Alderman               9th     1859-1861

Hulbert, Alvin                   Alderman               12th   1880-1893

Hull, Walter S                   Alderman               12th   1882-1887

Hummel, Ernst                  Alderman               33rd   1890-1893

                                      City Treasurer                   1897-1899


Hunt, Charles H                City Treasurer                   1860-1861

Hubt, William C                Alderman               33rd   1905-1909

Hunter, Thomas M            Alderman               35th   1900-1906    (2)

Huntley, Nathaniel W        Alderman               12th   1864-1867

Hurley, James H               Alderman               39th   1933-1935

Hurt, Rudolph                  Alderman               9th     1897-1901

                                                                   10th   1904-1910

Hyldahl, Jens N                Alderman               27th   1911-1913

Igoe, James T                   City Clerk                        1917-1923

Iliff, George F                   Alderman               3rd     1917-1919

Imhof, Anton                   Alderman               16th   1880-1882

Jackson, Phillip                Alderman               14th   1889-1893

Jackson, Robert R             Alderman               2nd    1918-1923

                                                                   3rd     1923-1937

Jackson, Samuel               Alderman               6th     1837-1838

Jackson, William S            Alderman               4th     1896-1901

                                                                   3rd     1901-1904

Jacobs, Mathias J             Alderman               23rd   1906-1908

James, J.L.                      Alderman               5th     1851-1853

James, Thomas                 Alderman               5th     1847-1849

Jamieson, Egbert              City Attorney                   1873-1875

Janke, Conrad H               Alderman               35th   1915-1917

Janovsky, Felix B              Alderman               29th   1911-1915

Janssens, Bernard             Alderman               17th   1877-1879

Jarecki, Edmund K            Alderman               16th   1911-1912

Jensen, Christ A               Alderman               27th   1920-1923

                                                                   40th   1923-1927

Jockisch, Charles E           Alderman               33rd   1889-1890

Johnson, Andrew P           Alderman               14th   1888-1889

Johnson, Charles V           Alderman               9th     1917-1919

Johnson, George B            Alderman               17th   1899-1901

Johnson, Seth                  Alderman               4th     1840-1841

Johnson, William              Alderman               33rd   1903-1905

Johntry, John H               Alderman               3rd     1921-1923

Jonas, Julius                    Alderman               20th   1873-1875

                                                                   18th   1878-1880

Jones, John H                  Alderman               33rd   1900-1901

                                                                   8th     1901-1906





Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Jones, Fernando               Alderman               3rd     1859-1861

Jones, William                  Alderman               3rd     1848-1850

Josetti, Arthur                  Alderman               22nd  1907-1909

Joy, Hiram                       Alderman               3rd     1857-1859


Jozwiakowski, Vincent J   Alderman               16th   1903-1905

Judah, Noble                    Alderman               3rd     1895-1897

Judd, Norman B                City Attorney                   1837-1839

                                      Alderman               1st     1842-1843

Kacena, Joseph Jr             Alderman               23rd   1842-1843

Kadow, Zefiryn H              Alderman               33rd   1933-1937

Kahler, Conrad                 Alderman               12th   1894-1899

Kain, Patrick                     Alderman               5th     1844-1845    (4)

Kaindl, Edward J              Alderman               15th   1917-1923

                                                                   34th   1923-1931

Kamerling, William L         Alderman               14th   1893-1895

Kann, Constantine            Alderman               5th     1863-1867

Kavanagh, Maurice F         Alderman               18th   1918-1922    (2)

Keane, Thomas P              Alderman               34th   1931-1933

                                                                   31st   1933-1937

Kearns, James A               Alderman               31st   1909-1917

                                      City Treasurer                   1931-1935

Keats, James                    Alderman               14th   1890-1896

Keck, Michael                   Alderman               25th   1889-1890

Keenan, Frank                  Alderman               49th   1935-1937

Keeley, Michael                Alderman               6th     1868-1870

Keeney, Albert F               Alderman               27th   1899-1903

Kehoe, Edward                 Alderman               16th   1868-1869

                                                                   20th   1869-1870

Kehoe, Michael                 Alderman               3rd     1846-1847

Kehoe, Patrick                  Alderman               11th   1872-1874

Keith, Morgan L                Alderman               9th     1854-1856

Kells, George D                 Alderman               28th   1931-1937

Kelly, Edward J                Mayor                              1933-1937

Kelly, Thomas                   Alderman               28th   1889-1892

Kelly, William J                 Alderman               23rd   1893-1895

Kendall, Owen                  Alderman                2nd    1856-1859    (3) (2)

Kenna, Michael                 Alderman               1st     1897-1923

Kennedy, John C              Alderman               27th   1915-1919

Kennedy, J.M.                  Alderman               4th     1857-1861

Kennedy, William              Alderman               4th     1853-1855    (1)

Kenny, John F                  Alderman               30th   1889-1895

Kent, William                   Alderman               32nd  1895-1896

Kent, William D                Alderman               11th   1889-1895

Kent, William E                 Alderman               5th     1896-1898


                                                                   4th     1901-1902    (1)

Kerber, Henry                   Alderman               7th     1876-1878

Kern, Jacob J                   City Attorney                   1891-1892    (2)

Kerner, Otto                     Alderman               12th   1913-1919

Kerr, Samuel                    Alderman               11th   1886-1888

Kerr, William R                 Alderman               32nd  1889-1895

Kile, Asa B                       Alderman               30th   1890-1891

Kiley, Roger J                   Alderman               37th   1933-1937




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Kimball, John N                Alderman               7th     1914-1918

Kimbell, Spencer S            Alderman               27th   1897-1899

King, John Lyle                City Attorney                   1860-1861

Kinney, William C             Alderman               32nd  1889-1892

Kinzie, John H                  Alderman               6th     1839-1840

                                                                   9th     1852-1854

Kiolbassa, Peter                City Treasurer                   1891-1893

                                      Alderman               16th   1896-1898

Kirk, James A                   Alderman               18th   1876-1878

Kjellander, John                Alderman               23rd   1912-1917    (2)

Klaus, Frank                     Alderman               10th   1911-1921

Klein, Leo C                     Alderman               22nd  1920-1923

Kleinecke, Albert H           Alderman               25th   1893-1895

Klinka, Vaclar                   Alderman               9th     1896-1898

Klinke, Harry W                Alderman               47th   1923-1925

Knickerbocker, Joshua C   Alderman               1st     1865-1870


Knopf, Augusta C             Alderman               13th   1878-1880

Knowles, Martin               Alderman               13th   1891-1895

Knudson, Magnus C          Alderman               17th   1896-1898

Kohn, Abraham                City Clerk                        1860-1861

Kohout, Joseph F             Alderman               34th   1905-1909    (1)

Konkowski, Frank E           Alderman               31st   1929-1933

                                                                   26th   1933-1937
Koraleski, Frank W            Alderman               16th   1908-1911    (2)

Kostner, Joseph O            Alderman               34th   1917-1923

                                                                   23rd   1923-1925    (1)

Kovarik, James F               Alderman               29th   1919-1939

Kowalski, August J           Alderman               16th   1888-1890

Krause, Hugo                   Alderman               21st   1914-1916

Kreismann, H                    City Clerk                        1857-1860

Kruger, Herman F              Alderman               15th   1907-1909

Krumdick, Herman            Alderman               11th   1916-1920

Krumholz, August             Alderman               24th   1906-1908


Kuester, William C            Alderman               26th   1900-1904

Kunstmann, Ernest J         Alderman               12th   1923-1927

Kunz, Stanley H                Alderman               16th   1891-1895




Lagodny, John J               Alderman                21st   1931-1935    (1)

Lammers, Joseph A           Alderman               15th   1894-1896

Landmesser, Frank H         Alderman               38th   1929-1933

Landon, James                 Alderman               13th   1886-1890

Lane, James                     Alderman               8th     1847-1849

Larrabee, Charles H           City Attorney                   1846-1847

Larrabee, Charles R           City Treasurer                   1877-1879

Larrabee, William M          Alderman               6th     1846-1847

Larson, Adolph                 Alderman               28th   1903-1907

Larson, John A                 Alderman               23th   1892-1896

LaRue, Stephen D             Alderman               8th     1855-1858    (3)

Latchford, George P          Alderman               30th   1913-1915




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Law, Robert                     Alderman               9th     1861-1863

Lawler, Frank                    Alderman               8th     1876-1886

                                                                   19th   1895-1896    (1)

Lawley, James H               Alderman               14th   1907-1917

Lawson, Iver                     Alderman               15th   1864-1868

Leachman, Silas F             Alderman               27th   1903-1905

Leahy, Jeremiah P             Alderman               27th   1930-1933

Leininger, George              Alderman               16th   1901-1903

Lengacher, Jacob              Alderman               17th   1871-1875

                                                                   16th   1876-1877

Lenke, George C               Alderman               16th   1895-1897

Lindell, Arthur G               Alderman               9th     1933-1937

Lindheimer, Jacob             Alderman               3rd     1914-1915    (2)

Link, Frank J                    Alderman               25th   1915-1923    (2)

                                                                   48th   1923-1924    (2)

Linn, John A                    Alderman               17th   1885-1887

Lipps, William F                Alderman               26th   1905-1921

Lisenbarth, Frank              Alderman               16th   1876-1878

Little, Thomas F                Alderman               13th   1897-1899

Littler, Harry E                  Alderman               28th   1909-1918    (2)

Litzinger, Edward              Alderman               5th     1901-1903

Lloyd, Alexander               Mayor                              1840-1841

                                      Alderman               2nd    1850-1851    (3)

Lodding, Fred                   Alderman               6th     1876-1879

Loeffler, William               Alderman               8th     1892-1894

                                      City Clerk                        1897-1903

Loescher, Albert               Alderman               44th   1925-1933

Long, Daniel                     Alderman               20th   1889-1891

Long, James                     Alderman               1st     1855-1860    (3)

Long, James A                 Alderman               31st   1917-1919

Long, Theodore K             Alderman               6th     1909-1915

Lorenz, R                         Alderman               14th   1879-1881

Love, William                   Alderman               7th     1888-1890

Lowe, James M                City Clerk                        1843-1844

Lucas, Charles H               Alderman               14th   1908-1912

Lucas, Michael                 Alderman               28th   1889-1890

Ludolph, Henry                 Alderman               16th   1897            (1)

Lull, O.R.W.                     City Attorney                   1849-1850

Lutter, Henry J                 Alderman               26th   1892-1894

Lyke, John                       Alderman               13th   1883-1887


Lyle, John E                     Alderman               32nd  1918-1923

                                                                   17th   1923-1924    (2)

Lyman, William H              Alderman               23rd   1897-1899

Lynch, Thomas                 Alderman               19th   1873-1875

Lynch, Thomas J              Alderman               35th   1914-1921    (2)

Lynch, William J               Alderman               30th   1915-1919


Macalister, John               Alderman               7th     1867-1870

Madden, Martin B             Alderman               4th     1889-1897

Madderom, Guy                Alderman               9th     1919-1923

Magee, Henry                   Alderman               4th     1846-1847

Maher, Hugh                    Alderman               2nd    1851-1853

Mahoney, Joseph T           Alderman               30th   1910-1912

Mahoney, William F          Alderman               9th     1884-1887

                                                                   18th   1890-1896





Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Mahr, Peter                      Alderman               16th   1872-1875

Malcolm, Robert               Alderman               8th     1851-1853

Mallory, Herbert E             Alderman               4th     1878-1880

Maltby, Adolphus W         Alderman               22nd  1895-1899

Mangler, William               Alderman               21st   1897-1899

Manierre, Edward              Alderman               1st     1848-1849

                                      City Treasurer                   1850-1854

Manierre, George              City Attorney                   1841-1842

                                                                             and 1843      (2)

Manierre, William R           Alderman               18th   1883-1888

                                                                   24th   1888-1889


Mann, James R                 Alderman               32nd  1892-1896

Mansur, George B             Alderman               16th   1867-1870

Marback, J                       Alderman               6th     1843-1844

Marble, A.J.                     City Clerk                        1861-1863

Marder, John                    Alderman               12th   1882-1884

Marrenner, Edward            Alderman               3rd     1892-1896

Marsh, J.L.                       City Attorney                   1856-1857

Marshall, James M            Alderman               2nd    1860-1862

Martin, Charles                 Alderman               6th     1894-1901

                                                                   5th     1901-1902




Martin, Robert L               Alderman               12th   1890-1894

Mason, R.B.                     Mayor                              1869-1871

Massen, John A                Alderman               48th   1927-1935

Math, John B                   Alderman               34th   1896-1900

Mavor, William                 Alderman               32nd  1897-1901

                                                                   6th     1901-1904    (1)

Mayer, Simon D                Alderman               3rd     1912-1914

Maypole, George M           Alderman               14th   1917-1923

                                                                   28th   1923-1931

Maypole, William T           Alderman               13th   1896-1901

                                                                   14th   1901-1908

McAbee, James B             Alderman               24th   1890-1892    (1)

McAuley, John T              Alderman               1st     1876-1878

McAuley, Michael             Alderman               5th     1879-1881

McAvoy, John H               Alderman               4th     1869-1873

McCabe, John R               City Clerk                        1907-1909

McCaffrey, John               Alderman               18th   1870-1872

                                                                   17th   1878-1880

McCann, James                Alderman               19th   1889-1891

McCarthy, Frank N            Alderman               28th   1891-1893


McCarthy, James J           Alderman               29th   1895-1897

McCauley, James              Alderman               19th   1869-1871

McClevey, Smith              Alderman               2nd    1858-1859    (3)

McClory, Patrick               Alderman               7th     1872-1875

McCoid, Arthur S             Alderman               6th     1906-1910

McCord, Jason                 Alderman               2nd    1841-1842


McCormick, Alex A           Alderman               6th     1915-1921




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


McCormick, James J         Alderman               6th     1899-1901

                                                                   5th     1904-1908

McCormick, John H          Alderman               17th   1887-1888

                                                                   23rd   1888-1892    (1)

McCormick, Robert H        Alderman               21st   1917-1919

McCormick, Robert R        Alderman               21st   1904-1906

McCormick, William G       Alderman               18th   1879-1881

McCotter, Samuel             Alderman               12th   1869-1871

McCrea, S.H.                   Alderman                12th   1876-1877

McDermott, Frank             Alderman               29th   1910-1916

McDermott, James J         Alderman               14th   1933-1937

McDonnelll, Charles          Alderman               2nd    1842-1843

                                                                   4th     1847-1849


McDonald, Frank              Alderman               13th   1912-1914

McDonald, Malcolm          Alderman               10th   1860-1862

                                                                   6th     1863-1864

McDonald, Michael           Alderman               9th     1847-1849

McDonald, Patrick C         Alderman               8th     1874-1875

McDonough, Jos. B          Alderman               5th     1917-1923

                                                                   13th   1923-1930    (2_

McDonough, Thomas        Alderman               4th     1845-1846

McEnerny, Thomas           Alderman               10th   1889-1891

McGenniss, John W          Alderman               3rd     1871-1873

McGillen, John                 Alderman               21st   1889-1895

McGrath, James J             Alderman               15th   1869-1874    (2)

McGregor, George             Alderman               13th   1887-889

McInerney, Michael           Alderman               29th   1897-1899

                                                                    30th   1901-1903


McKay, Samuel                Alderman               9th     1848-1850    (2)


McKenna, William J          Alderman               5th     1908-1910

McKinlay, Donal S            Alderman               19th   1923-1928    (2)

McKnight, George F          Alderman               31st   1889-1891

McNally, John                  Alderman                7th     1878-1880

McNeal, John W               Alderman               4th     1907-1909

McNichols, James             Alderman               10th   1914-1923

McNurheg, Michael           Alderman               10th   1877-1881


McRoy, Samuel                Alderman               4th     1864-1866


Medill, Joseph                  Mayor                              1871-1873

Meech, George A              City Attorney                   1862-1863

Meek, E.G.                       Alderman               6th     1850-1851    (3)

Meek, Frank                     Alderman               8th     1896-1898

Meier, Christian                Alderman               16th   1879-1883

Mellin, Curtis F                 Alderman               50th   1929-1931

Mendel, Joseph A             Alderman               26th   1923-1927

Merchant, Walter              Alderman               30th   1894-1896

Merriam, Charles E            Alderman               7th     1909-1911


Meyer, Adam                    Alderman               15th   1879-1883

                                                                   21st   1890-1892




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Meyer, Edwin F                Alderman               45th   1933-1937

