Luis Kutner papers, 1916-1981, bulk 1950-1980.


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Title: Luis Kutner papers, 1916-1981, bulk 1950-1980.

Main entry: Kutner, Luis, 1908-1993

Inclusive dates: 1916-1981, bulk 1950-1980


59.5 linear feet

40 sound recordings.

6 sound cassettes.


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Summary description of the collection,

Description of some material related to the collection,

List of online catalog headings about the collection,

Arrangement of the collection,

Detailed description of archival series in the collection,

List of contents of the collection.


Biographical/historical note:

Luis Kutner, lawyer, author, lecturer, artist, entrepreneur, poet, athlete, and musician, was born in Chicago on June 9, 1908, the son of Paul Kutner, a house painter and decorator, and Ella Kutner. Kutner's religious background was Jewish, and he described his ancestry as "mixed French, English, Spanish, German, and Russian." An inveterate romantic, he liked to tell newspaper reporters that when his mother was a young Russian-Turkish girl she was kidnapped at the age of 11 and forced to become a dancing girl in the harem of a Turkish pasha. She was rescued from her captivity at age 15 by some Russian sailors who took her to the Crimea where she was protected by a young painter and opera student, Paul Kutner, whom she later married.


Reared in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood, Luis Kutner graduated from Lane Technical High School and attended the University of Chicago, but did not complete a degree. He worked his way through John Marshall Law School by his own account, playing piano at Big Jim Colosimo's Cafe. In 1930 Kutner graduated from law school and was admitted to the bar. He married Rose Kutner and, in the 1940s, two children were born to them, a daughter, Rima Joy, and a son, Christopher. The Kutners resided for many years in Evanston, Illinois.


During most of his career as an attorney, Kutner was in general practice, making his living from real estate legal work, wills, divorces, personal injury suits, and tax and finance cases, but also taking on many indigent defendants in criminal cases. He traces his one-man crusade against unjust incarceration to his own experience as a young boy. Caught fishing illegally in Humboldt Park (or Garfield Park) at age 12 (or 10)--the details vary depending on when he told the story--Kutner was clapped into a jail cell and forgotten for a weekend. Later, as a practicing attorney, he undertook a large number of defenses of persons protesting unjust imprisonment, first in Chicago and other parts of Illinois, and eventually on an international scale as the originator (and virtually sole practitioner) of his concept of "world habeas corpus."


Kutner was active in Cook County Democratic politics in the 1930s. In 1928, prior to completing his law degree, he had served as secretary to Superior Court Judge Frank Comerford. Eventually he came to the attention of Mayor Anton Cermak, who, according to Kutner, asked him to establish the Young People's Democratic League and to campaign for Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidential candidacy in 1932. Kutner's political aspirations apparently ended in 1936 when he was defeated in a bid for the U.S. Representative seat in the 7th Illinois Congressional District.


His experiences as a youth on the fringes of the Chicago mob (see "My Life with Capone," box 53) and as a court reporter for the Chicago Crime Commission from 1927-1928 gave Kutner unusual insights in to the working of organized crime in Chicago. Kutner claimed credit as the instigator of the Kefauver Crime Committee, 1950-1951. He also alleged that he had been a target of the killers of Police Captain William Drury, who was murdered September 25, 1950, as he was preparing to testify before the Kefauver Committee.


Kutner constantly sought financial and moral support from the famous for his numerous causes and ventures. He actively sought publicity for these undertakings and delighted in receiving mention in Irv Kupcinet's widely read gossip column in the Chicago Sun-Times and in other publications. A charming, energetic, self-confident person, Kutner also fancied himself a romantic--as seen, for example, in his correspondence with Dotty Stern (in box 10) and in his fiction writings in the collection, which contain thinly disguised accounts of his love life (see "The Dust of Love" by Alycia Conquest, a pseudonym for Kutner).


Kutner established the Commission for International Due Process of Law in 1955, to extend the application of international law to individuals after becoming dissatisfied with the United Nations and the World Court as vehicles for "world habeas corpus." The Commission was incorporated in 1970. Kutner's concept of "world habeas corpus" involved the use of writs and petitions on behalf of political prisoners held without due process by governments throughout the world. He claimed to have conceived the idea in 1931 as a means of rescuing European Jews from the Nazis, but apparently did not attempt to apply it until 1951, when he filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on behalf of an American journalist imprisoned in Czechoslovakia. In 1967, he filed a writ to prevent the extradition of former Congolese premier Moïse Tshombe from Algeria. In the 1970s, he filed petitions for Soviet Jews prevented from emigrating and for Irish political prisoners in Ulster.