Meyering, William D          Alderman               8th     1923-1930    (2)

Michaelsen, Harold           Alderman               15th   1891-1893

Michaelson, M.A.             Alderman               33rd   1914-1918

Miller, August W              Alderman               10th   1896-1899    (2)

Miller, Herman E               Alderman               20th   1915-1917

Miller, John C                  City Attorney                   1857-1858

Milliken, Isaac L                Alderman               2nd    1850-1854

                                      Mayor                              1854-1855

Mills, Daniel W                 Alderman               12th   1889-1893

Mills, Wiley W                  Alderman               37th   1923-1929


Milne, George B                Alderman               25th   1895-1897

Miltimore, Ira                    Alderman               3rd     1839-1842

                                                                             1844-1845    (4)

Miner, Alfred F                 Alderman               12th   1872-1874

Minwegan, John               Alderman               24th   1900-1901

                                                                   21st   1901-1904

Mitchell, Henry A              Alderman               9th     1852-1855    (3)

Moertel, Charles J             Alderman               11th   1902-1904

Monear, Charles A            Alderman               6th     1887-1888

                                                                   8th     1888-1889

Montgomery, Joseph A     Alderman               3rd     1869-1871

Moore, Avery                   Alderman               7th     1865-1867

                                                                    13th   1872-1874

Moore, Charles E              Alderman               7th     1851-1853

Moran, Terence                Alderman               31st   1918-1923

                                                                   16th   1923-1937

Moran, William J              Alderman               19th   1902-1905

Moreland, James C           Alderman               41st   1931-1935

Morgan, Caleb                  Alderman               2nd    1842-1843

Morris, Buckner S             Mayor                              1838-1839

                                      Alderman               6th     1839-1840

                                                                   6th     1844            (2)

Morris, John R                  Alderman               1st     1891-1893

Morris, Patrick                  Alderman               19th   1899-1901

Morris, Walter W              Alderman               18th   1929-1933

Morrison, Martin               Alderman               8th     1891-1895

Morrison, Orsemus            Alderman               1st     1840-1841

Mose, A.K.                       Alderman               50th   1927-1929

Mowrer, Ethan A              Alderman               30th   1896-1898

Moyniham, P.H.                Alderman               8th     1901-1909

Muelhoefer, Edward          Alderman               22nd  1889-1895

Mueller, George H             Alderman               2nd    1886-1888

Mueller, Mathias A            Alderman               29th   1909-1911

Mugler, George A             Alderman               14th   1895-1897

Mulac, Rudolph                Alderman               12th   1914-1916

Mulcahy, Michael F           Alderman               8th     1935-1937

Mulcahy, Robert               Alderman               29th   1893-1898

Mulcahy, Robert J            Alderman               5th     1918-1923

Mulvihill, J.N.                   Alderman               10th   1887-1888

                                                                   17th   1888-1891

                                                                             1892-1894    (1)

Murphy, David                  Alderman               18th   1873-1875

                                                                   17th   1876-1877




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Murphy, John                   Alderman               17th   1880-1882

Murphy, John Jr.              Alderman               4th     1839-1840

                                                                             1843-1845    (4)

Murphy, William J             Alderman               7th     1888-1893


Murphy, William T            Alderman               17th   1935-1937

Murphy, Carl T                 Alderman               20th   1910-1912

                                                                   18th   1915-1917

Myers, Samuel                  Alderman               4th     1856-1862

Nance, Clement A             Alderman               7th     1929-1931

Nance, Willis O                 Alderman               7th     1911-1912

                                                                   6th     1912-1918    (2)

Nash, Thomas D               Alderman               3rd     1913-1915

Neagle, John F                 Alderman               12th   1898-1900

Nelson, Daniel                  Alderman               10th   1881-1883

Nelson, Oscar F                Alderman               46th   1923-1935    (2)

Nelson, Walter C              Alderman               32nd 1897-1901

Neumeister, John G          City Clerk                        1883-1885

Newberry, Walter L           Alderman               9th     1851-1853    (2)

Nickerson, D.W.               City Clerk                        1887-1889

Niehoff, Conrad L             Alderman               8th     1856-1857    (3)

Niesen, Frank                   Alderman               15th   1876-1879

Noble, Edwin J                 Alderman               31st   1889-1896

Nohe, Augustus W            Alderman               10th   1888-1889

Nolan, Patrick J                Alderman               34th   1906-1910

Noonan, Patrick                Alderman               29th   1889-1891

Norris, Hugh                     Alderman               2nd    1912-1918

North, Levi J                    Alderman               3rd     1858-1860

Northrop, Clark T              Alderman               31st   1896-1898

Northrup, O.E.                  Alderman               19th   1929-1935

Novak, Anton                   Alderman               10th   1896-1897


Novak, Edward J              Alderman               8th     1898-1901

                                                                   10th   1901-1904

Novak, Joseph I                Alderman               12th   1912-1914    (3)


Novak, Otto J                   Alderman               11th   1908-1910

Nowicki, John M              Alderman               16th   1905-1907

Noyes, John T                  Alderman               18th   1884-1886

Nusser, Eugene L              Alderman               36th   1925-1931

Oberndorf, Frank               Alderman               17th   1898-1902

O'Brien, Daniel R              Alderman               23rd   1888-2892

O'Brien, James                 Alderman               9th     1872-1875

                                                                   8th     1876-1877

O'Brien, Michael J             Alderman               19th   1891-1893

O'Brien, William H             Alderman               6th     1889-1893                                                                                


O'Connell, Patrick J          Alderman               31st   1902-1904

O'Connor, Maurice M        Alderman               17th   1894-1896

Oehmen, John S               Alderman               5th     1888-1890

Ogden, Mahlon D             Alderman               6th     1845-1846

                                                                   19th   1871-1873

Ogden, William B              Mayor                              1837-1838

                                      Alderman               6th     1840-1841

                                                                   9th     1847-1848




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


O'Grady, Thomas J           Alderman               14th   1931-1933

O'Hara, Daniel                  City Treasurer                   1873-1875

Oliver, Richard M              Alderman               8th     1877-1879

Olsen, Oscar H                  Alderman               15th   1918-1923

Olson, Albert J                 Alderman               23rd   1898-1901

                                                                   22nd  1901-1902

O'Malley, Thomas J          Alderman               23rd   1896-1898

O'Neill, John                    Alderman               34th   1889-1897    (1)

O'Neil, Michael                 Alderman               7th     1853-1855

O'Neill, William J              Alderman               7th     1893-1895

Orlikoski, Walter J             Alderman               39th   1931-1933

                                                                   35th   1933-1937

Ortseifen, Adam               City Treasurer                   1899-1901

O'Sullivan, James J           Alderman               16th   1864-1865

                                                                             1866            (1)

O'Sullivan, Michael           Alderman               16th   1866-1868

Otis, Joseph E                  Alderman               2nd    1870-1872

O'Toole, William R            Alderman               30th   1914-1923

                                                                   14th   1923-1931

Outhet, J.C.                     Alderman               4th     1854-1856

Owens, John E                 City Attorney                   1901-1903

Pacelli, William V              Alderman               20th   1929-1937

Page, Peter                      Alderman               2nd    1841-1842

                                                                   1st     1849-1852

Palmer, Honore                 Alderman               21st   1901-1905

Parker, Willaim R              Alderman               6th     1910-1912

Passmore, John H             Alderman               3rd     1919-1921

Patterson, James C           Alderman               12th   1899-1901

                                                                   20th   1901-1906    (1)

Pauly, Joseph                   Alderman               30th   1889-1890

Payson, Henry R               Alderman               8th     1849-1850

Peacock, Charles D           Alderman               1st     1864-1865

Pearsons, D.K.                  Alderman               1st     1876-1879

Pearson, Hiram                 City Treasurer                   1837-1839

                                      Alderman               1st     1837-1838

Peck, Azel                        Alderman               3rd     1843-1844

Peck, Zara C                     Alderman               24th   1893-1895

Peevey, James                  Alderman               9th     1879-1883

Pegram, Robert R              Alderman               31st   1916-1918

Perkins, Gurden                Alderman               9th     1860-1862

Perry, Harry E                   Alderman               18th   1933-1937

Peterson, Charles S           City Treasurer                   1927-1931

Peterson, John R              Alderman               23rd   1899-1901

Petlak, Joseph                  Alderman               33rd   1923-1929    (1)

Pettibone, Amos               Alderman               20th   1899-1901    (4)

Pettkoske, Cleophas F       Alderman               11th   1914-1916

Pfister, William C              Alderman               20th   1891-1893

Phelps, O.B.                     Alderman               3rd     1878-1880


Pickering, Aquilla H           Alderman               5th     1872-1874

Pierce, Asahel                   Alderman               4th     1837-1840

                                                                             1844-1846    (4)

                                                                   6th     1847-1850    (2)

Pike, Eugene R                 Alderman               2nd    1899-1901

Piotrowski, John A           Alderman               16th   1918-1823    (3)

Pitte, Hugo L                    Alderman               20th   1912-1914

Plautz, C. Herman             City Clerk                        1885-1887

                                      City Treasurer                   1887-1889




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Plotke, Nathan M              Alderman               21st   1896-1898

Plowman, Edwin A           Alderman               31st   1891-1893

Pond, Walter M                Alderman               11th   1888-1892

Pontow, William H            Alderman               50th   1923-1927

Porten, Matt                    Alderman               35th   1931-1933

                                                                   34th   1933-1939

Portman, August F            Alderman               25th   1896-1898

Potter, Edward C              Alderman               6th     1904-1906

Potthoff, Albert                Alderman               20th   1892-1894

Poussard, James               Alderman               4th     1844            (4)

Powell, George                 Alderman               9th     1869-1873

Powell, Isaac N                 City Treasurer                   1909-1911

Powell, William S              Alderman               8th     1869-1871

Powers, John                   Alderman               19th   1888-1904

                                                                   25th   1905-1923

Powell, I.N.                      Deputy Clerk                    1891-1893

Preib, Michael J                Alderman               9th     1903-1905

Prescott, Eli S                            Alderman               2nd    1839-1840

Pretzel, George                 Alderman               26th   1912-1920

Prignano, A.J.                  Alderman               20th   1927-1929

Prindiville, Redmond         Alderman               8th     1860-1862

Pringle, William J              Alderman               3rd     1904-1912

Probst, Charles W             Alderman               20th   1896-1898

Proudfoot, L.                    Alderman               13th   1865-1867

Purcell, Thomas                Alderman               8th     1879-1885

Quinn, James R                Alderman               50th   1931-1937

Quinn, James M               Alderman               15th   1882-1884

Quirk, Bart                       Alderman               14th   1872-1875

Raber, John                     Alderman               5th     1867-1869

Race, Frank L                   Alderman               35th   1900-1909

Rafferty, Patrick               Alderman               8th     2864-1870

Rauen, Adam                   Alderman               30th   1891-1893

Rawleigh, James R            Alderman               12th   1876-1880

Ray, Frank H                    Alderman               13th   1914-1916

Raymer, Walter J              Alderman               15th   1898-1901

                                                                   28th   1901-1906

Raymond, Benjamin W      Mayor                              1839-1840


                                      Alderman               3rd     1847-1848

Rea, James                      Alderman               32nd  1909-1912


Reading, Charles E            Alderman               33rd   1909-1912

                                                                   9th     1912            (2)

Rector, Charles H              Alderman               28th   1896-1898


                                                                   34th   1901-1903

Reddick, James                Alderman               15th   1892-1894

Redwanz, Herman G          Alderman               24th   1908-1910

Reed, Thomas                  Alderman               6th     1893-1895

Rees, James H                  Alderman               6th     1844-1845    (3)

Reese, Otto                      Alderman                21st   1905-1907

Reich, John                      Alderman               15th   1887-1888

                                                                   21st   1888-1889

Reichardt, Ernst                Alderman               30th   1897-1899




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Reidy, Phillip                    Alderman               6th     1873-1875

Reinberg, Peter                 Alderman               26th   1904-1912

Reno, C.A.                       Alderman               6th     1859-1861

Revere, Stephen P            Alderman               10th   1885-1887

                                                                   17th   1895-1897    (2)

Rice, John B                     Mayor                              1865-1869

Rice, W.H.                       City Treasurer                   1861-1863

Richards, Daniel                Alderman               6th     1849-1851

Richardson, William H       Alderman               1st     1872-1875

Richert, John A                Alderman               4th     1904-1923

Riley, Melvin P                 Alderman               13th   1905-1907

Ringa, Frank R                  Alderman               39th   1925-1931

Riordan, John                   Alderman               7th     1878-1885

Rix, George K                   Alderman               20th   1888-1889

Roach, James T                Alderman               19th   1901-1903

Roberts, James H              Alderman               3rd     1863-1865

Roberts, William H            Alderman               31st   1904-1910

Robinson, A.D.                 Alderman               13th   1869-1870

Robinson, George W         Alderman               36th   1931-1937

Roche, John A                 Mayor                              1887-1889

Rodriguez, William E         Alderman               15th   1915-1918

Roeder, Frank F                Alderman               24th   1917-1919

Roesing, Bernard               City Treasurer                   1889-1891

Rogers, G.W.                    Alderman               4th     1841-1842

Rogers, John A                 Alderman               18th   1896-1898

Rohde, Frederick               Alderman               9th     1892-1896

Rooney, Thomas               Alderman               5th     1903-1905

Ropa, Joseph F                 Alderman               21st   1936-1937

Rose, O.J.                        Alderman               3rd     1852-1854

                                      City Treasurer                   1856-1857

Rosenberg, Jacob             Alderman               2nd    1876-1878

Ross, Joseph C                 Alderman               40th   1929-1937

Ross, Richard C                Alderman               6th     1845-1847

Rossiter, Asher                 Alderman               1st     1844-1845

Rostenkowski, Joseph P    Alderman               33rd   1931-1933

                                                                   32nd  1933-1937

Roth, Salo W                   Alderman               13th   1890-1892

Rowan, William A             Alderman               10th   1927-1937

Rozcynialski, G.M.            Alderman               33rd   1929-1931

Rucker, Edward                City Clerk                        1944-1845    (2)

Rucker, Henry L                Alderman               5th     1838-1842

                                                                   2nd    1848-1850

Ruh, Valentine                 Alderman               14th   1863-1867

Rumsey, Julian S              Mayor                              1861-1862

Russell, B.F.                     Alderman               11th   1868-1870

Russell, John T                 Alderman               29th   1899-1901   

Russell, S.I.                      Alderman               11th   1865-1870

Rutkowski, Leonard          Alderman               11th   1920-1923

Ruxton, Jonathan             Alderman               34th   1902-1906

Ryan, Andrew J                City Attorney                   1899-1901

Ryan, Daniel W                 Alderman               14th   1886-1888

Ryan, Fred D                    Alderman               19th   1904-1906

Ryan, Joseph F                 Alderman               4th     1911-1915

Ryan, Michael                  Alderman               15th   1874-1875    (3)

                                                                   14th   1876-1879





Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Ryan, Patrick F                 Alderman               18th   1923-1929

Ryan, William F                Alderman               34th   1909-1913

Sain, Harry L                    Alderman               27th   1933-1937

Salisbury, Alvin                Alderman               10th   1868-1870

Salomon, Ed. S                Alderman               6th     1861-1863

Sanders, Patrick                Alderman               2nd    1861-1863

Sauter, Charles                 Alderman               2nd    1843-1844

Sayle, Thomas                  Alderman               28th   1893-1897

Scammon, J. Young          Alderman               1st     1845-1846

Schack, Franz                   Alderman               14th   1883-1887

Schaeffer, Victor J            Alderman               22nd  1912-1915    (3)