In 1978, Kutner started an organization to speak for the rights of elderly victims of violent crimes, the Senior Citizens Crime Commission. As head of the SCCC, he was appointed by Jane M. Byrne to her transition team when she was elected Mayor of Chicago in 1979. Kutner quickly became disenchanted with Byrne and resigned from her administration.


Still healthy and active in 1982 at the age of 74 Kutner continued to pursue a broad range of interests. Over the last forty years or more, he wrote numerous unpublished novels, published poetry and songs, and, in the 1970s, had his own publishing company, Bardian House Publishers. Using a unique mixture of oil paint and vinegar, Kutner also created original oil paintings and exhibited them in a number of shows.


Kutner promoted a wide range of business ideas over the years, most of which probably never came to fruition. His most interesting business ideas include story lines for television series and scripts for Broadway musicals; a fast-food chain for the hippie generation of 1969, called "Alice's Restaurant" after the Arlo Guthrie movie of that title (mentioned in box 10); and production of jojoba oil from the Mexican jojoba plant, which he believed had the potential to help "Save the Whales" by providing a commercially viable substitute for whale oil.


The diversity of his multiple endeavors and the energy with which he pursued them lends some credence to the description of Luis Kutner as a Renaissance man, the "Da Vinci of the legal profession." Mr. Kutner died on March 1, 1993.


Summary description of the collection:

Correspondence; news clipping scrapbooks; manuscripts of legal articles, fiction, poetry, short stories; some legal and business records; and sound recordings of radio interviews of Luis Kutner, a lawyer who became involved in public-interest lawsuits and other high-profile cases in Chicago and in national and international affairs; and an author whose writings ranged from philosophy and legal theory to poetry, fictionalized accounts of his love life, and reminiscences of playing piano in a mob hangout during his youth. Topics in the collection vary widely and include international law, civil liberties, the entertainment industry, publishing, creative writing, organized crime and criminals, politics--both local and national, racism and anti-Semitism, religion, and old age.


The collection includes background research on Ku Klux Klan influence in the Waukegan (Ill.) area in the 1920s and Kutner's 1949 success in winning freedom for James Montgomery, an African American who spent decades in prison; newsclippings on Frank Costello, files on the Kefauver hearings on organized crime and the murder of Chicago investigator William J. Drury in the 1950s, plus later newsclippings on Allen Dorfman; files on the failure of the Tucker automobile manufacturing company, in which Kutner was an investor; files on the defense of Dr. Sam Sheppard, in collaboration with his lawyer F. Lee Bailey; lawsuits against the harsh policies of Warden Joseph E. Ragen of Joliet penitentiary; writings on psychologist William Alanson White's theories on violence and their applicability to international conflict; and Kutner's elaboration of the concept of world habeas corpus and efforts to use it in defense of persons imprisoned in foreign countries and to resolve international conflicts through tribunals rather than war.


Additional materials include files on Kutner's work with Julius Klein to defend Thomas Dodd of Connecticut when he was censured by the U.S. Senate; Kutner's legal representation of Ellen Borden Stevenson, ex-wife of Adlai Stevenson II; Kutner's promotion of jojoba oil as a substitute for whale oil; lawsuits against makers of The Sting (motion picture) and in support of author William T. Brannon for his writings on Yellow Kid Weil's scams as a con man; legal wrangling over the Neo-Nazi march in Skokie (Ill.) in the 1970s; promotion of the Senior Citizens Crime Commission, Kutner's anti-crime organization for the protection of older people; Kutner's support for and then opposition to Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne; Kutner's company Bardian House Publishers and Kutner's other projects to publish his own works, such as The Trialle of William Shakespeare, a play, and works by other authors; and files on Mother's Remedies Corporation, an old patent medicine company that Kutner owned briefly before it closed.


Description of some material related to the collection:

Related materials at Chicago History Museum, Research Center, include visual items transferred to the Prints & Photographs Collection, including 2 videocassettes on "The Dionne Years," which was a BBC production about the commercial promotion of the Dionne quintuplets in the 1930s, in which Kutner was involved; and about a dozen photographs, including one of Kutner with a number of other men and one of a movie being shot outside Riccardo's Restaurant, 437 N. Rush, Chicago. This material is closed until processed. There also are poetry and non-fiction writings by Kutner cataloged separately.


The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace (at Stanford University) holds a large collection of Louis Kutner papers, much of which is related to the World Habeas Corpus Commission.


List of online catalog headings about the collection:

The following headings about the collection were placed in the online catalog.


Kutner, Luis, 1908-1993--Archives.

Bailey, F. Lee (Francis Lee), 1933-

Byrne, Jane, 1933-

Capone, Al, 1899-1947.

Comerford, Frank D., 1879-1929.

Costello, Frank, 1891-1973.