Schaffner, Louis               Alderman               17th   1870-1875

Schall, Andrew                 Alderman               4th     1862-1863

                                                                   1st     1863-1864

Schendorf, Henry C          Alderman               22nd  1894-1896

Schermann, John              Alderman               16th   1894-1896


Schintz, Theodore             Alderman               14th   1867-1870

                                                                   17th   1869-1871

Schlake, William E            Alderman               26th   1894-1900

Schlegel, Henry                Alderman               28th   1921-1923

Schmidt, George K            Alderman               24th   1902-1906

Schmidt, J                       Alderman               10th   1857-1858

Schmidt, K.G.                  Alderman               13th   1868-1869

                                                                   16th   1869-1872

Schmidt, Robert               Alderman               23rd   1904-1906

Schmitz, Michael              Alderman               6th     1870-1874

Schreiber, Irving J             Alderman               5th     1931-1933

Schroeder, H                    Alderman               10th   1880-1882

Schuler, Max                    Alderman               7th     1866-1868

Schultz, William F             Alderman               12th   1911-1913

Schulz, Albert F                Alderman               47th   1933-1937

Schumacher, Charles C     Alderman               10th   1892-1894

Schwartz, Ulysses S          Alderman               3rd     1916-1923

                                                                   4th     1923-1925

Schweisthal, Michael        Alderman               16th   1877-1879

Schwerin, William             Alderman               10th   1890-1892

Scoville, William H            Alderman               5th     1853-1855

Scully, John E                  Alderman               13th   1901-1905

Scully, Thomas F              Alderman               10th   1905-1911    (2)

Sears, John Jr.                 Alderman               1st     1851-1853

Seaton, Samuel G             Alderman               12th   1877-1879

Saif, George                     Alderman               35t     1923-1930    (2)

Saipp, William C               City Treasurer                   1879-1881

Sergel, Charles                 City Treasurer                   1915-1916

Severin, Henry                  Alderman               16th   1883-1887

Sexton, Austin O              Alderman               25th   1890-1894

Sexton, Sylvester              Alderman               1st     1855-1857

Shackford, Samuel            Alderman               15th   1865-1870

Shaffer, Samuel O            Alderman               13th   1919-1923

Sheahan, John J               Alderman               5th     1909-1911

Sheil, P.B.                        Alderman               14th   1869-1871

Shepherd, George W         Alderman               33rd   1893-1896

                                                                   32nd  1896-1897





Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Sheridan, Henry F             Alderman               5th     1881-1887

Sheridan, Mark                 Alderman               5th     1863-1866



                                                                   6th     1869-1870    (2)

Sheridan, Redmond           Alderman               10th   1862-1863

                                                                   8th     1863

Sheridan, Redmond F        Alderman               8th     1885-1888

                                                                   19th   1888-1889

Sheriffs, John                  Alderman               5th     1847-1848

Sherman, Alson S             Alderman               3rd     1842-1843

                                      Mayor                              1844-1845    (4)

                                      Alderman               5th     1849-1851    (3)

Sherman, Francis C           Alderman               2nd    1837-1838

                                      Mayor                              1841-1842

                                      City Treasurer                   1842-1843

                                      Mayor                              1862-1865

Sherwin, Joseph               Alderman               7th     1864-1866

Sherwood, George W        Alderman               13th   1871-1873

Sherwood, S.J.                Alderman               3rd     1850-1852

Shimp, Peter                    Alderman               2nd    1862-1866

Shorey, Daniel L               Alderman               3rd     1880-1886

Shufeldt, William T           Alderman               9th     1862-1863

                                                                   16th   1863-1864

Shufelt, Wilson                Alderman               2nd    1910-1912

Sidwell, George H             Alderman               4th     1872-1874

Sievers, A.C.                    Alderman               36th   1923-1925

Siewert, Henry J               Alderman               27th   1905-1909

Siman, John                     City Clerk                        1915-1917    (1)

Siman, Joseph                  City Clerk                        1917            (3)

Simons, Samuel                Alderman               11th   1883-1887

Sindelar, Jacob                 Alderman               10th   1903-1905

Sindelar, Joseph               Alderman               10th   1901-1902    (1)

Singer, August B              City Treasurer                   1931

Sitts, George                    Alderman               6th     1857-1859

Sitts, Lewis D                   Alderman               17th   1902-1917

Skinner, Hank                   City Attorney                   1840-1841

Slepicka, Frank                 Alderman               8th     1894-1896

Sloan, Charles                  Alderman               7th     1847-1849

Sloan, Frank A                  Alderman               26th   1937-1933

Sloan, Robert K                Alderman               5th     1902-1904

Smith, Andrew                 Alderman               2nd    1846-1847

Smith, Andrew F              Alderman               10th   1876-1877

Smith, Clayton F              City Treasurer                   1917-1919


                                      Alderman               28th   1919-1921

Smith, Eli E                      Alderman               3rd     1893-1895

Smith, Henry                    Alderman               6th     1847-1849


Smith, James A                Alderman               1st     1839-1840

Smith, Joseph H               Alderman               14th   1914-1923

                                                                   32nd  1923-1933

Smith, Jens L                   Alderman               15th   1905-1907

Smith, Kinney                  Alderman               22nd  1899-1901




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes

Smith, Patrick S               City Clerk                        1927-1931

Smith, Samuel L               City Attorney                   1839-1840

Smulski, John F                Alderman               16th   1898-1901

                                                                   17th   1901-1903

                                      City Attorney                   1903-1906

Smyth, John M                Alderman               9th     1878-1882

Snell, William Otis            Alderman               4th     1840-1842

Snow, Bernard W              Alderman               7th     1902-1912

Snow, George W              Alderman               2nd    1849-1851    (2)

Snowhook, William B        Alderman               8th     1847-1848

Sommers, Richard             Alderman               1st     1869-1871

Sommer, Fred                   Alderman               6th     1874-1876

                                                                   5th     1876-1878

Sonnenschein, Henry        Alderman               22nd  1933-1937    (3)

Spaulding, Jesse               Alderman               4th     1873-1875

Speer, Isaac                     Alderman               2nd    1847-1849

Spring, Giles                    City Attorney                   1848-1849

Sproul, Elliot W                Alderman               31st   1897-1899

Stanwood, Edward W       Alderman               13th   1894-1896

Stauber, Frank A               Alderman               14th   1878-1882

Steffen, Walter P              Alderman               23rd   1917-1922    (3) (2)

Stern, Nathaniel R            Alderman               3rd     1915-1916

Stewart, John P               Alderman               20th   1905-1912    (3)

                                                                   18th   1912-1913

Stewart, John W              Alderman               4th     1876-1878

Stickney, William H           Alderman               8th     1854-1855    (2)

Stiles, Israel N                  City Attorney                   1869-1873

Stone, R.B.                      Alderman               5th     1871-1875

Stone, Rensselaer             Alderman               4th     1874-1876

Stose, Clement C             Alderman               2nd    1839-1840

Stout, Thomas                 Alderman               16th   1871-1875

Stow, William H               Alderman               3rd     1839-1840


Strain, James C                Deputy City Clerk             1897-1901

Strauss, Joseph                Alderman               15th   1901-1903

Stuckart, Henry                Alderman               6th     1892-1894


                                                                   4th     1902-1904    (3)

                                      City Treasurer                   1911-1913


Sugg, George F                City Attorney                   1889-1891

Sullivan, Andrew J            Alderman               17th   1883-1885

Sullivan, John H               Alderman               22nd  1901-1907

Sullivan, Michael              Alderman               15th   1863-1865

Summerfield, John            Alderman               2nd    1889-1891

Sutton, David L                Alderman               8th     1931-1935

Sweeney, John                 Alderman               17th   1882-1886

Sweeney, M.                    Alderman               18th   1874-1876

                                                                   17th   1876-1878

Sweet, Henry                   Alderman               11th   1871-1873

Swift, George B                Alderman               11th   1879-1882


                                      Deputy City Clerk             1885-1886

                                      Mayor Pro. Tem.               1893            (3)

                                      Mayor                              1895-1897




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Swift, Joseph A               Alderman               30th   1912-1914

Swigart, Charles F            Alderman                13th   1892-1894

Szymkowski, John            Alderman               16th   1914-1917    (1)

Taft, L.B.                         Alderman               5th     1859-1861

Talcott, Mancel                Alderman               9th     1863-1867

Tallmadge, Samuel W        Alderman               2nd    1844-1845

Tarnow, Charles               Alderman               7th     1876-1878    (3)

Taylor, A.D.                     Alderman               1st     1853-1855

Taylor, Charles                 Alderman               3rd     1843-1844

Taylor, Ezra                      Alderman               7th     1853-1854    (2)

Taylor, Francis C               Alderman               5th     1837-1838

Taylor, Francis C               Alderman               4th     1838-1839

Taylor, Francis H               Alderman               3rd     1845-1846

Taylor, Francis W              Alderman               21st   1907-1911

Taylor, James H                Alderman               37th   1929-1931

Tearney, Albert R              Alderman               3rd     1911-1912

                                                                   2nd    1912-1912

Terrell, Thomas H              Alderman               29th   1931-1937

Thomas, B.W.                   Alderman               8th     1854-1855    (3)

Thomson, Charles M         Alderman               25th   1908-1913    (2)

Thompson, Harvey M        Alderman               4th     1870-1872

Thompson, Henry P           Alderman               13th   1877-1881

Thompson, J.A.                City Attorney                   1855-1856

Thompson, John L            Alderman               3rd     1876-1878

Thompson, Oliver H          Alderman               1st     1839-1840

Thompson, William Hale    Alderman               2nd    1900-1902

                                      Mayor                              1915-1923


Throop, Amos F                Alderman               4th     1849-1853

                                      City Treasurer                   1865-1867

                                      Alderman               11th   1876-1880

Tiedemann, Jacob H         Alderman               18th   1886-1888

                                                                   24th   1888-1890

Tinsman, Homer E             Alderman               32nd  1908-1909    (2)

Titsworth, A.D.                Alderman               3rd     1861-1863

                                                                   2nd    1863-1865

Toman, John                    Alderman               34th   1912-1923

                                                                   23rd   1925-1934    (2)

Tomczak, Frank J              Alderman               39th   1923-1925

Touhy, John J                  Alderman               18th   1917-1923

                                                                   27th   1923-1926    (2)

Tracy, William                  Alderman               6th     1869-1873   

Traeger, John E                City Treasurer                   1907-1909

Trebing, George E             Alderman               27th   1913-1915

Tripp, Arnold                    Alderman               22nd  1892-1894

Trude, George A               City Attorney                   1892-1895    (3)

Truite, William A               Alderman               15th   1897-1899

Tuley, Murray F                Alderman               1st     1878-1879    (2)

Tully, John D                   Alderman               5th     1877-1879

Turbot, Peter                    Alderman               7th     1848-1850    (2)

Turner, George                 Alderman               5th     1878-1880

Tuthill, Richard S              City Attorney                   1876-1879

Twigg, Charles                 Alderman               28th   1910-1914

Tyden, John E                  Alderman               8th     1915-1917

Tyler, James D                  Alderman               16th   1869-1871




Name                               Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Ullbrich, Francis J             Alderman               8th     1863-1864

Uhlir, Joseph Z                 Alderman               12th   1904-1909    (2)

Updike, Peter L                 Alderman               1st     1847-1849

Upham, Fred W                Alderman               22nd  1898-1899    (2)

Upton, Edward J              Alderman               30th   1935-1937

Utesch, John W                Alderman               30th   1893-1897

Utpatel, Henry                  Alderman               15th   1909-1917

Van Cleave, James R.B.     City Clerk                        1891-1893;


                                      Deputy Clerk                    1887-1891

Van Horn, John                Alderman               6th     1858-1860

Van Norman, H.C.            Alderman               27th   1927-1929    (1)

Van Osdel, John M           Alderman               9th     1876-1878

Vanderbilt, Hiram              Alderman               9th     1913-1917

Vavricek, Frank J              Alderman               10th   1910-1914

Verdier, T.T.                     Alderman               11th   1872            (3)

Vierling, Frank C               Alderman               2nd    1889-1892

Vogt, John                      Alderman               5th     1892-1894

Von Hollen, George           Alderman               11th   1863-1865

Voss, Arno                       City Attorney                   1852-1854

Wadsworth, Julius            Alderman               1st     1840-1841

Wadsworth, Lewis L          Alderman               24th   1892-1894

Wagg, Howard N              Alderman               25th   1914            (1)

Wahl, Christian                 Alderman               8th     1857-1861

Waldo, A.W.                    Alderman               15th   1876-1880

Walker, Charles M             Alderman               24th   1896-1899    (2)

Walker, Earl J                   Alderman               21st   1916-1920

Walkowiak, Stanley S       Alderman               17th   1911-1923

Wall, Patrick J                  Alderman               5th     1891-1895

Wallace, Thomas O           Alderman               23rd   1915-1923

                                                                   44th   1923-1924    (2)

Waller, James B                Alderman               43rd   1931-1933

Wallner, Simon                 Alderman               10th   1888-1890

Wallwork, John                Alderman               6th     1864-1868

Walsh, David                    Alderman               6th     1863-1865


Walsh, James                   Alderman               11th   1869-1871

                                                                   10th   1883-1885

                                                                   17th   1897-1899    (4)

Wanzer, James M             Alderman               13th   1881-1883

Ward, Bernard                  Alderman               6th     1837-1838

Ward, Jasper D                 Alderman               5th     1854-1856


Warner, William S             Alderman               4th     1843-1844

Warren, Francis W             Alderman               2nd    1872-1875

Washburne, Hempstead     City Attorney                   1885-1889

                                      Mayor                              1891-1893

Waterman, Arba N            Alderman               12th   1874-1876

Watkins, Edward              Alderman               33rd   1899-1910

Watson, William W           Alderman               4th     1880-1882

Watson, Alexander H        Alderman               11th   1894-1896

Watson, Oliver L               Alderman               27th   1914-1920

Wayman, William              Alderman               6th     1854-1856

Weber, Bernard F              Alderman               26th   1889-1892

Weber, Joseph M              Alderman               7th     1885-1888

                                                                   8th     1888-1889




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Weinhardt, Herman           Alderman               14th   1888-1890

Weisbrod, John                Alderman               23rd   1895-1897

Wendling, Peter A             Alderman               29th   1903-1907

Wendt, Henry                   Alderman               7th     1858-1860

Wentworth, G.W.             Alderman               6th     1849-1851    (3)

Wentworth, John             Mayor                              1857-1858


Wentworth, William F       City Treasurer                   1867-1869

Werner, Edward J             Alderman               3rd     1915-1917

Werno, Charles                 Alderman               21st   1899-1901

                                                                   23rd   1901-1907

West, Roy O                     City Attorney                   1895-1897

Wetherell, Oscar D            Alderman               4th     1881-1888

                                                                   3rd     1851-1853

Wheeler, William               Alderman               13th   1876-1878

Whelan, William P             Alderman               1st     1884-1890

Whitaker, George S           Alderman               5th     1869-1871

White, Alexander              Alderman               12th   1887-1889

White, George E               Alderman               11th   1873-1876

                                                                   10th   1876-1878


White, W.G.                     Alderman               8th     1861-1863

Wicker, Charles G             Alderman               3rd     1865-1869

Wickersham, Swayne        Alderman               1st     1879-1884    (3)

Wieland, Henry J              Alderman               38th   1933-1935

Wilco, Thomas                 Alderman               10th   1869-1871

Willard, Lucius A              Alderman               2nd    1856-1858    (2)

Williams, Eli B                  Alderman               1st     1838-1839

                                                                             1850-1851    (3)

                                                                             1852-1855    (2)

Williams, Read A              Alderman               6th     1851-1852

Williston, Alfred D            Alderman               25th   1900-1908

Williston, George A           Alderman               49th   1930-1935    (3)

Willmarth, H.M.                Alderman               4th     1865-1867

Wilson, Benjamin S           Alderman               32nd  1921-1923

Wilson, Frank J                 Alderman               27th   1910-1914

Wilson, John C                 Alderman               5th     1839-1840

Wilson, John P                 Alderman               11th   1925-1933

Wilson, Joseph                 Alderman               4th     1846-1847

Wiora, Martin                   Alderman               33rd   1897-1899

Witbeck, Henry                 Alderman               12th   1870-1872

Wolf, Adam                     City Treasurer                   1895-1897

Woodard, John W             Alderman               2nd    1891-1893

Woodard, Willard              Alderman               9th     1864-1869

                                                                   12th   1869-1870

Woodhull, Ross A             Alderman               8th     1917-1923

                                                                   7th     1923-1928    (2)

Woodman, Charles L         Alderman               8th     1862-1863

                                                                   16th   1863-1866

                                                                   20th   1871-1873




Name                              Office                    Ward  Years            Notes


Woodward, Charles           Alderman               34th   1903-1905

Woodworth, James H        Alderman               2nd    1845-1846

                                                                   1st     1847-1848

                                      Mayor                              1848-1850

Wright, Andrew                Alderman               8th     1858-1860

Wulff, Henry                    Alderman               27th   1900-1902

Yore, Lawrence A             Alderman               8th     1886-1888

Young, Linn H                  Alderman               6th     1901-1909

Young, Phillip                   Alderman               17th   1888-1892

Young, William S. Jr.        Alderman               15th   1880-1882


Young, James F                Alderman               46th   1936-1937    (3)

Zeman, Anton J                Alderman               30th   1899-1910

Ziehn, William                  Alderman               14th   1897-1899

Zimmer, Michael               Alderman               10th   1899            (2)

                                                                   12th   1901-1911    (2)

Zimmerman, Henry W        City Clerk                        1851-1857


Zintak, Benjamin J            Alderman               12th   1929-1931

Zwiefka, Vincent S           Alderman               16th   1915-1917




          Officials holding office at the time of the publication of this list, 1937, will remain in office until the next general election in February and April 1939.


          With the exception of the election of the first Mayor of Chicago on May 2, 1837, the election of municipal officers was held annually on the first Tuesday of March during the years from 1838 to 1860. The City elections from 1861 to 1867 were held on the third Monday in April. On March 10, 1869, when the city was divided in twenty wards, the time of the municipal election was changed from April to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, the officers elected for a term of two years assuming office on the first Monday of December. The terms of the city officials then holding office were extended from April to December. November elections remained in effect from 1869 to 1875, after which time municipal elections were held on the first Tuesday in April. An election was held on July 12, 1876, when the city reorganized under the law passed by the Illinois Legislature in 1872 providing for the incorporation of cities, towns and villages in the state, and adopted by the people of Chicago at a referendum held April 23, 1975. (See p. XXX of Proceeding of Chicago City Council for year 1890-91, for footnote relating to municipal election of July 12, 1876) A further exception should be noted in the case of Mayor John P. Hopkins, who was elected on December 19, 1893 to fill the unexpired term of Mayor Carter H. Harrison, who had been assassinated on October 31, 1893.

          The term of office of the Mayor was one year from 1837 to 1863, when the term was lengthened to two years. In 1907 the four-year term went into effect. The term of office of members of the City Council was one year from 1837 to 1850. In 1851 they were elected for a two-year term, one alderman being elected from each ward annually. The four-year term for alderman went into effect in 1935. The four-year term for City Clerk and City Treasurer went into effect in 1923. The office of City Attorney was abolished by vote of the people on November 7, 1905 and the duties of the office thereafter were performed by the Corporation Council and his assistants.






1        Catalogue of the city government from its incorporation in 1837 to the year 1867. Pages 3-16 of the Proceedings of the Common Council of the City of Chicago for the municipal year 1867, being from May 6, 1867 to April 27, 1868.


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In 1837 the city was divided into six wards, the boundaries of which were as follows:


First Ward: South of the river, east of Clark Street.


Second Ward: South of the river, west of Clark Street to the river.


Third Ward: West of the river, South of W. Randolph Street.


Fourth Ward: West of the river, north of W. Randolph Street.


Fifth Ward: North of the river, west of N. Clark Street.


Sixth Ward: North of the River, east of N. Clark Street.


On Feb. 16, 1847, the city was divided into nine wards, the boundaries of which were as follows:


First Ward: South of the river, east of State St.


Second Ward: South of the river, west of State Street and east of Clark St.


Third Ward: South of the river, west of Clark Street and east of Wells St.


Fourth Ward: South of the river, west of Wells Street and east of the south branch of the river.


Fifth Ward: West of the south branch of the river and south of Randolph St.


Sixth Ward: West of the river and of the north and south branches thereof and north of Randolph St.


Seventh Ward: East of the north branch of the river and north of the river and west of LaSalle Street.


Eighth Ward: North of the river, east of LaSalle Street and west of Wolcott Street.


Ninth Ward: North of the river and east of Wolcott Street.




On February 16, 1857 there were 10 wards


1st Ward      South Division east of State Street.


2nd Ward     South Division between State Street and Clark Street.


3rd Ward      South Division between Clark Street and Wells Street, extended to the city limits.


4th Ward      South Division between Wells Street, extended to the city limits, and south branch of the river.


5th Ward      West Division between West Randolph and West Harrison.


6th Ward      West Division north of West Randolph.


7th Ward      North Division west of North LaSalle.


8th Ward      North Division between North LaSalle and Wolcott (State Street)


9th Ward      North Division east of Wolcott (State Street)


10th Ward    West Division south of Harrison Street.




In 1863 the city was divided into sixteen wards, the boundaries of which were as follows:


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, Monroe Street and the south branch of the river.


2nd Ward: Monroe Street, Lake Michigan, Harrison Street and the south branch of the river.


3rd Ward: Harrison Street, Lake Michigan, 16th Street, and the south branch of the river


4th Ward: 16th Street, Lake Michigan, 39th Street and Clark Street.


5th Ward: 16th Street, South branch of the river, Clark Street, 39th Street and Western Avenue.


6th Ward: Van Buren Street, south branch of the river and Jefferson Street.


7th Ward: Van Buren Street, Jefferson Street, south branch of the river and Morgan Street


8th Ward: Van Buren Street, Morgan Street, west fork of the south branch of the river and Western Avenue.


9th Ward: Ohio Street; Aberdeen Street, Madison Street, Curtis Street; Van Buren Street and Western Avenue.


10th Ward: Randolph Street, south branch of the river, Van Buren Street; Curtis Street, Madison Street and Aberdeen Street.


11th Ward: Ohio Street, north branch of the river, Randolph Street and Curtis Street.


12th Ward: Fullerton Avenue, north branch of the river, Ohio Street and Western Avenue.


13th Ward    Fullerton Avenue, Lake Michigan, North Avenue and the north branch of the river.


14th Ward: North Avenue, Lake Michigan, Division Street and the north branch of the river


15th Ward: Division Street, Lake Michigan, Huron Street and the north branch of the river.


16th Ward: Huron Street, Lake Michigan, Chicago River and the north branch of the river.




In 1869 the city was divided in 20 Wards, the boundaries of which were as follows:


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, Monroe Street and the south branch of the river.


2nd Ward: Monroe Street, Lake Michigan, Harrison Street and the south branch of the river.


3rd Ward: Harrison Street, Lake Michigan, 16th Street and the south branch of the river.


4th Ward: 16th Street, Lake Michigan, 26th Street and Clark Street.


5th Ward: Egan Street (39th St.) 26th Street, Lake Michigan and Clark Street.


6th Ward: 16th Street, Clark St. Egan Street (39th Street), Western Avenue, the Illinois and Michigan Canal and the south branch of the river.


7th Ward: 16th Street, south branch of river, Illinois and Michigan Canal and 40th Avenue (Pulaski Rd.)


8th Ward: Twelfth Street (Roosevelt Rd.) south branch of the river 16th Street and 40th Avenue (Pulaski Rd.)


9th Ward: Van Buren Street, south branch of the river, 12th Street (Roosevelt Rd.) and Loomis Street.


10th Ward: Randolph Street, south branch of the river, Van Buren Street Aberdeen and Curtis Street.


11th Ward: 4th Street (Ohio Street) north branch of the ricer, Randolph Street and Curtis Street.


12th Ward: Ohio Street, Curtis Street, Aberdeen Street, Van Buren Street, Loomis Street; 12th Street (Roosevelt Rd.) and Reuben Street (Ashland Avenue.)


13th Ward: Lake Street, Reuben Street (Ashland Avenue) 12th Street (Roosevelt Rd.) and Crawford Avenue., (Pulaski Rd.)


14th Ward: Chicago Avenue, Rueben Street (Ashland Avenue) Lake Street, 40th Avenue (Crawford Avenue.) (Pulaski Rd.)


15th Ward: North Avenue, Western Avenue, north branch of the river, 4th Street (Ohio Street) Reuben Street (Ashland Avenue) Chicago Avenue and 40th Avenue. (Crawford Avenue)


16th Ward: Fullerton Avenue, West line Lincoln Park, Diversey, Lake Michigan, North Avenue, north branch of the river.


17th Ward: North Avenue, Lake Michigan, Division Street, and the north branch of the river.


18th Ward: Division Street, Franklin Street, North branch of the river/


19th Ward: Division Street, Lake Michigan, Chicago Avenue and Franklin Street.


20th Ward: Chicago Avenue, Lake Michigan, Chicago River and Franklin Street.




On March 22, 1876 the city was divided into 18 Wards, the boundaries of which were as follows:


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, Harrison Street and the south branch of the river.


2nd Ward: Harrison Street, Lake Michigan, 16th Street and the south branch of the river.


3rd Ward: 16th Street, Lake Michigan, 26th Street and Clark Street.


4th Ward: 26th Street, Lake Michigan, Egan Street (39th Street.) and Clark Street.


5th Ward: 16th Street, Clark Street, Egan (39th St.) Western Avenue Illinois and Michigan Canal and the south branch of the river.


6th Ward: 16th Street, south branch of the river, Illinois and Michigan Canal and 40th Ave, (Pulaski Rd.)


7th Ward: Twelfth Street (Roosevelt Rd.), south branch of the river, 16th Street and 40th Avenue, (Pulaski Rd.)


8th Ward: Van Buren Street, South branch of the river, 12th Street (Roosevelt Rd.) and Loomis Street.


9th Ward: Randolph Street, south branch of river, Van Buren Street; Aberdeen and Curtis Street.


10th Ward: 4th Street (Ohio Street) north branch of river, Randolph Street and Curtis Street.


11th Ward: Ohio Street, Curtis Street, Aberdeen Street, Van Buren Street, Loomis Street; 12th Street (Roosevelt Rd.)       and Reuben Street (Ashland Avenue)


12th Ward: Lake Street, Reuben Street (Ashland Avenue) 12th Street, (Roosevelt Rd.) and Crawford Avenue (Pulaski Rd.)


13th Ward: Chicago Avenue, Reuben Street (Ashland Avenue) Lake Street, 40th Avenue (Crawford Avenue) (Pulaski Rd.)


14th Ward: North Avenue, Western Avenue, north branch of the river, 4th Street (Ohio Street) Reuben Street (Ashland Avenue) Chicago Avenue and 40th Avenue (Crawford Avenue)


15th Ward: Fullerton Avenue, West line of Lincoln Park, Diversey, Lake Michigan, North Avenue, and the north branch of the river.


16th Ward: North Avenue, Lake Michigan, Division Street and the north branch of the river.


17th Ward: Division Street, Franklin Street and the north branch of the river.


18th Ward: Division Street, Lake Michigan, Chicago River and Franklin Street.




In 1890 the city was divided into 34 Wards, the boundaries of which were as follows, based on the ordinances of Oct. 31, 1887 and July 22, 1889:


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, 12th Street, (Roosevelt Rd.) and the south branch of the river.


2nd Ward: 12th Street, Lake Michigan, 26th Street, Clark St., 16th St., and the south branch of river.


3rd Ward: 26th Street, Lake Michigan, 33rd Street, and Wentworth Ave.


4th Ward: 33rd Street, Lake Michigan, 39th Street, (Pershing Rd.) , and Stewart Ave.


5th Ward: 16th Street, Clark St., 26th St., Wentworth Ave., 33rd St., Halsted St. south branch of river.


6th Ward: Illinois and Michigan Canal, south branch of the river, Halsted St., 33rd St., Stewart Ave., 39th Street and Western Ave.


7th Ward: 12th St., south branch of river, Halsted St., 22nd St., and Johnson St.


8th Ward: 12th St., Johnson St., 22nd St., Halsted St., south branch of the river, and Throop Street.


9th Ward: Taylor St., Throop St., and south branch of the river.


10th Ward: 12th Street (Roosevelt Rd.), Campbell Ave., Taylor Street, Wood St., Illinois and Michigan Canal and 40th St. (Pulaski Rd.)


11th Ward: Ohio St., Throop St., May St., Lake St., Ann St., Madison St., Center Ave., Van Buren St., Sibley St, Taylor Street and Paulina Street.




12th Ward: Lake Street, California Ave., Washington Blvd., Paulina St., Taylor St., Western Ave., Campbell Ave., 12th St., (Roosevelt Rd.) and 40th Ave., (Pulaski Rd.)


13th Ward : Chicago Avenue, Paulina Street, Washington Blvd., California Ave., Lake St., and 40th Ave.


14th Ward: North Avenue, Ashland Ave., Chicago Avenue and 40th.


15th Ward: North Avenue and Kedzie Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Western Avenue, north branch of river.


16th Ward: North Avenue, north branch of the river, Carpenter Ohio Street, May St., Center Ave., Ohio Street, Paulina Street, Chicago Avenue and Ashland Avenue.


17th Ward: North branch of the river, Lake Street, Chicago Ave., May St., Ohio Street and Carpenter Street.


18th Ward: Lake Street, south branch of the river, Van Buren St., Center Avenue (Racine Ave.), Madison St., and N. Ann St.


19th Ward: Van Buren St., south branch of the river, 12th St., and Throop St.


20th Ward: Fullerton Ave., Halsted St., Division Street and north branch of the river.


21st Ward: Fullerton Ave., Lake Michigan, North Avenue and Halsted St.


22nd Ward: North Avenue, Lake Michigan, Division Street and Halsted Street.


23rd Ward: Division Street, Wells Street, Chicago River and north branch of the river


24th Ward: Division Street, Lake Michigan, Chicago River and Wells Street.


25th Ward: Devon Ave., Lake Michigan, Fullerton Ave., Racine Avenue, Graceland Ave., and Clark St., (Green Bay Rd.)


26th Ward: Devon Avenue, Clark St., Graceland Avenue, (Irving Park Blvd.), Racine Ave., Fullerton Ave., and Western Ave.


27th Ward: Devon Ave., Western Ave., Belmont Ave., Kedzie Ave., North Ave., 72nd Ave., (Harlem Ave.), Irving Park Blvd., and 60th Avenue (Austin Ave.)


28th Ward: North Ave., 40th Ave., (Pulaski Rd.), Illinois and Michigan Canal, Western Ave., 39th St., 46th Ave.,  (Kenton Ave.), 12th St., (Roosevelt Rd.), 48th Ave., (Cicero Ave.), Madison St., 52nd Ave. (Laramie St.)


29th Ward: 39th Street, State Street, 47th Street and 48th Ave., (Cicero Ave.)


30th Ward: 47th St., State St., 63rd St., and 48th Ave. (Cicero Ave.)


31st Ward: 63rd St., State St., 99th Street, Stewart Ave., 91st St., Halsted St., 95th St., Western Avenue, 87th St. and 48th Avenue (Cicero Ave.)


32nd Ward: 39th St., Lake Michigan, 55th Street and State St.


33rd Ward: 55th Str., Lake Michigan, State Line, 138th Street, Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet and Stony Island Avenue.


34th Ward: 55th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, 138th St., Indiana Ave., Halsted St., 115th St., State St.




In 1900 the city was divided in 35 Wards, the boundaries of which were as follows, based on ordinances of Oct. 31, 1887; July 22, 1889 and April 24, 1899:


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, 12th St., and the south branch of river.


2nd Ward: 12th St., Lake Michigan, 26th St., Clark St., 16th Street and the south branch of the river.


3rd Ward: 26th St., Wentworth Ave., Lake Michigan, 33rd St.


4th Ward: 33rd St., Lake Michigan, 39th St., and Stewart Ave.


5th Ward: 16th Street, Clark St., 26th St., Wentworth Ave., 33rd St., Halsted St., and south branch of the river.


6th Ward: Illinois and Michigan Canal, south branch of the river, Halsted St., 33rd St., Stewart Ave., 39th St. and Wester Ave.


7th Ward: 12th St., south branch of the river, Halsted St., 22nd St., Johnson St., 18th Street and Johnson Street.


8th Ward: 12th St., Johnson St., 18th St., Johnson Street, 22nd Street, Halsted Street, south branch of the river and Throop Street.


9th Ward: Taylor St., Throop St., south branch of the river, Illinois and Michigan Canal and Wood St.


10th Ward: 12th Street, Campbell Ave., Taylor St., Wood St., Illinois and Michigan Canal and 40th Ave. (Crawford Ave.)


11th Ward: Ohio St., Center Ave., Ohio St., May St., Lake St., N. Ann St., Madison St., Center Ave., Van Buren St., Throop St., Harrison St., Sibley St., Macalister Pl. Gilpin St., Sibley St., Taylor St. and Paulina Street.




12th Ward: Lake St., Washington Blvd., Paulina St., Taylor St., Campbell Ave., 12th St. (Roosevelt Rd.), 40th Ave., (Pulaski Ave.)