Dodd, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph), 1907-1971.

Dorfman, Allen M., 1923-1983.

Drury, William, d. 1950.

Gandhi, Indira, 1917-1984.

Klein, Julius, 1901-1984.

Loos, Anita, 1893-1981.

Montgomery, James, b. 1893.

Ragen, Joseph E,

Sheppard, Sam.

Stevenson, Ellen Borden.

Tucker, Preston, 1903-1956.

Weil, J. R. (Joseph R.)

White, William A. (William Alanson), 1870-1937.

Bardian House Publishers (Chicago, Ill.)

Commission for International Due Process of Law.

Illinois State Penitentiary (Joliet, Ill.)

Mother's Remedies Corporation.

Senior Citizens Crime Commission.

United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce.

World Habeas Corpus Commission.

Actions and defenses--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Authors, American--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Authors and publishers--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Automobile industry and trade--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Civil rights.

Crime and criminals--Illinois--20th century.

Demonstrations--Illinois--Skokie--20th century.

Dionne quintuplets.

Due process of law.

Habeas corpus (International law)

International law.

Jews--Illinois--Skokie--20th century.

Ku Klux Klan (1915- )--Illinois--Waukegan.

Lawyers--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Musicians--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Neo-Nazis--Illinois--Skokie--20th century.

Older people--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Organized crime--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Poets, American--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Prison wardens--Illinois--Joliet--20th century.

Prisoners--Illinois--Joliet--20th century.

Promoters--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Prosecutorial misconduct--Illinois--Waukegan--20th century.

Publishers and publishing--Illinois--Chicago--20th century.

Sting (Motion picture)

Tucker automobile.

Chicago (Ill.)--Politics and government--20th century.

Waukegan (Ill.)--Social conditions--20th century.






Briefs (Legal)




Manuscripts for publication.




Added entries:

Brannon, W. T. (William T.)

Dodd, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph), 1907-1971.

Fairbanks, Douglas, 1909-2000.

Klein, Julius, 1901-1984.

Kupcinet, Irv.

Olivier, Laurence, 1907-1989.

Sheppard, Sam.

Stevenson, Ellen Borden.

Tucker, Preston, 1903-1956.

Bardian House Publishers (Chicago, Ill.)

Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America.

Mother's Remedies Corporation.

United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce.

United States--Illinois--Cook County--Chicago.


Arrangement of the collection:

Series 1. Biographical files, 1926-1981 (box 1-10 & audio)

Subseries 1. Correspondence and newsclippings, 1926-1981

Subseries 2. Topical correspondence and newsclippings, 1947-1980

Subseries 3. Audio recordings, 1961-1980 (audio box 1-2)

Series 2. Business files, 1949-1980 (box 10-20)

Series 3. Client and case files, 1928-1980 (box 20-45)

Series 4. Writings (box 45-66)

Subseries 1. Non-fiction.

Subseries 2. Fiction.


Detailed description of archival series in the collection:

Series 1. Biographical files, 1926-1981 (box 1-10 & audio)

Series 1 documents broadly the spectrum of Luis Kutner's interests and activities, from the rights of the fetus to the rights of the aged, from the criminal to the sublime, and from the depths of the sea to outer space.


It is divided into three subseries, each arranged alphabetically and defined by the types of materials it contains:

Subseries 1. Correspondence and newsclippings, 1926-1981

Subseries 2. Topical correspondence and newsclippings, 1947-1980

Subseries 3. Audio recordings, 1961-1980


Subseries 1. Correspondence and newsclippings, 1926-1981, contains biographical materials such as vitas, newsclippings, and articles specifically about Luis Kutner and his family. Five clippings scrapbooks cover Kutner's career and life from 1928 to 1970. Information about other generations of Kutners is found in the Beatrice Kutner file, a non-relative researching Kutner genealogy; the Paul Kutner file, which contains the will and union dues books of Luis Kutner's father; and the Rima Kutner file, which documents his daughter's aspirations as an actress and model.


Subseries 2, Topical correspondence and newsclippings, 1947-1980, represents a diverse group of correspondence and newsclippings files, arranged alphabetically by title. It touches on the full range of Kutner's involvements, from politics to poetry. The largest body of materials on a single topic pertains to the Senior Citizens Crime Commission (box 5-9), which consists mainly of appeals to foundations and to prominent individuals for donations to implement Kutner's vision of the SCCC as an effective organization to protect the elderly from violent crime.


As head of the SCCC, Kutner was appointed by Jane M. Byrne to her transition team when she was elected Mayor of Chicago in 1979 (box 7-8). Kutner quickly became disenchanted with Byrne and resigned from her administration. His version of the experience is presented in a manuscript entitled "Blunderbuss, or The Duchess of Deception (Chicago's Heart Byrne)" (in box 16). More anti-Byrne material is in the Coalition to Save Chicago file in box 3.


A second major body of materials consists of scrapbooks of newsclippings related to organized crime in Chicago and to the Chicago hearings of the Kefauver Crime Committee, officially entitled the Senate Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce, conducted by Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee in 1950-1951. scrapbook 7, "Frank Costello," scrapbook 8, "Crime Clippings, 1947-50," and scrapbooks 9-15, "Kefauver Crime Committee, 1950-54" provide information on the background and impact of the Kefauver Committee hearings in Chicago. (See also scrapbooks 20-21, on the William Drury, murdered investigator).


Also of interest in Subseries 2 are files dating from the 1930s (box 10) on the William Alanson White Foundation's Chicago support group, the Human Relations Association of Chicago. Luis Kutner served as finance counsel for this group, which sought to disseminate the psychological theories of White, who had been the superintendent of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, the federal hospital for the mentally ill in Washington, D.C. White believed that psychological understanding could be applied beyond the clinic to control unconscious aggressive and destructive tendencies in political and industrial relations; he emphasized interpersonal relations as a discipline which could prevent social conflict and even war.


Subseries 3. Audio recordings, 1961-1980, consists of 19 reel and cassette sound recordings, chiefly of Kutner's appearances on radio broadcasts in Chicago in the 1960s. Also present are Mobius Production audition tapes for patriotic programs conceived by Kutner in the late 1970s.


Series 2. Business files, 1949-1980 (box 10-20)

Series 2 consists of files containing correspondence and some background materials related to various business ventures in which Kutner was involved. The largest groups of files relate to publishing: 1. Kutner's own company, Bardian House Publishers, 1973-1978 (box 10-12); and 2. Kutner's non-Bardian House publishing projects (box 16-20), consisting mainly of his attempts to find publishers for manuscripts written by himself and others.


Series 2. also contains the records of the Mother's Remedies Corporation, a Chicago-based direct mail patent medicine firm whose history dates from before World War I (box 14-15). Kutner acquired ownership of the firm in the 1950s and operated it for a few years before dissolving it.


Of special interest among the correspondence is the Neil Elliott file (box 17), in which Kutner is at his most candid. Also noteworthy is the Sir Laurence Olivier letter (box 19), a charming exception to the usually polite and perfunctory letters Kutner received from the celebrities whom he tried to enlist in behalf of his causes and projects.


Series 3. Client and case files, 1928-1980 (box 20-45)

Series 3. contains a few briefs and other legal documents, but consists mainly of correspondence and clippings related to legal cases in which Kutner was either an attorney or a litigant. The files are arranged in alphabetical order and represent a number of fascinating cases.


In 1957 Kutner represented the plaintiffs in Greene vs. the Art Institute of Chicago, a suit concerning the administration of the Ferguson Fund for public sculpture. The Art Institute, as trustee of the fund, had applied its revenues to the construction of an addition to its own building (box 21).


In 1966 and 1967 Kutner offered legal advice to U.S. Senator Thomas J. Dodd (Connecticut) in his battle to defend himself from accusations raised by former staff members that he had misused campaign contributions. Dodd was censured by the Senate in 1967. He and Kutner subsequently had a falling out after Kutner sent him a bill for legal services (box 26-30). Of special interest is correspondence and related materials on the role of General Julius Klein in the Dodd case (box 27-28).


In the late 1970s, Kutner represented the Jewish War Veterans in their attempt to prevent the American Nazi Party from marching in the Chicago suburb of Skokie, which had a large Jewish population (box 33-38). The materials consist mainly of court transcripts, newsclippings, and other background information.


Luis Kutner was rightfully proud of his role in freeing James Montgomery, a black man falsely accused in 1923 of raping a white woman in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois, after Montgomery had served 26 years in prison (box 40-41). Background materials for the Montgomery case include information on the power and influence of the Ku Klux Klan in Waukegan in the 1920s.


In the early 1960s, Kutner was also involved as a legal advisor in the effort to gain the release from prison of Dr. Sam Sheppard, a Cleveland, Ohio, osteopath convicted of murdering his pregnant wife in 1954. The file contains correspondence from Sheppard's attorney, F. Lee Bailey. When Bailey won Sheppard's acquittal in a retrial of his case in 1966, Bailey established his reputation as one of the country's foremost trial lawyers.


Kutner served as an unpaid legal advisor to Adlai E. Stevenson II's divorced wife, Ellen Borden Stevenson, in the 1960s during an attempt by her three sons and her mother to have Mrs. Stevenson declared incompetent to manage her own affairs (box 43-44).