13th Ward: Chicago Ave., Paulina St., Washington Blvd., Campbell Ave., Lake St. and 40th Ave. (Pulaski Ave.)


14th Ward: North Ave., Ashland Ave., Chicago Ave., and 40th Ave.


15th Ward: Belmont Ave., north branch of the river, North Ave., and Kedzie Ave.


16th Ward: North Ave., north branch of the river, Carpenter St., Ohio St., May St., Ohio St., Center Ave., Ohio St., Paulina St., Chicago Ave. and Ashland Ave.


17th Ward: North branch of the river, Lake St., May St., Ohio St., Carpenter St. and Chicago Ave.


18th Ward: Lake St., south branch of the river, Van Buren St., Center Ave., Madison St. and N. Ann St.


19th Ward: Van Buren St., south branch of the river, 12th St., Sibley St., Gilpin Pl., Macalister Pl., Sibley St., Harrison St. and Throop Street.


20th Ward: Fullerton Ave., Halsted St., Division St., and the north branch of the river.


21st Ward: Fullerton Ave., Lake Michigan, North Ave., Halsted St.


22nd Ward: North Ave., Lake Michigan, Division St. and Halsted Street.


23rd Ward: Division St., Wells St., Chicago River, and the north branch of the Chicago River.


24th Ward: Division St., Lake Michigan, Chicago River and Wells Street.


25th Ward: Howard Ave., Lake Michigan, Fullerton Ave., Racine Ave., Graceland Ave. (Irving Park Blvd.), Clark St., Devon Ave. and Ridge Avenue.


26th Ward: Howard Ave., Ridge Ave., Devon Ave., Clark St., Graceland Ave., Racine Ave., Fullerton Ave., north branch of the river, Belmont Ave., Western Ave., Devon Ave. and Kedzie Ave.


27th Ward: Devon Ave., Fulton Ave., Hamilton Ave., Fulton Ave., Devon Ave., Western Ave., Belmont Ave., Kedzie Ave., North Ave., 72nd Ave. (Harlem Ave.), Irving Park Blvd. , 60th Ave., (Austin Ave.), Bryn Mawr Ave., and Winter St.


28th Ward: North Ave., 40th Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), Illinois and Michigan Canal, Western Ave., 39th St., (Pershing Rd.), 46th Ave. (Kenton Ave.), 12th St., 48th Ave., (Cicero Ave.), Madison St., 52nd Ave. (Cicero).


29th Ward: 39th St., State St., 47th St., and 48th Ave. (Cicero).


30th Ward: 47th St., State St., 63rd St., and Cicero Ave.


31st Ward: 63rd St., State St., 99th St., Stewart Ave., 103rd St., Halsted St., 107th St., Western Ave., 87th St., and 48th Ave. (Cicero Ave.)


32nd Ward: 39th St., Lake Michigan, 55th St., and State St.


33rd Ward: 55th St., Lake Michigan, State Line, 138th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet and Stony Island Ave.


34th Ward: 55th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, Stony Island Ave., 138th St., Indiana  Ave., Illinois Con. Ry., Halsted St., 123rd St., Ashland Ave., 115th St., Peoria St., 111th St., Halsted St., 103rd St., Stewart Ave., 99th St. and State St.


35th Ward: North Ave., 52nd Ave., (Laramie St.), Madison St., 48th Ave. (Cicero.), 12th St., and Austin Ave.




In 1910 the city was divided into 35 Wards, the boundaries of which were as follows, based on ordinance of January 7, 1901.


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, 22nd St., and the south branch of the river.


2nd Ward: 22nd St., Lake Michigan, 33rd St., Calumet Ave., 32nd St., 26th St., Princeton Ave., and Clark St.


3rd Ward: 32nd St., Calumet Ave., 33rd St., Lake Michigan, 39th St., Parnell Ave.


4th Ward: 22nd St., Clark St., 26th St., Princeton Ave., 32nd St., Parnell Ave., 33rd St., Halsted St., 33rd St., Morgan St., 31st St., Center Ave., (Racine Ave.), 32nd Pl., Loomis St., and the south branch of the river.


5th Ward: Illinois and Michigan Canal, south branch of the river, Loomis St., Center Ave., (Racine) 31st St., 32nd Pl., 33rd St., Morgan St., Halsted St., 33rd St., Parnell Ave., 39th St. (Pershing Rd.).


6th Ward: 39th St., Lake Michigan, 52nd St., Cottage Grove Ave., 51st St. and State Street.


7th Ward: 51st St., Cottage Grove Ave., 52nd St.,  Lake Michigan, 71st St. and State Street.


8th Ward: 71st St., Lake Michigan, State Line, 138th St., Stony Island Avenue., Lake Calumet and Stony Island Ave.


9th Ward: 12th St. (Roosevelt Rd.), south branch of the river, 18th Street and Morgan St.


10th Ward: 12th St., Morgan St., 18th St., south branch of the river, Laflin Street and Loomis Street.




11th Ward: Taylor St., Laflin St., Illinois and Michigan Canal, Hoyne Ave., 12th St., Robey St., Cypress St. and the river.


12th Ward: 12th St., Hoyne Ave., Illinois and Michigan Canal, Central Park Ave., 24th St., Clifton Park Ave., Ogden Ave. Homan Ave.


13th Ward: Kinzie St., Homan Ave., Washington Blvd., Western Ave. 12th St. (Roosevelt Rd.) and 40th Ave. (Pulaski Ave.)


14th Ward: Chicago Ave., Ashland Ave., Washington Blvd. Homan Ave.


15th Ward: North Ave., Robey St., Division St., Ashland Ave., Chicago Ave., and Kedzie Ave.


16th Ward: Fullerton Ave., north branch of the river, Division Street and Robey St.


17th Ward: Division St., north branch of the river, Kinzie St., and Ashland Ave.


18th Ward: Kinzie St., south branch of the river, Madison St., Center St., Van Buren St., and Ashland Ave.


19th Ward: Van Buren St., south branch of the river, 12th St., Laflin St., Taylor St., Loomis St.


20th Ward: Washington Blvd., Ashland Ave., Madison St., Loomis St., Taylor St., 12th St., Western Ave., Cypress St. and Van Buren St. and Center Ave.


21st Ward: North Ave., Lake Michigan, Chicago River, Wells St., Division St. and Sedgewick St.


22nd Ward: North Ave., Sedgewick St., Division St., Wells St., Chicago River, and the north branch of the river.


23rd Ward: Fullerton Ave., Lake Michigan, North Ave., north branch of the river, Clybourn Pl., Center St., Racine Ave., Halsted St.


24th Ward: Belmont Ave., Racine Ave., Fullerton Ave., Halsted St., Center St., Clybourn Pl., and the north branch of the river.


25th Ward: Howard Ave., Lake Michigan, Fullerton Ave., Racine Ave., Irving Park Blvd., Clark St., Devon Ave. and Ridge Ave.


26th Ward: Howard Ave., Ridge Ave., Devon Ave., Clark St., Irving Park Blvd., Racine Ave., Belmont Ave., Western Ave. and Kedzie.


27th Ward: Western Ave., Devon Ave., 64th Ave., Bryn Mawr Ave., 60th Ave., Irving Park Blvd., N. 72nd Ave., North Ave., Kedzie Ave., Diversey Blvd., north branch of the river, Belmont Ave., Everoll Ave. and Winter St.


28th Ward: Diversey Blvd., north branch of the river, Fullerton Ave., Robey St. (Damen Ave.) North Ave. and Kedzie Ave.


29th Ward: 39th St., Halsted St., 55th St. and 48th Ave. (Cicero)


30th Ward: 39th St., State St., 55th St. and Halsted St.


31st Ward: 55th St. (Garfield Blvd.) State St., 63rd St., Loomis St., 79th St., Wester Ave., 87th St. and 48th Ave. (Cicero Ave.)


32nd Ward: 63rd St., State St., 99th St., Stewart Ave., 103rd St., Halsted St., 107th St., Western Ave., 79th St. and Loomis St.


33rd Ward: 71st St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, Stony Island Ave., 138th St., Indiana Ave., I.C. Ry., Halsted St., 123rd St., Ashland Ave., 115th St., Peoria St., 111th St., Halsted St., 103rd St., Stewart Ave,. 99th St. and State St.


34th Ward: Kinzie St., 40th Ave., (Pulaski Rd.) 12th St., Homan Ave., Ogden Ave., Clifton Park Ave., 24th St., Central Park Ave., Illinois and Michigan Canal, 39th St. and 46th Ave.


35th Ward: North Ave., Kedzie Ave., Chicago Ave., Homan Ave., Kinzie St., 46th Ave., 12th St. and Austin Ave.




In 1912 the city was divided into 35 Wards, the boundaries of which were as follows, based on Ordinance of Dec. 4, 1911 and amendment of January 22, 1912


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, 31st St., South Park Ave., 26th St., State St., Indiana Ave., 25th St., Michigan Ave., LS and MS Ry. 31st St., Wentworth Ave., 30th St., Fifth Ave., 26th Place., Princeton Ave., 25th St., Wallace St., and the south branch of the river.


2nd Ward: 33rd St., Fifth Ave., 30th St., Wentworth Ave., 31st St., LS and MS Ry., 26th St., Michigan Ave., 25th St., Indiana Ave., 26th St., South Park Ave., 31st St., Lake Michigan, 38th St., Cottage Grove Ave., 39th St. and Stewart Ave.


3rd Ward: 39th St., St. Lawrence Ave., 38th St., Lake Michigan, 47th St., South Park Ave., 49th St., State St., 43rd St., Princeton Ave. and Cottage Grove Ave.


4th Ward: South branch of the river, Wallace St., 25th St., Princeton Ave., 28th St., Fifth Ave., 33rd St., Wallace St., 35th St., Union Ave., 34th St., Halsted St., 34th Place, and the south branch of the river.


5th Ward: 39th St., Illinois and Michigan Canal, south branch of the river 34th Place, Halsted St., 34th ST., Union Ave., 35th St., Wallace St., 33rd St., Stewart Ave., 39th St., Princeton Ave., 43rd St., Ashland Ave., 45th St., and 48th Ave. (Cicero Ave.)




6th Ward: 49th St., St. Lawrence Ave., 47th St., Lake Michigan, 60th St., South Park Ave., 63rd St. and State St.


7th Ward: 63rd St., South Park Ave., 60th St., Lake Michigan, 73rd St., Stony Island Ave., 75th St., and State St. Stewart Ave., 66th St., Harvard Ave., 67th St., and Wentworth Ave. and  71st St.


8th Ward: 73rd St., Lake Michigan, State Lin, 138th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet and Stony Island Ave.


9th Ward: 75th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, Stony Island Ave., 138th St., Indiana Ave., I.C. Ry., Halsted St., 123rd St., Ashland Ave., Lyon Ave., Vincennes Ave., 115th St., Peoria St., 111th St., Halsted St., 103rd St., Stewart Ave., 84th St. Wallace St., 79th St., and State St.


10th Ward: Taylor St., Loomis St., 12th St., (Roosevelt Rd.), Center St., 16th St., Morgan St., 18th St., Morgan St., south branch of the river, Ashland Ave., 16th St., and Wood St.


11th Ward: 12th St., Oakley Blvd., Taylor St., Wood St., 16th St., Ashland Ave., south branch of the river, Illinois and Michigan Canal, and the P.C.C. and St. L. Ry.


12th Ward: 12th St., P.C.C and St. L Ry., Illinois and Michigan Canal, South Central Park Ave., 24th St., Clifton Park Ave., Ogden Ave., Homan Ave., 19th St., and Kedzie Ave.


13th Ward: Washington Blvd., Madison St., Oakley Blvd., 12th St., (Roosevelt Rd.) and 40th Ave. (Pulaski Rd.)


14th Ward: Chicago Ave., Ashland Ave., Washington Blvd., and 40th Ave. (Pulaski Rd.)


15th Ward: North Ave., Robey St., Division St., Ashland Ave., Chicago Ave., and St. Louis Ave.


16th Ward: North branch of the river, Division St., Robey St., and Fullerton Ave.


17th Ward: Division St., north branch of the river, Kinzie St. and Ashland Ave.


18th Ward: Kinzie St., north and south branch of the river, Van Buren St., Ashland Ave., Taylor St., Oakley Blvd., Washington Blvd., and Hermitage Ave.


19th Ward: Van Buren St., south branch of the river. Bunker St., Jefferson St., DeKoven St., Desplaines St., Taylor St., Halsted St., 12th St., (Roosevelt Rd.), Loomis St., Taylor St. and Hermitage Ave.


20th Ward: 12th St. (Roosevelt Rd.) Halsted St., Taylor St., Desplaines St., DeKoven St., Jefferson St., Bunker St., south branch of the river, Morgan St., 18th St., Morgan St., 16th St. and Center Ave. (Racine Ave.)


21st Ward: Fullerton Ave., Lake Michigan, Chicago River, Orleans St., Division St., Sedgwick St. and Clark St.


22nd Ward: Clybourn Pl., Center St., Larrabee St., Menomenie St., Sedgewick St., Division St., Orleans St., Chicago River and the north branch of the river.


23rd Ward: Cornelia St., Lake Michigan, Fullerton Ave., Clark St., Sedgwick St., Menomenie St., Larrabee St., Center St., Sheffield Ave., Fullerton Ave., Racine Ave., Roscoe St. and Southport Ave.


24th Ward: Belmont Ave., Western Ave., Roscoe St., Racine Ave., Clybourn Pl., north branch of the river, Belmont Ave., Fullerton Ave., Sheffield Ave., Center St., Racine Ave.




25th Ward: Howard Ave., Rogers Ave., Lake Michigan, Cornelia Ave., Clark St., Devon Ave., Ridge Ave. and Southport Ave.


26th Ward: Howard Ave., Ridge Ave., Devon Ave., Clark St., Roscoe St., Western Ave., Belmont Ave., north branch of the river, Devon Ave., north shore canal, Kedzie Ave. and Southport Ave.


27th Ward: Park Ridge Blvd., 72nd St. (Harlem Ave.) Hamilton St., Fulton Ave., Devon Ave., north branch of the river, Belmont Ave., Francisco Ave., Diversey Ave., Central Park Ave., Fullerton Ave., 40th Ave. (Pulaski Rd.) Belmont Ave., 72nd St., Irving Park Blvd., 60th St., (Austin Ave. ) Bryn Mawr Ave., north shore channel, Everoll Ave., Winter St., Devon Ave. and Highland Ave.


28th Ward: Belmont Ave., north branch of the river, Robey St., Francisco Ave., North Ave., Sacramento Blvd., Diversey Ave., Kedzie Ave., Fullerton and Sacramento Blvd.


29th Ward: 45th St., Ashland Ave., 43rd St., Center Ave. (Racine Ave.), 47th St., Loomis St., Garfield Blvd., Wood St., 66th St., Loomis St., 71st St., Robey St., 69th St., and 48th Ave. (Cicero Ave.)


30th Ward: 43rd St., State St., Garfield Blvd., Loomis St., 47th St., and Center Ave. (Racine Ave.)


31st Ward: Garfield Blvd., State St., 63rd  St., Loomis St., 66th St. and Wood St.


32nd Ward: 69th St., Robey St., 71st St., Loomis St., 63rd St., State St., 79th St., Wallace St., 84th St., Stewart Ave., 103rd St., Halsted St., 107th St., Center Ave., (Racine Ave.), 111st St., Morgan St., 115th St., Vincennes Ave., Wentworth Ave., 67th St. (Marquette Rd.), Harvard Ave., 66th St., Lyon Ave., Western Ave., 115th St., Ogden Ave., 99th St., Western Ave., 87th St. and 48th Ave. (Cicero Ave.)


33rd Ward: Belmont Ave., 40th Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), Fullerton Ave., Diversey Ave., Sacramento Blvd., Armitage Ave., 40th Ave., Central Park Ave., North Ave., 46th Ave. (Kenton Ave.), Kinzie St., 52nd Ave. (Laramie St.), Madison St,. Austin Ave., North Ave., and 72nd St. (Harlem Ave.)


34th Ward: 12th St. (Roosevelt Rd.), Kedzie Ave., 19th St., Homan Ave., Ogden Ave., Clifton Park Ave., 24th St., Central Park Ave., Illinois and Michigan Canal, 39th St., and 46th Ave. (Kenton Ave.)


35th Ward: Madison St., 52nd Ave. (Laramie St.), Kinzie St., 46th Ave. (Kenton Ave.), North Ave., 40th Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), Armitage Ave., Sacramento Blvd., North Ave., St. Louis Ave., Chicago Ave., 40th Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), 12th St. (Roosevelt Rd.), and Austin Ave.




By ordinance of July 22, 1921 the City of Chicago was divided into 50 Wards. This ordinance did not become effective until April, 1923.


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, 26th St., Wentworth Ave., 31st St., Canal St., 29th St., Canal St., 25th St., Wallace St. and the south branch of the river.


2nd Ward: 26th St., Lake Michigan, 35th St., Calumet Ave., 37th St., Calumet Ave., 38th St., Pershing Rd. and Wentworth Ave.


3rd Ward: Pershing Rd., Calumet Ave., 38th St., Calumet Ave., 37th St., Calumet Ave., 35th St., Lake Michigan, 43rd St., Cottage Grove Ave., 46th St., State St., 45th St., and Wentworth Ave.


4th Ward: 46th St., Cottage Grove Ave., 43rd St., Lake Michigan, 51st St., Hyde Park Blvd., Cottage Grove Ave., 53rd St. and State St.


5th Ward: 53rd St., Cottage Grove Ave., Hyde Park Blvd., Lake Michigan., 60th St. and State St.


6th Ward: 60th St., Lake Michigan, 67th St. (Marquette Rd.), and South Park Ave.


7th Ward: 67th St. (Marquette Rd.), Lake Michigan, 89th St., South Chicago Ave., 89th St., South Park Ave., 89th St. and Stony Island Ave.


8th Ward: 67th St. (Marquette Rd.) Lake Michigan, 89th St., South Chicago Ave., 99th St., Stewart Ave., 84th St. and State St.


9th Ward: 103rd St., Stewart Ave., 99th St., Cottage Grove Ave., 95th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, E. Line Secs. 26 and 35. T-37 N., R-14 E, 138th St., Indiana Ave., Little Calumet River, 130th St., Little Calumet River and Halsted St.


10th Ward: 89th St., South Chicago Ave., 89th St., Lake Michigan, Illinois and Indiana State Line, 138th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, E. Line Secs. 26 and 35, T-37 N., R-14 E, 95th St., Cottage Grove Ave., 99th St., and South park Ave.


11th Ward: South Branch of the river, Wallace St., 25th St., Canal St., 29th St., Canal St., 31st St., Wentworth Ave., 35th St. and the south fork of the river.


12th Ward: Pershing Rd., Illinois and Michigan Canal, south fork of the river, Pershing Rd., Leavitt St., 35th St., Western Ave., 51st St., Laramie St., C and A Ry. and Lamon Ave.


13th Ward: 35th St., Leavitt St., Pershing Rd., south fork of the river, 35th St., Wentworth Ave., 43rd St., Loomis St., 49th St. and Western Ave.


14th Ward: 43rd St., Wentworth Ave., 45th St., State St., Garfield Blvd. and Loomis St.


15th Ward: C and A Ry., Western Ave., 49th St., Loomis St., Garfield Blvd., Wood St., 69th St., Western Ave., 65th St., Kedzie Ave., 67th St. (Marquette Rd.), Cicero Ave., 51st St., 65th St., Narragansett Ave., 59th St. and Harlem Ave.


16th Ward: Garfield Blvd., Wallace St., 63rd St., Loomis St., 66th St. and Wood St.


17th Ward: Garfield Blvd., State St., 60th St., South Park Ave., 67th St., (Marquette Rd.) State St., 71st St., Halsted St., 63rd St and Wallace St.


18th Ward: 67th St., Kedzie Ave., 65th St., Western Ave., 69th St., Wood St., 66th St., Loomis St., 63rd St., Halsted St., 78th St., Loomis St., 82nd St., Western Ave., 87th St. and Cicero Ave.




19th Ward: 82nd St., Loomis St., 78th St., Halsted St., 71st St., State St., 84th St., Stewart Ave., 103rd St., Halsted St., 123rd St., Ashland Ave., 119th St., Western Ave., 115th St., California Ave., 99th St. and Western Ave.


20th Ward: Taylor St., Halsted St., Polk St., south branch of the river, Fisk St., 22nd St., Fisk St., 16th St., and Racine Ave.


21st Ward: 16th St., Ashland Ave., Illinois and Michigan Canal, California Ave., 24th St. and Marshall Blvd.


22nd Ward: Ogden Ave., 16th St., Marshall Blvd., 24th St., California Ave., Illinois and Michigan Canal, Central Park Ave., 26th St., and S. Hamlin Ave.


23rd Ward: Roosevelt Rd., Crawford Ave., (Pulaski Rd.) 14th St., Hamlin Ave., 26th St., Central Park Ave., Illinois and Michigan Canal, Pershing Rd. and Kenton Ave.


24th Ward: Roosevelt Rd., Independence Blvd., C. and G.W. Ry., Central Park Ave., Roosevelt Rd., C. and G.W. Ry., Sacramento Ave., C. and G.W. Ry., California Ave., 16th St., Ogden Ave., Hamlin Ave., 14th St., Crawford Ave., (Pulaski Rd.)


25th Ward: Van Buren St., Oakley Blvd., Harrison St., Hoyne Ave., Van Buren St., Aberdeen St., Harrison St., May St., Polk St., Wood St., 16th St., and California Ave.


26th Ward: Polk St., May St., Taylor St., Racine Ave., 16th St., Fisk St., 22nd Ave., Fisk St., south branch of the river, Ashland Ave., 16th St. and Wood St.


27th Ward: Washington Blvd., Ashland Ave., Kinzie St., north and south branch of the river, Polk St., Halsted St., Taylor St., May St., Harrison St., Aberdeen St., Van Buren St., Hoyne Ave., Harrison St., Oakley Blvd., Jackson Blvd. and Leavitt St.


28th Ward: Chicago Ave., California Ave., Kinzie St., Rockwell St., Fulton St., Ashland Ave., Washington St., Leavitt St., Jackson Blvd., Oakley Blvd., Van Buren St., California Ave., Washington Blvd., and Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.)

29th Ward: Washington Blvd/. California Ave., C. and G.W. Ry., Sacramento Blvd., Roosevelt Rd., Central Park Ave., C. and G.W. Ry., Independence Blvd., Roosevelt Rd., Kenton Ave., Harrison St. and Pulaski Rd.


30th Ward: Madison St., Laramie St., Kinzie St., Kenton Ave., North Ave., Crawford Ave., (Pulaski Rd.), Harrison St., Kenton Ave., Roosevelt Rd. and Austin Blvd.


31st Ward: Division St., north branch of the river, Kinzie St., and Ashland Ave.


32nd Ward: Chicago Ave., Leavitt St., Haddon Ave., Hoyne Ave., Division St., Ashland Ave., Fulton St., Rockwell St., Kinzie St. and California Ave.


33rd Ward: Fullerton Ave., north branch of the river, Division St., Hoyne Ave., North Ave., Milwaukee Ave., Hoyne Ave., Armitage Ave., and Robey St. (Damon Ave.)


34th Ward: Armitage Ave., Hoyne Ave., Milwaukee Ave., North Ave., Hoyne Ave., Haddon St., Leavitt St., Chicago Ave., Sacramento Blvd., Augusta Blvd., California Ave., Evergreen Ave., and Rockwell St.




35th Ward: Fullerton Ave., Sacramento Blvd., Humboldt Blvd., Armitage Ave., Rockwell St., Evergreen Ave., California Ave., Augusta St., Sacramento Blvd., Chicago Ave., St. Louis Ave., North Ave. and Ballou St.


36th Ward: Belden Ave., Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), Fullerton Ave., Ballou St., North Ave., St. Louis St., Chicago Ave., Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), North Ave and Kenton Ave.


37th Ward: Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Ry., Central Ave., Fullerton Ave., Kenton Ave., Kinzie St., Laramie St., Madison St., Austin Blvd., North Ave. and Harlem Ave.


38th Ward: Belmont Ave., north branch of the river, Fullerton Ave., Robey St. (Damen Ave.), Armitage Ave., Humboldt Blvd., Sacramento Blvd., Fullerton Ave. and Kedzie Ave.


39th Ward: Addison St., Kedzie Ave., Fullerton Ave., Crawford Ave., Belden Ave., Kenton Ave., Fullerton Ave., Central Ave., C.N. and St. P. Ry. and Harlem Ave.


40th Ward: Devon Ave., North Shore Channel, north branch of the river, Belmont Ave., Kedzie Ave., Addison St., Tripp Ave., Montrose Ave. and Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.).


41st Ward: Howard St., Harlem Ave., Albion Ave., Nova Ave., Albion Ave., Sayre Ave., Albion Ave., Natoma Ave., Indian Boundary, Nagle Ave., Devon Ave., Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), Montrose Ave., Tripp Ave., Addison St., Harlem Ave., Irving Park Blvd., Austin Ave., Lawrence Ave., Indian Boundary, Austin Ave., Bryn Mawr Ave., Harlem Ave., Bryn Mawr Ave., Oketo Ave., Everoll Ave., Oriole Ave., Devon Ave., Ozanam Ave., Park Ridge Blvd., and Oriole Ave.


42nd Ward: Division St., Lake Michigan, Chicago River and the north branch of the river.


43rd Ward: Cortland St., Racine Ave., Center St. (Armitage Ave.), Lake Michigan, Division St. and the north branch of the river.


44th Ward: Diversey Pkwy., Halsted St., Wellington St., Lake Michigan, Center St. (Armitage Ave.), Seminary Ave., Fullerton Ave. and Racine Ave.


45th Ward: Roscoe St., Racine Ave., Fullerton Ave., Seminary Ave., Center St. (Armitage Ave.), Racine Ave., Cortland St., north branch of the river, Belmont Ave. and Western Ave.


46th Ward: Grace St., Lake Michigan, Wellington St., Halsted St., Diversey Pkwy., Racine Ave., Roscoe St. and Southport Ave.


47th Ward: Wilson Ave., Southport Ave., Clark St., Roscoe St., Western Ave., Belmont Ave., and the north branch of the river.


48th Ward: Foster Ave., Lake Michigan, Grace St., Southport Ave., and Clark St.


49th Ward: Howard St., C.M. and St P. Ry., Calvary Cemetery, Lake Michigan, Foster Ave., Clark St., Schreiber Ave., Ashland Ave., Pratt Blvd., and the Ridge Rd.


50th Ward: Howard St., Ridge Rd., Pratt Blvd., Ashland Ave., Schreiber Ave., Clark St., Wilson Ave., north branch of the river, North Shore Channel and Kedzie Ave.




The boundaries of the 50 Wards of the City of Chicago, as established by the ordinance adopted on July 31, 1931, amended October 21, 1931, are as follows:


1st Ward: Chicago River, Lake Michigan, 29th St., Wentworth Ave., 31st St. Canal St., 29th St., Canal St., 25th St., Wallace St., south branch of the Chicago River.


2nd Ward: 29th St., Lake Michigan, E. Pershing Rd., Cottage Grove Ave., 43rd St., Wentworth Ave.


3rd Ward: 43rd St., Cottage Grove Ave., 46th St., S. Parkway, E. Garfield Blvd., S. State St., W. 59th St., C.R.I and P RR.


4th Ward: E. Pershing Rd., Lake Michigan, Hyde Park Blvd., Blackstone Ave., E. 53rd St., Drexel Ave., E. 52nd St., S. Parkway, E. 46th St., Cottage Grove Ave.


5th Ward: Hyde Park Bvld., Lake Michigan, E. 63rd St., Cottage Grove Ave., E. 60th St., S. Parkway, E. 63rd St., S. State St., E. Garfield Bvld., S. Parkway. E. 52nd St., Drexel Ave., E 53rd St., Blackstone Ave.



6th Ward: E. 63rd St., Stony Island Ave., E. 73rd St., S. State St., E. 63rd St., S. Parkway, E. 60th St., Cottage Grove Ave.


7th Ward: E. 63rd St., Lake Michigan, E. 87th St., Baltimore Ave., E 85th St., S. Chicago Ave., Jeffery Ave., E. 75th St., Stony island Ave.


8th Ward: E. 73rd St., Stony Island Ave., E 75th St., Jeffery Ave., E 87th St., N.Y. C. and St. L. RR, E. 95th St., S. Park Ave., E. 83rd St., Indiana Ave.


9th Ward: E. 95th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, E. line Secs. 26 and 35, T. 37N, R 14E, E. 138th St., Indiana Ave., 129th Pl., Vermont St., Little Calumet River, city limits, W. 127th St., S. Halsted St., W. 103rd St., Stewart Ave., W. and E. 99th St., S. Park Ave.


10th Ward: E. 87th St., Lake Michigan, Ill-Ind. state line, E. 138th St., E. line Secs. 26 and 35 T 37N R 14E, Lake Calumet, Stony Island Ave., E 95th St., N.Y. C. and St. L. RR, E 87th St., Jeffery Ave., S. Chicago Ave., E 85th., Baltimore Ave.


11th Ward: South branch of Chicago River, Wallace St., W. 25th St., S. Canal St., W. 29th St., Canal St., W. 31st St., Wentworth Ave., W. 43rd St., S. Ashland Ave., W 45th St., S. Wood St., I and M Canal.


12th Ward: I and M Canal, S. Wood St., W. 49th St., S. Western Ave., W. 51st St., S. Central Park Ave.


13th Ward: I and M Canal, S. Central Park Ave., W. 51st St., S. Kedzie Ave., W 65th St., S. Western Ave., W Marquette Rd., S. Ashland Ave., W 73rd St., S. Damen Ave., W 75th St., S. Cicero Ave., W 65th St., S. Harlem Ave., C and A RR, W. 51st St., S. Laramie Ave., C and A RR, S. Lacrosse Ave., W. Pershing Rd.


14th Ward: W. 43rd St/. C.R.I. and P. RR, W. Garfield Blvd., S. Ashland Ave., W. 49th St., S. Wood St., W. 45th St., S. Ashland Ave.


15th Ward: W. 49th St., S. Ashland Ave., W. Garfield Blvd., S. Wood St., W. 57th St., S. Damen Ave., W. Marquette Rd., S. Western Ave., W. 65th St., S. Kedzie Ave., W. 51st St., S. Western St.


16th Ward: W. Garfield Blvd., Wallace St., W. 63rd St., S. Morgan St., W. 68th St., S. Ashland Ave., W. Marquette Rd., S. Damen Ave., W. 57th St., S. Wood St.


17th Ward: W. Garfield Blvd., C.R.I and P. RR, W. 59th St., S. State St., E. 73rd St., Indiana Ave., W. and E.83rd St., S. Halsted St., 63rd St., Wallace St.



18th Ward: W. 63rd St., S. Halsted St., W. 87th St., S. Cicero Ave., W. 75th St., S. Damen Ave., W. 73rd St., S. Ashland Ave., W. 68th St., S. Morgan St.


19th Ward: W. and E. 83rd St., S. Park Ave., W. and E. 99th St., Stewart Ave., W. 103rd St., S. Halsted St., W. 123rd St., S. Ashland Ave., W. 119th St., B. and O.C.T. RR, W 115th St., S. California Ave., 107th St., C. and G.T. RR, 113th St., S. Troy St., W. 114th St., S. Kedzie Ave., W. 115th St., S. Homan Ave., Lincoln Ave. (117th St.), City Limits, Medora (115th St.), S. Pulaski Rd., W. 113th St., City Limits, 111th St., S. Pulaski Rd., W. 109th St. (Prospect Ave.), City Limits, W 107th St., S. Pulaski Rd., 103rd St., S. Central Park Ave., City Limits, 103rd St., S. Kedzie Ave., 102nd Pl., S. California Ave., 99th St., S. Western Ave., 87th St., S. Halsted.




20th Ward: W. Van Buren St., south branch of Chicago River. W. 16th St., S. Damen Ave., W. Roosevelt Rd., S. Damen Ave., W. Polk St., Loomis St., W. Harrison St., S. Halsted St.


21st Ward: W. 16th St., south branch of the Chicago River, I and M canal, S. Western Ave.


22nd Ward: Ogden Ave., Marshall Blvd., W. 24th Blvd., S. California Ave., I and M Canal, S. Central Park Ave., W. 27th St., S. Hamlin Ave., W. 18th St., Homan Ave.