Kutner was one of the original litigants against Preston T. Tucker, designer of a rear-engine automobile in the late 1940s. Despite extensive promotion and the franchising of dealerships, only a few Tucker automobiles were manufactured and delivered to dealers and customers. Tucker, after being found innocent of intent to defraud, counter sued Kutner for malicious prosecution (box 44 and scrapbooks 25-27).


Other interesting cases concern: the credit policies of Sears, Roebuck and Co., which in the 1960s issued unsolicited credit cards without explaining the terms under which they were to be used (box 42); the suit brought by writer William T. Brannon against the stars (including Paul Newman and Robert Redford) and producers of a movie, "The Sting," whom he accused of plagiarizing his magazine article and other writings on "Yellow Kid" Weil (box 22-25); and the suit of Bruno Austin, prisoner, against Joseph Ragen, State Superintendent of Prisons and Warden of the Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet, relative to conditions in the penitentiary (box 22, scrapbook 18).


Series 4. Writings (box 45-66)

Series 4 contains published and unpublished manuscripts, arranged alphabetically by title, from Luis Kutner's prolific pen. The manuscripts are divided into non-fiction (subseries 1) and fiction (subseries 2). The non-fiction writings are mainly on subjects--such as legal history, civil liberties, and undersea and extra-terrestrial law--related to Kutner's concept of "creative" law, i.e., law as a pioneering and socially innovative activity. Some of his legal historical writings include: "Aristotle, Aquinas and Kant on Human Rights," "Abraham Lincoln--Almost Impeached," and "Geoffrey Chaucer, Law-Giver." Many of Kutner's writings were related to issues of the day, such as the student rebellions of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the debate over women's rights and abortion in the 1970s, the movements to impeach President Nixon in 1973-74 and Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas in 1970.


Some of Kutner's legal writing are in manuscript, but many, perhaps most, of these writings were published in various law school reviews. Offprints of articles not listed individually are filed by title under miscellaneous categories for some letters of the alphabet and for World Habeas Corpus.


Although Kutner's World Habeas Corpus files (approximately 47 linear ft.) were transferred from the Chicago Historical Society to the Hoover Institute on War, Revolution, and Peace in Palo Alto, California, in 1982, the collection remaining at Chicago Historical Society/Chicago History Museum contains many references to world habeas corpus, the Commission for the International Due Process of Law, and related activities. This material is found in the topical correspondence files, series 2; in a world habeas corpus information folder (box 10), and in Kutner's numerous writings on the topic (box 45-48).


Subseries 2. Fiction is arranged alphabetically by title and includes novels, screenplays, songs and musical comedies, poetry, newspaper advice columns, published under a variety of pseudonyms, which he believed were necessary in order to protect his reputation as an attorney. Some of his pseudonyms include Tony Raymond, Flavius, Alycia Conquest, Cellini, Allen Crane, and Guy Strong.


The line between his fiction and his non-fiction works is not easily drawn. For example, "The Duster" is a fictionalized version of "My Life with Capone." In "Madame Mayor," and "Madame President," which he wrote in the 1930s, Kutner claimed to be an early prophet and advocate of the rise of women to high elective office in the United States, though in "The Virtuous Tyrant," a psychological play about Indira Gandhi, and in his essay on Jane Byrne, "Blunderbuss, or The Duchess of Deception (Chicago's Heart Byrne)," he was highly critical of the ruthless exercise of political power by women.


List of contents of the collection:

Series 1. Biographical files, 1926-1981 (box 1-10 & audio):

Subseries 1. Correspondence and newsclippings, 1926-1981:

box 1


A         Information folder

1          Kutner, Beatrice (re. Kutner genealogy), 1968-1970

2          Kutner, Luis: biographical sketches, vitae, bibliographies

3          Kutner, Luis: biographical article by William T. Brennan for True Crime

4-9       Kutner, Luis: correspondence, 1940-1979 & undated

10        Kutner, Luis: judicial appointment proposal, 1966

Kutner, Luis: newsclippings, scrapbook 1, 1928-1958 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kutner, Luis: newsclippings, scrapbook 2, 1935-1954 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kutner, Luis: newsclippings, scrapbook 3, 1948-1950 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kutner, Luis: newsclippings, scrapbook 4, 1957-1964 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kutner, Luis: newsclippings, scrapbook 5, 1959-1970, 1977 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 1 - continued:


11-12   Kutner, Luis: newsclippings and articles, 1948-1981


box 2


1-6       Kutner, Luis: newsclippings and articles, 1976-1981

7          Kutner, Luis: paintings

8          Kutner, Paul, will, 1926 and union dues books, 1930s

9          Kutner, Rima, 1968-1970

10        World Habeas Corpus information file, 1963-1975


Series 1. Biographical files, 1926-1981 (box 1-10 & audio) - continued

Subseries 2. Topical correspondence and newsclippings, 1947-1980:

Reviews of The Admiral, Kutner's biography of Adm. George Dewey in scrapbook 6 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 3


1          American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts, 1969

2          "America's First Family" award, 1954

3          Ashe, Lou and Belli, Melvin, 1970-1977

4          "At Random" Irv Kupcinet Show, 1961

5          Berg, Jack

6          Bramah, Commander Ken, 1955-1971

7          City News Bureau, 1972-1978

8          Coalition to Save Chicago (anti-Mayor Jane Byrne), 1979-1980

9          Commission for International Due Process of Law, 1970

Costello, Frank, 1949-1952: newsclippings scrapbook 7 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Crime clippings, 1947-1950: scrapbook 8 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 3 - continued


10        Dewey, Admiral George, correspondence re. sale of letters written by Dewey, 1963

11        Douglas, Senator Paul H., 1964-1966

12        Douglas, Justice William O., 1970-1980

13        Evans, Charles "Chick"

14        Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr., 1971-1975

15        Feather, Bryant, in re. Chicago State College

16        Gordon, Lou, in re. campaign to rename Lane Tech Stadium, 1976-1977


box 4


1          Gorman, James, New York Civil Liberties Program, 1971

2          Gray Panthers, Third Age Party, 1976-1977

3          Korshak, Sidney; See also: Wilder, Billy

Kefauver, Estes; Kefauver Crime Committee [abbreviated "Kefauver" in this list]:

Kefauver newsclippings, scrapbook 9, 1950 Jan. 22-July [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kefauver newsclippings, scrapbook 10, 1950 July 6-Sept. 23 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kefauver newsclippings, scrapbook 11, 1950 Sept. 23-Dec. 10 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kefauver newsclippings, scrapbook 12, 1950 Oct. 5-1951 Jan. 8 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kefauver newsclippings, scrapbook 13, 1951 Jan. 8-Mar. 21 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kefauver newsclippings, scrapbook 14, 1951 Mar. 22-1952 May 23 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Kefauver newsclippings, scrapbook 15, 1952 May-1954 Dec. [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 4 - continued


4          Kefauver, 1963

5          Kunstler, William, Kutner's debate against, 1970

6          Kutner College, Hong Kong

7          Lens, Sidney, 1980

8          Leopold, Nathan: Ronald Martinetti's biography of

9          London letters of introduction, 1950

10        Oakland, Ben, 1949-1954

11        O'Malley, Patrick, 1973-1976

12        Paramount Pictures, 1949-1957

Poetry, reviews of Kutner's publications, in scrapbook 16 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 4 - continued


13        Pound, Roscoe, photocopy, 1957

14        Rafilson, Blanch Ager, 1971

15-18   Rosung, Ruth and Val, 1961-1964


box 5


1          Rothenberg, Leslie S., 1976-1978

Senior Citizens Crime Commission, 1978-1980 [abbreviated SSCC in this list]:

2          SSCC, 1978-1980: Ascher, Charles

3          SSCC, 1978-1980: Bass, Stanley A.

4          SSCC, 1978-1980: Benedict, Raymond

5          SSCC, 1978-1980: Better Business Bureau

6          SSCC, 1978-1980: board of directors of SCCC

7          SSCC, 1978-1980: B topics, general

8          SSCC, 1978-1980: Carter, President Jimmy

9          SSCC, 1978-1980: Chicago Community Trust

10        SSCC, 1978-1980: Committeemen, ward and township

11        SSCC, 1978-1980: Conyers, Representative John

12        SSCC, 1978-1980: Curtis, Don

13        SSCC, 1978-1980: C topics, general

14        SSCC, 1978-1980: Dieter. Richard

15        SSCC, 1978-1980: D topics, general

16        SSCC, 1978-1980: Eagleton. Senator Thomas F.

17        SSCC, 1978-1980: E topics, general

18        SSCC, 1978-1980: fund raising


box 6


1          SSCC, 1978-1980: fund raising

2          SSCC, 1978-1980: F topics, general

3          SSCC, 1978-1980: Goodwin, Nancy

4          SSCC, 1978-1980: grant applications, Administration on Aging, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration

5          SSCC, 1978-1980: Gray Panthers

6          SSCC, 1978-1980: H topics, general

7          SSCC, 1978-1980: Illinois Bell Telephone Co.

8          SSCC, 1978-1980: Illinois Law Enforcement Commission

9          SSCC, 1978-1980: Isaac, Lud

10        SSCC, 1978-1980: Jacobson, David M.

11        SSCC, 1978-1980: Jewel Foundation

12        SSCC, 1978-1980: Jordan, Hamilton


box 7


1          SSCC, 1978-1980: Kiwanis Clubs

2          SSCC, 1978-1980: K topics, general

3          SSCC, 1978-1980: labor unions

4          SSCC, 1978-1980: L topics, general

5          SSCC, 1978-1980: MacArthur Foundation

6          SSCC, 1978-1980: McDonald's; Dennis Detzel

SSCC, 1978-1980: Mayor Byrne's transition team [abbreviated SSCC/Mayor Byrne in this list]:

7          SSCC/Mayor Byrne: General

8          SSCC/Mayor Byrne: Chicago Citywide College

9          SSCC/Mayor Byrne: Department of Human Services

10        SSCC/Mayor Byrne: Eiseman, Herb

11        SSCC/Mayor Byrne: Hilger, Walter C.

12        SSCC/Mayor Byrne: Illinois Association of Senior Citizens

13        SSCC/Mayor Byrne: Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens & Handicapped


box 8


1          SSCC, 1978-1980: Morton, Mary

2          SSCC, 1978-1980: Mullenbach, Hugh J.

3          SSCC, 1978-1980: O'Shea, John "Some Thoughts on Senior Citizens"

4          SSCC, 1978-1980: Sorrentino, Anthony

5          SSCC, 1978-1980: Welch, Mary O.

6          SSCC, 1978-1980: Mitchell, Joanne

7          SSCC, 1978-1980: Morris, Norval, Dean, University of Chicago Law School

8          SSCC, 1978-1980: M topics, general

9          SSCC, 1978-1980: National Criminal Justice Reference Service, LEAA

10        SSCC, 1978-1980: National Victim/Witness Strategy, LEAA

11        SSCC, 1978-1980: O'Connell, Daniel, Chicago Cook County Criminal Justice Commission

12        SSCC, 1978-1980: O topics, general

13        SSCC, 1978-1980: Percy, Senator Charles H.

14        SSCC, 1978-1980: Petitions, endorsements of SCCC

15        SSCC, 1978-1980: P topics, general


box 9


1          SSCC, 1978-1980: Radisson Chicago Hotel, Richard Ginder

2          SSCC, 1978-1980: Rejections for funding

3          SSCC, 1978-1980: Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

4          SSCC, 1978-1980: Senior Citizens Non-Partisan Political Federation

5          SSCC, 1978-1980: Senior clubs

6          SSCC, 1978-1980: Simpson, Dick

7          SSCC, 1978-1980: S topics, general

8          SSCC, 1978-1980: Thompson, Governor James R.

9          SSCC, 1978-1980: Thompson, Mary Louise

10        SSCC, 1978-1980: T-Z topics, general

11        SSCC, 1978-1980: Miscellaneous

12        "Service to Humanity" award proposal

13        Siegal, Max, 1969-1972

14        Stephenson, David C., 1940


box 10


1          Stephenson, David C.

2          Stern, Dotty and Lillibet, 1973

3          Taxis: Jane Byrne and Edward M. Burke, 1976

Unions, 1954-1957, scrapbook 17 [oversized pkg. on shelf]

4-5       White, William Alanson: foundation's Chicago support group, Human Relations Association of Chicago, 1938-1939

6          Wilder, Billy, 1966-1972

7          Wright, Louise (Mrs. Quincy), 1971

8          Youth crime, Kutner letter to Sun Times 1976

9          Zweibel, Arthur et al., 1971


Series 1. Biographical files, 1926-1981 (box 1-10 & audio) - continued

Subseries 3. Audio recordings. 1961-1980:

Audio-box 1 (0MM.155)


1          "Frankly speaking," Feb. 20, 1961 (1 reel)

2          "Pump Room Program," with Bob Elson, Oct. 19, 1961 (1 reel)

3          "Inquiry program #4: Are Americans Getting Soft?" with Luis Kutner & Carl Larson, WGN, Nov. 12, 1961 (1 reel)

4          "Bob Elson Show," Dec. 11, 1961 (1 reel)

5          "Pump Room Program" with Milo Hamilton, Jan. 1, 1963 (1 reel)

6          "Pump Room Show" with Dr. Andrew Ivy, Dec. 1, 1966 (1 reel)

7-10     Encyclopedia Britannica, Louis Kutner interviews:

            Celeste Holm, July 14, 1968 (1 reel)

            Dr. Andrew Ivy, Sept. 11, 1968 (1 reel)

            Dr. Edward I. Sparling, Sept. 11, 1968 (1 reel)

            Virginia Graham, undated (1reel)

11-14   Jack Eigen broadcast, WMAQ Radio, Oct. 31, 1971 (4 reels)