23rd Ward: W. Roosevelt Rd., S. Pulaski Rd., W. 19th St., S, Hamlin Ave., W. 27th St., S. Central Park Ave., I and M canal, W. Pershing Rd.,  Kenton Ave (Belt Line RR).


24th Ward: C. Gt. W.RR, S. California Ave., Ogden Ave., Homan Ave., W. 18th St., S. Hamlin Ave., W. 19th St., S. Pulaski Rd., W. Roosevelt Rd., S. Kenton Ave., (Belt Line RR).


25th Ward: W. Jack son Blvd., S. Damen Ave., Harrison St., Damen Ave., Roosevelt Rd., Damen Ave., W. 16th St., S, Western Ave., I and M Canal, S. California Ave., W. 24th Blvd., Marshall Blvd., Ogden Ave., S. California Blvd., C. Gt. W. RR. S. Sacramento Blvd.


26th Ward: W. Division St., north branch of Chicago River, W. Kinzie St., N. Ashland Ave., W. Chicago Ave., N. Oakley Blvd.


27th Ward: W. Kinzie St., north and south branches of Chicago River, W. Van Buren St., S. Halsted St., W. Harrison St., Loomis St., W. Polk St., S. Ashland Blvd., Taylor St., S. Wood St., W. Polk St., S. Damen Ave., W. Harrison St., S. Damen Ave., W. Jackson Blvd., S. Sacramento Blvd., W. Madison St., 3300 West, Washington Blvd., N. Ashland Ave.


28th Ward: W. Chicago Ave., N. Ashland Ave., W. Washington Blvd., N. Pulaski Rd.


29th Ward: W. Washington Blvd., 3300 West, W. Madison St., S. Sacramento Blvd., C. Gt. W. RR. Kenton Ave. (Belt Line RR), W. Harrison St., S. Kildare Ave., W. Madison St., N. Pulaski.


30th Ward: W. North Ave., N. Pulaski Rd., W. Madison St., S. Kildare Ave., W. Harrison St., Kenton Ave (Belt Line RR), W. Roosevelt Rd., S and N Laramie St., W. Kinzie St., Lavergne Ave., Augusta Blvd., Belt Line RR.


31st Ward: W. North Ave., N. Rockwell St., Division St., N. Oakley Blvd., W. Chicago Ave., N. Pulaski Rd.


32nd Ward: Armitage Ave., north branch of the Chicago River, W. Division St., N. Rockwell St.


33rd Ward: Addison St., north branch of Chicago River, Armitage Ave., Milwaukee Ave., Fullerton Ave., N. Kedzie Ave., Wrightwood Ave., Kimball Ave.


34th Ward: Wrightwood Ave., N. Kedzie Ave., Fullerton Ave., Milwaukee Ave., Armitage Ave., N. Rockwell St., W. North Ave., N. Pulaski Rd.


35th Ward: Addison St., Kimball Ave., Wrightwood Ave., N. Pulaski Rd., Fullerton Ave., N. Narragansett Ave., Diversey Ave., N. Laramie Ave., Belmont Ave., N. Pulaski Rd.


36th Ward: Fullerton Ave., N. Pulaski Rd., W. North Ave., Belt Line RR, Augusta Blvd., N. Lockwood Ave., W. North Ave., N. Harlem Ave., Wrightwood Ave., N. Narragansett Ave.


37th Ward: W. North Ave., N. Lockwood Ave., Augusta Blvd., N. Lavergne Ave., W. Kinzie St., S. and N. Laramie Ave., W. Roosevelt Rd., S. and N. Austin Blvd.




38th Ward: Wilson Ave., Milwaukee Ave., Wilson Ave., N. Cicero Ave., Addison St., Kenton Ave., Belmont Ave., N. Laramie Ave., Diversey Pky., N. Narragansett Ave., Wrightwood Ave., N. Harlem Ave., Wellington Ave., Oriole Ave., Belmont Ave., Pontiac Ave., Pueblo Ave., Berteau Ave., Pioneer Ave., Irving Park Blvd., N. Narragansett Ave., Addison St., N. Central Ave.


39th Ward: Devon Ave., N. Pulaski Rd., Foster Ave., N. Central Park Ave., Addison St., N. Pulaski Rd., Belmont Ave., Kenton Ave., Addison St., N. Cicero Ave.


40th Ward: Devon Ave., north shore channel, N. branch of the Chicago River, Addison St., N. Central park Ave., Foster Ave., Pulaski Rd.


41st Ward: Howard St., N. Harlem Ave., Albion Ave., N. Neva Ave., Albion Ave., Natoma Ave., Devon Ave., Caldwell Ave., Touhy Ave., C.M. and St. P. RR, Ionia Ave., Waukesha Ave., Dowagiac Ave., Carpenter Rd., Ionia Ave., Devon Ave., N. Cicero Ave., Wilson Ave., Milwaukee Ave., Wilson Ave., N. Central Ave., Addison St., N. Narragansett Ave., Gunnison St., N. Nagle Ave., Foster Ave., N. Nordiac Ave., Foster Ave., N. Harlem Ave., Foster Ave., Canfield Ave., Oznam Ave., Northwest Highway, Oznam Ave., Touhy Ave., Oznam Ave.


42nd Ward: W. Division St., Lake Michigan, Chicago River, north branch of the river, north branch canal, Rees St., Clybourn Ave., Mohawk St., Blackhawk St., Sedgwick St., W. Schiller St., N. Dearborn St.


43rd St., Beldon Ave., Lake Michigan, W. Division St., N. Dearborn St., W. Schiller St., Sedgwick St., Blackhawk St., Mohawk St., Clybourn Ave., Rees St., north branch canal, north branch of the Chicago River, Webster Ave., Osgood St., Armitage Ave. (Center St.), Cleveland Ave.


44th Ward: Melrose St., Lake Michigan, Beldon Ave., Cleveland Ave., Armitage Ave., Osgood St., Webster Ave., N. branch of Chicago River, Fullerton Ave., Ashland Ave., Altgeld St., S. Ward St., Wrightwood Ave., Racine Ave., Diversey Pky., Halsted St., Barry Ave., Broadway.


45th Ward: Irving Park Blvd., Southport Ave., Wellington Ave., Racine Ave., Wrightwood Ave., Ward St., Altgeld St., Ashland Ave., Fullerton Ave., N. branch of the Chicago River, Irving Park Blvd., Byron St., N. Damen Ave., Addison St., C. and NW. RR,


46th Ward: Irving Park Blvd., Lake Michigan, Melrose St., Broadway, Barry Ave., Halsted St., Diversey Pky., N. Racine Ave., Wellington Ave., Southport Ave., N. Clark St.


47th Ward: Foster Ave., Clark St., Southport Ave., Irving Park Blvd., C. and NW. EE, Addison St., Dame Ave., Byron St., Irving Ave., Irving Park Blvd., N. branch of the Chicago River, Carmen Ave., N. Western Ave., Winnemac Ave., N. Damen Ave.


48th Ward: Bryn Mawr Ave., Lake Michigan, Irving Park Blvd., N. Clark St.


49th Ward: City Limits (S. Line Calvary Cemetery), Lake Michigan, Bryn Mawr Ave., N. Clark St., Schrieber Ave., Ashland Ave., Pratt Blvd., Clark St., Touhy Ave., Ridge Rd., Howard St., C.M.St.P  and P RR.


50th Ward: Howard St., Ridge Rd., Touhy Ave., N. Clark St., Pratt Blvd., N. Ashland Ave., Schrieber Ave., N. Clark St., Foster Ave., N. Damen Ave., Winnemac Ave., N. Western Ave., Carmen Ave., North Shore Channel, Devon Ave., N. Kedzie Ave. (City Limits)




City of Chicago Aldermen,

City Treasurers and City Clerks


April, 1979


Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Adduci, Alexander A.        Alderman      9        2/23/71 - 4/16/79             Lost election


Aiello, John F.                  Alderman      36      5/18/65 - 2/8/80               Died


Arvey, Jacob M.               Alderman      24      1923 - 1/27/41                 Resigned


Axelrod, Ralph                  Alderman      46      5/16/78 - ND

Beran, Joseph T.               Treasurer                1947 - 1949


Barden, Eloise                   Alderman      16      2/25/75 - ND


Barnett, William                Alderman      2        8/15/72 -ND


Bauler, Mathias                 Alderman      43      1933 - 1943                     Lost election

                                                          43      1947 - 1967                     Did not seek re-election


Becker, Benjamin M           Alderman      40      1947 - 1955


Bell, Harry                        Alderman      41      1959 - 1963


Bertand, Joseph G.           Treasurer                1971 - 4/16/79                  Did not seek re-election


                                      Alderman      7        4/3/79 - ND


Bieszczat, Mathew William Alderman     26      2/5/45 - 11/8/60                Elected Bailiff of Municipal Court of Chicago


Biggs, Robert                   Alderman      29      2/28/67 - 7/8/72                Died


Bilandic, Michael A.          Alderman      11      3/11/69 - 6/7/77

                                      Acting Mayor          12/28/76 - 6/7/77   

                                      Mayor                    6/7/77 - 4/16/79                Lost Democratic primary


Block, Dennis                   Alderman      48      4/1/75 - 9/28/77                Moved to suburbs


Bloom, Lawrence              Alderman      5        4/3/79 - ND  


Bohling, Nicholas J.          Alderman      7        1943 - 12/2/71                  Appointed judge


Bonk, Charles S.               Alderman      21      11/3/53 - 8/14/62              Resigned


Bowler, James B               Alderman      19      1906 - 1923 

                                                          25      1927 - 6/7/34                   Appointed Public Vehicle License Commissioner

                                                          25      2/26/35 - 7/11/53              Resigned






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Boyle, John S                   Alderman      16      1939 - 1943           


Brady, Peter J                   City Clerk               1931 - 1939          


Brand, Gustave A.             Treasurer                1935 -1939


Brandt, John B                 Alderman      33      1943 - 11/8/60                  Elected trustee of Metropolitan Sanitary District


Brandt, Robert                  Alderman      33      1963 - 1971                     Did not seek reelection


Bremer, Robert S.             Alderman      50      1951 - 1955          


Brody, Hyman L.               Alderman      39      1935 - 1951


Buchanan, John J             Alderman      10      1963 - 1971                     Lost election


Buckley, George L.            Alderman      39      1955 - 1959


Budinger, John                 Alderman      1        1943 - 1951


Burke, Edward M.             Alderman      14      3/11/69 - ND


Burke, Joseph P.               Alderman      14      11/3/53 - 5/11/68              Died


Burke, Thomas F.              Alderman      29      6/3/57 - 1967                   Did not seek reelection


Burmeister, John C., Jr.     Alderman      44      1947 - 1959 


Byrne, Jane M.                 Mayor                    4/3/79 - ND


Callahan, Francis E.           Alderman      37      6/3/41 - 1/31/43                Resigned to enter armed forces


Campbell, Kenneth E.        Alderman      20      1951 - 12/31/70                Died


Carey, Archibald
          James, Jr.
              Alderman      3        1947 - 1955


Carothers, William            Alderman      28      11/4/80 - ND


Casey, Thomas J.             Alderman      37      5/18/65 - 7/9/82                Died


Chew, Charles, Jr.            Alderman      17      4/2/63 - 1967                   Became State Senator


Cilella, Alfred J.                Alderman      36      1951 - 6/15/58                  Became a Judge


Clark, John S., Jr.             Alderman      35      1917 - 1923


                                                          30      1923 - 11/28/34                Elected Assessor of Cook County


Clewis, Richard S.            Alderman      45      4/3/79 - ND


Cohen, Abraham H.          Alderman      4        1939 - 1955






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Cohen, Christopher B.       Alderman      46      2/23/71 - 1977                  Appointed Midwest Regional Director, U.S. Dept. of HEW


Collins, George W.            Alderman      24      1/21/64 - 11/15/70            Became U.S. Congressman


Condon, James A.            Alderman      8        1959 - 1967                     Did not seek reelection


Connelly, Hugh B.             Alderman      11      1935 - 1947          


Corcoran, Paul T.              Alderman      37      1955 - 3/4/64                   Died

                                      Mayor                    3/14/33 - 4/14/33              Lost special election


Coughlin, John J.             Alderman      1        1892 - 11/11/38                Died


Cousins, William Jr.          Alderman      8        4/4/67 - 12/6/76                Elected judge, Circuit Court


Cowhey, William J            Alderman      41      1935 - 1947


Cronson, B.A.                   Alderman      4        1925 - 12/23/37                Died


Cross, LeRoy                    Alderman      29      7/3/73 - 4/16/79               Lost election


Crowe, Dorsey R.              Alderman      21      1919 - 1923


                                                          42      1923 - 7/1/62                   Died


Cullerton, Patrick J.          Alderman      38      1935 - 4/17/58                  Elected Cook County Assessor


Cullerton, Thomas W.       Alderman      38      11/27/73 - ND


Cullerton, William J.         Alderman      38      1959 - 4/14/73                  Died


Currey, Edmund P.            Acting Treasurer      1960 - 1961


Cusack, James J. Jr.         Alderman      5        1933 - 1939


Daley, Richard J.              Mayor                    4/5/55 - 12/20/76              Died


Daley, Thomas J.              Alderman      7        1933 - 1/5/42                   Died


D’Amato, Frank                Alderman      37      7/17/1982


Danaher, Matthew J.        Alderman      11      1/21/64 - 9/20/68    Became Circuit Court Clerk






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


D'Arco, John                    Alderman      1        1951 - 1963


Davis, Danny K.                Alderman      29      4/3/79 - ND


Dawson, William L.           Alderman      2        1933 - 1939


DePriest, Oscar                 Alderman      3        1943 - 1947


Despres, Leon M.              Alderman      5        1955 - 1975                     Did not seek reelection


Deutsch, Sidney D.           Alderman      24     11/3/53 - 9/24/57              Appointed Treasurer


                                      Treasurer                1957 - 1960


Dickerson, Earl B.              Alderman      2        1939 - 1943


Douglas, Paul H                Alderman      5        1939 - 5/15/42                  Resigned to enter armed forces


Doyle, Thomas A              Alderman      5        1914 - 1918 

                                      Alderman      13      1931 - 1933


                                      Alderman      11      1933 - 1935                     Died


Drymalski, Raymond          Treasurer                1943 - 1947


DuBois, Reginald              Alderman      9        5/9/46 - 1959


Ducey, Brian J.                 Alderman      19      1935 - 12/1/50                  Resigned


Egan, John E.                   Alderman      13      1933 - 1939


                                                          13      1947 - 12/4/62                  Resigned


Evans, Timothy C.            Alderman      4        11/27/73 - ND


Farina, Louis                     Alderman      36      8/26/80 - ND


Fifielski, Edwin P              Alderman      45      4/2/63 - 4/16/79                Did not seek reelection


Filippini, Elmer R               Alderman      30      2/23/71 - 12/31/74            Resigned


FioRito, Michael               Alderman      1        2/16/63 - 5/6/63                Resigned


Fischman, Fred                 Alderman      24      6/3/41 - 4/6/47                 Withdrew from race for reelection

(assumed office 12/10/41)


Fitzpatrick, Thomas F.       Alderman      19      9/17/57 - 1975                  Did not seek reelection


Fleck, Charles J.               Alderman      45      1951 - 12/7/53                  Resigned


Freeman, Allen A.             Alderman      48      1947 - 1959






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Fried, Raymond K.            Alderman      42      3/11/69 - 1/26/70              Died

Frost, Wilson                    Alderman      21      4/4/67 - 1971                   Ward redistricted, and reelected in 34

                                                         34      2/23/71 - ND         


Gabinski, Theris M.           Alderman      32      3/11/69 - ND


Garippo, Louis P               Alderman      36      10/2/45 - 1947


Geisler, Herbert F.             Alderman      34      1947 - 1959


Gillespie, Joseph S.           Alderman      29      1939 - 1955


Girolami, Anthony G.        Alderman      28      11/3/59 - 8/31/61              Appointed Clerk of Probate Court


Goldberg, Mayer               Alderman      42      2/26/63 - 11/29/68            Became Circuit Court Judge


Gordon, Thomas S.           Treasurers               1939 - 1943


Grant, Benjamin A.            Alderman      3        1939 - 1943


Grealis, John J.                Alderman      44      1933 - 1947


Gurman, Samuel P.           Alderman      40      1943 - 1947


Gutstein, Solomon            Alderman      40      2/25/75 - 4/16/79              Lost election


Hagopian, George             Alderman      30      2/25/75 - ND


Hartigan, David L.             Treasurer                1954 - 1955


                                      Alderman      49      1955 - 4/28/59                  Died


Harnett, Bryan                  Alderman      12      1927 - 1929

                                                                   1931 - 1947


Harvey, William H             Alderman      2        1943 - 12/20/68                Became County Commissioner


Healy, David W.                Alderman      13      1963 - 1967                     Did not seek reelection


Healy, John F                   Alderman      6        1931 - 1939 


Hedlund, Marilou              Alderman      48      2/23/71 - 1975                  Did not seek reelection


Hilburn, Frank O.              Alderman      47      1939 - 1947


Hines, Edward J.              Alderman      18      4/4/67 - 4/21/76                Died


Hirsh, Morris H.                Alderman      48      1959 - 1963                     Lost election






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Hoellen, John J.               Alderman      47      1947 - 1975                     Lost election


Hogan, Francis J.              Alderman      6        2/5/45 - 1951        


Hogan, Michael P.            Alderman      13      1939 - 1947


Holman, Claude W.B.        Alderman      4        1955 - 6/1/73                   Died


Hubbard, Fred D.              Alderman      2        3/11/69 - 3/16/72              Seat declared vacant as a result of his disappearance


Huels, Patrick M.              Alderman      11      6/7/77 - ND


Hughes, Edmund J.           Alderman      30      1947 - 1951


Humes, Marion                 Alderman      8        4/19/77 - ND


Huppert, Jerome               Alderman      50      9/4/45 - 1947


Hurley, James J                Alderman      39      1933 - 1935


Immel, Joseph P., Jr.         Alderman      41      1947 - 12/15/58                Resigned


Jackson, Robert R.            Alderman      2        1918 - 1923


                                                          3        1923 - 1939


Jacobs, Ray N.                 Alderman      39      1951 - 1955


Jaksy, Kenneth B.             Alderman      15      2/25/75 - 4/16/79              Did not seek reelection


Jambrone, Joseph             Alderman      28      2/28/67 - 1971                  Did not seek reelection


Janousek, Otto F.             Alderman      22      1943 - 6/3/69                   Died


Johnson, Einar                 Alderman      8        1955 - 1959


Jones, Gerald E.               Alderman      7        11/27/73 - 1975                Lost runoff


Jones, Sidney A., Jr.         Alderman      6        1955 - 1959


Joyce, Jeremiah                Alderman      19      4/1/75 - 2/1/79                 Elected Senator, Ill.General Assem., 28th District


Kacena, Joseph, Jr.           Alderman      23      1935 - 1947


Kadow, Zeffryn H.            Alderman      33      1933 - 1939


Kaplan, Nathan J              Alderman      40      2/26/63 - 12/4/66             Resigned






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Keane, Adelin                   Alderman      31      2/25/75 - 4/16/79              Did not seek reelection


Keane, Thomas E.             Alderman      31      9/4/45 - 10/9/74                Convicted of federal mail fraud and conspiracy


Keane, Thomas Patrick      Alderman      34      1931 - 1933 


                                                          31      1933 - 7/13/45                  Died


Kearns, James A.              Alderman      31      1909 - 1917


                                      Treasurer                1931 - 1935


Keegan, Thomas C.           Alderman      49      1951 - 11/1/51                  Died


Keenan, Frank                  Alderman      49      1935 - 12/1/50                  Elected to Cook County Board of Tax Appeals


Kellam, Robert T.              Alderman      18      5/17/77 - ND


Kelley, Clifford P.             Alderman      20      2/23/71 - ND


Kelly, Edward Joseph        Mayor                    4/13/33 - 1947


Kells, George D.                Alderman      28      1931 - 1951


Kenna, Michael                 Alderman      1        1939 - 1943


Kennelly, Martin H.           Mayor                    4/1/47 - 1955                   Lost Democratic Primary


Kenner, Tyrone T.             Alderman      3        2/23/71 - ND


Kerwin, Joseph R.             Alderman      46      2/26/63 - 1971                  Did not seek reelection


Kiley, Roger J.                  Alderman      37      1933 - 11/26/40                Elected Judge of Superior Court


Konkowski, Frank E.          Alderman      31      1929 - 1933          


                                                          26      1933 - 1939                     Died


Korshak, Marshall             Treasurer                1967 - 1971


Kovarik, James F.              Alderman      29      1919 - 1923 


                                                          15      1931 - 9/29/47                  Died


Kozubowski, Walter S.      City Clerk               4/3/79 - ND


Krska, Joseph J.               Alderman      15      1959 - 12/17/69                Died


Kucharski, Edmund J.        Alderman      12      1947 - 12/1/52                  Resigned


Kuta, Chester         `        Alderman      31      2/27/79 - 11/30/81            Resigned


Kuta, Frank J.                   Alderman      23      4/4/67 - 1971                   Did not seek reelection





Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Kwak, George A.              Alderman      12      6/5/73 - 4/16/79                Lost Election


Lagodney, John J.            Alderman      21      1931 - 12/1/35                  Died


Lancaster, William J.         Alderman      37      1943 - 1955


Langford, Anna R.            Alderman      16      2/23/71 - 1975                  Lost election


Laskowski, Casimir C.       Alderman      35      4/5/55 - 4/16/79                Lost election


Lathrop, Ross                   Alderman      5        4/1/75 - 4/16/79                Lost election


Laurino, Anthony C.          Alderman      39      5/18/65 - ND


Lawlor, Francis X.             Alderman      15      2/13/71 - 1975                  Did not seek reelection


Lewis, Benjamin F.            Alderman      24      4/8/58 - 2/28/63                Murdered


Lindell, Arthur G.              Alderman      9        1933 - 1/31/46                  Resigned


Lipinski, William               Alderman      23      2/25/75 - ND


London, Louis                  Alderman      24      1947 - 4/1/53                   Died


Lupo, Dominic J.              Alderman      9        1959 - 1971                     Did not seek reelection


McCutcheon, George Barr  Alderman      43      4/4/67 - 1971                   Did not seek reelection


McDermott, James J.        Alderman      14      1933 - 12/3/42                  Elected to Board of Appeals of Cook County


McFolling, Tyrone             Alderman      17      4/3/79 - 1/8/81                 esigned


McGrath, Frank J.             Alderman      18      1955 - 1959


McKiernan, David T.          Alderman      19      1951 - 5/25/57                  Died


McMahon, Edwin H.         Alderman      30      5/18/65 - 1971                  Did not seek reelection


Madrzyk, John S.              Alderman      13      11/17/73 - ND


Majerczyk, Aloysius           Alderman      12      2/27/79 - ND


Marcin, John C.                City Clerk               1955 - 4/16/79                  Did not seek reelection


                                      Alderman      35      4/3/79 - ND


Martinez, Joseph A.          Alderman      31      12/11/81 - ND


Marzullo, Vito                  Alderman      25      11/3/53 - ND


Massen, John A.               Alderman      48      1927 - 1939


Massey, Robert L.             Alderman      36      1959 - 12/6/64                  Resigned






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Mell, Richard F.                Alderman      33      2/25/75 - ND


Merlo, John                     Alderman      44      2/24/81 - ND


Merriam, Robert E.            Alderman      5        1947 - 1955


Metcalfe, Ralph H.            Alderman      3        1955 - 12/70                    Elected to U.S. House of Reps.


Meyer, Edwin F.               Alderman      45      1933 - 1943


Micek, Frank                    Alderman      15      1951 - 10/17/58                Died


Miller, Robert H.               Alderman      6        1959 - 1967


Milota, William G              Treasurer                1949 - 1954

                                                                   1961 - 1967


Moran, Terrence F.            Alderman      31      1918 - 1923


                                                          16      1923 - 1939


Moreland, James C.          Alderman      41      1931 - 1935


Moss, Bertram B.              Alderman      5        1943 - 1947


Muir, David R.                  Alderman      6        1951 - 1955


Mulcahy, Michael F.          Alderman      8        1935 - 1939


Murray, William T.            Alderman      17      1935 - 1/6/59                   Resigned


Murray, James C.              Alderman      18      1959 - 1967                     Did not seek reelection


Nardulli, Michael               Alderman      26      2/27/79 - ND


Natarus, Burton F.             Alderman      42      2/23/71 - ND


Nelson, Oscar F.               Alderman      46      1923 - 11/30/35                Elected judge


Northrup, O.E.                  Alderman      19      1929 - 1935


Nowakowski, Stanley J.    Alderman      11      1951 - 10/21/63                Died


Oberman, Martin               Alderman      43      4/1/75 - ND


O'Hallaren, Bernard J.        Alderman      18      1939 - 10/14/47                Died


Olin, Roy E.                      Alderman      8        1939 - 1955


Orlikoski, Walter J.            Alderman      39      1931 - 1933


                                                          35      1933 - 1951






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


O'Rourke, Robert J.          Alderman      48      4/2/63 - 1971                   Lost election


Orr, David                        Alderman      49      2/27/79 - ND


Pacelli, William V.             Alderman      20      1929 - 9/30/42                  Died


Pacini, Emil V.                  Alderman      10      2/5/45 - 1963


Parrillo, Donald W.            Alderman      1        1/21/64 - 3/6/68                Resigned


Partee, Cecil A.                Treasurer                4/3/79 - ND


Perry, Harry E.                  Alderman      18      1933 - 1939


Peska, Frank                     Alderman      35      1951 - 8/22/54                  Resigned


Petrone, Patrick P.            Alderman      28      6/17/59                            Died


Pieczynski. William J.        Alderman      10      1943 - 1951                     Died


Pigott, George R.              Alderman      29      1955 - 2/2/57                   Died


Pistilli, Anthony                Alderman      20      1943 - 1951


Porten, Matt                    Alderman      35      1931 - 1933


                                                          34      1933 -1947


Potempa, Joseph              Alderman      23      4/6/71 - 11/1/73                Resigned


Provenzano, Angelo C.      Alderman      28      5/18/65 - 1967


Prusinski, Bernard C.         Alderman      32      1955 - 1959


Pucinski, Roman               Alderman      41      6/5/73 - ND


Quinn, James R.               Alderman      50      1931 - 6/21/45                  Resigned


Quirk, Robert C.               Alderman      48      1939 - 1947


Ray, Eugene                     Alderman      27      2/23/71 - ND


Rayer, A.A., Jr.                 Alderman      6        2/28/67 - 1971                  Did not seek reelection


Rhodes, David                  Alderman      24      2/23/71 - 4/16/79              Lost election


Ringa, Frank                     Alderman      36      1947 - 1951


Rittenberg, Ivan                Alderman      40      2/27/79 - ND


Robinson, George W.        Alderman      36      1931 - 1939






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Roman, Daniel J.              Alderman      30      1951 - 1/3/65                   Elected to U.S. Congress


Ropa, Joseph                   Alderman      21      1936 - 8/6/53                   Resigned     


Rosenberg, Thomas           Alderman      44      1959 - 11/29/68                Became a judge


Ross, Joseph C.                Alderman      40      1929 - 1943


Rostenkowski, Joseph P.   Alderman      33      1931 - 1933


                                                          32      1933 - 1955


Roti, Fred B.                     Alderman      1        6/11/68 - ND


Rowan, William A             Alderman      10      1927 - 12/31/42                Elected U.S. Congressman


Sachs, Morris B.               Treasurer                1955 - 1957                     Died


Sain, Harry L.                   Alderman      27      1933 - 1971                     Did not seek reelection


Sande, Rex                      Alderman      34      1959 - 1971          


                                                          33      2/23/71 - 1975                  Did not seek reelection


Saperstein, Esther             Alderman      49      2/25/75 - 4/16/79              Did not seek reelection


Sawyer, Eugene                Alderman      6        2/23/71 - ND


Scholl, Edward T.             Alderman      41      2/26/63 - 1972                  Elected to Ill. Senate, 16th Dist.


Schreiber, Ludwig             City Clerk               1939 - 1955


Schulter, Eugene              Alderman      47      2/25/75 - ND


Schulz, Albert F.               Alderman      47      1933 - 1939


Shannon, William H.         Alderman      17      2/28/67 - 4/16/79              Lost election


Shapiro, Phillip A.             Alderman      39      1959 - 12/6/64                  Became a judge


Shaw, Robert                   Alderman      9        4/16/79 - ND


Sheahan, Michael             Alderman      19      4/16/79 - ND


Sheridan, Paul M., Jr.        Alderman      16      2/28/67 - 1971                  Lost Election


Sheridan, Paul M., Sr.       Alderman      16      1943 - 3/31/65                  Died


Sherman, Niles                 Alderman      21      4/3/79


Shumpert, Walter             Alderman      24      2/27/79






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Simon, Seymour               Alderman      40      1955 - 10/30/61                Appt. to Cook County Board of Commissioners


                                                                   2/28/67 - 12/2/74              Elected Justice of Ill. Appellate Court


Simpson, Dick                  Alderman      44      2/23/71 - 4/16/79              Did not seek reelection


Singer, William S.             Alderman      44      4/8/69 - 1971                   Ward redistributed.


                                                          43      2/23/71 - 1975                  Did not seek reelection


Slight, Arthur A.               Alderman      17      1959 - 1963 


Smith, Patrick Sheridan     Alderman      6        1939 - 5/13/43                  Died


Sobota, Alexander J.         Alderman      26      1939 - 6/23/44                  Died


Sonnenschein, Henry        Alderman      22      1933 - 12/5/42                  Appt. Clerk of Superior Court of Cook County


Sperling, Jack I.                Alderman      50      1955 - 2/1/73                   Became Circuit Court Judge


Staszcuk, Casamir J.         Alderman      13      4/4/67 - 6/28/73                Resigned when convicted of mail fraud, extortion, and income tax evasion


Stemberk, Frank D.           Alderman      22      2/23/71 - ND


Stewart, Bennett M.         Alderman      21      2/23/71 - 1/14/79              Elected to U.S. House of Reps., 1st District


Stone, Bernard                 Alderman      50      7/3/73 - ND  


Streeter, Allan                  Alderman      17      2/11/81 - ND


Sulski, Robert J.               Alderman      32      1959 - 11/28/68?              Became a Circuit Court Judge


Sutton, David L.               Alderman      8        1931 - 1935


Swinarski, Donald T.         Alderman      12      2/28/67 - 11/72                 Elected to Ill. Senate, 25th Dist.


Terrell, Thomas J.             Alderman      29      1931 - 1939


Toman, John                    Alderman      34      1912 - 1923


                                                          23      1925 - 11/28/34                Elected Sheriff of Cook County


Tomasco, Alphonse           Alderman      28      2/26/63 - 12/16/64            Died


Tourek, George J.             Alderman      23      1947 - 1967






Name                              Office           Ward  Years                               Reason


Upton, Edward J.             Alderman      30      1935 - 1947


Volini, Marion Kennedy     Alderman      48      6/13/78 - ND


Vrdolyak, Edward R.         Alderman      10      2/23/71 - ND


Vyzral, Edward F.              Alderman      15      5-11-48 - 1951


Wagner, Clarence P.          Alderman      14      1943 - 7/10/53                  Died


Wall, John F.                    Alderman      11      1947 - 1951


Waller, James B.               Alderman      43      1943 - 1947                     Lost election


Walsh, Richard M.            Alderman      34      1939 - 12/27/45                Died


Washington, Jimmy L.       Alderman      28      2/23/71 - 6/9/80                Died


Weber, Alban                   Alderman      50      1947 - 1951


Weber, Charles H.             Alderman      45      1955 - 8/16/60                  Died


Weiland, Henry J.             Alderman      38      1933 - 1935


Wigoda, Paul T.                Alderman      19      11/3/59 - 10/10/74            Convicted of income tax evasion


Wilinski, Robert S.            Alderman      7        9/12/72 - 11/27/73            Ward redistributed. Did not seek reelection


                                                          7        4/1/75 - 4/16/79                Lost election


Willinston, George A.        Alderman      49      1930 - 1935 


Yaksic, Samuel                 Alderman      21      4/2/63 - 1967                   Lost election


Young, Bruce                   Alderman      44      4/3/79 - 9/2/80                 Resigned


Young, James F.               Alderman      46      5/6/36 - 1963


Zelezinski, Arthur V.          Alderman      12      12/1/53 0 12/4/66             Resigned


Zwiefka, Vincent S.          Alderman      33      1939 - 9/6/42                   Died


Zydlo, Stanley M.             Alderman      26      2/26/63 - 4/16/79              Did not seek reelection