Audio-box 2 (0MM.155)


15        Dr. Bradley, Dr. Kutner, Prof. Chambers, Mr. Roche, M. E. Shaw. Jan. 17, 1976 (1 cassette)

16        "The Liberty Series" with Luis Kutner; audition tape by Mobius Productions, 1980 (1 cassette)

17        "The Blue and the Grey" Mobius Productions, undated (1 cassette)

18        Luis Kutner, "Human Potential," undated (1 reel)

19        Luis Kutner on UNICEF, undated (1 reel)

20-23   The Trialle of William Shakespeare (4 reels )


Audio-box 3 (0MM.155)

14 reels


Audio-box 4 (0MM.155)

14 reels

2 cassettes


Series 2. Business files, 1949-1980 (box 10-20):

box 10 continued


10        Alice's Restaurant, fast food restaurant for the hippie generation, 1969

Bardian House Publishers [abbreviated: "Bardian House" in this list]:

11        Bardian House: authors & subjects: Aging

12        Bardian House: authors & subjects: Authors, articles about, 1972-1973

13        Bardian House: authors & subjects: Black, Edwin, 1973

14        Bardian House: authors & subjects: Hyer, Julien C., 1974


box 11


1          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Inquiries to potential authors, including Moshe Dayan, Eleanor McGovern, Harold Hughes, etc., 1973

2          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Loeb, Hohn H., Jr., 1973-1974

3          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Peterson, David A., M.D.

4          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Rarick, Congressman John R., 1973

5          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Serkin, Rudolf, 1973

6          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Smith, Senator Margaret Chase, 1973

7          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Stern, Lillibet, 1978

8          Bardian House: authors & subjects: Trigere, Pauline, 1973

9          Bardian House: contracts: Authors Guild, 1972-1973

10        Bardian House: contracts: Black, Edwin and Robert Tamarkin

11        Bardian House: contracts: Dutton, E. P. & Co. distribution, 1972

12        Bardian House: contracts: Follet Publishing Co., Kroch's & Brentano's, 1976-1977

13        Bardian House: contracts: Kartman, Ben

14        Bardian House: Swallow Press: book orders, 1973-1977

15        Bardian House: Swallow Press: contract, 1973-1975

16        Bardian House: Swallow Press: correspondence in re. lawsuit, current bills, 1974-1976

17        Bardian House: Swallow Press: financial statement, 1972

18        Bardian House: Swallow Press: promotional literature, sample author's contract, 1973-1975

19        Bardian House: corporate tax records: charter, 1973

20        Bardian House: corporate tax records: corporate matters, 1973-1975

21        Bardian House: corporate tax records: Library of Congress

22        Bardian House: corporate tax records: releases, 1978


box 12


1          Bardian House: corporate tax records: sales & distributors

2          Bardian House: corporate tax records: taxes, 1973-1976

3          Cassette Campus of America, 1971

4-5       Cotton, Jack, 1950-1964

6-7       Elkins, Hillard, 1962-1964

8          The "Fun City" Company, Alexander Cohen Productions, 1971-1972

9          Heublin sale of 1890 vintage French wine

10        Jojoba Oil project, 1974-1976


box 13


1-3       Jojoba Oil project, 1974-1976

4          Kutner Fund (investment fund for widows)

5          Kutner inventions and promotions, 1953 & undated

6          Kutner, Luis: Professional Corporation, 1974

7-8       Loos, Anita, 1950-1954

9          McAuliffe, Robert E., "Gringo Padre"

10-11   McCloskey, Burr, 1973-1981

12        Mad-grams


box 14


1-2       Mad-grams

3          Mother's Remedies Corporation: corporate records

4          Mother's Remedies Corporation: income tax, 1951-1957

5          Mother's Remedies Corporation: correspondence, 1954-1956

6          Mother's Remedies Corporation: correspondence, 1959-1961

7          Mother's Remedies Corporation: correspondence, 1965

8          Mother's Remedies Corporation: advertising

9          Mother's Remedies Corporation: formulas of products

10        Mother's Remedies Corporation: sales & purchasing materials

11        Mother's Remedies Corporation: testimonials

12        Mother's Remedies Corporation: legal matters: Tablet and Ticker vs. Mother's Remedies Corporation

13        Mother's Remedies Corporation: legal matters: Dr. Bernard J. Powell stock purchase

14        Mother's Remedies Corporation: legal matters: Mother's Remedies Corporation vs. Edison Chemical Co.

15        Mother's Remedies Corporation: legal matters: Bruce Sales Co. contracts

16        Mother's Remedies Corporation: legal matters: patent trademarks

17        Mother's Remedies Corporation: legal matters: corporation letterhead

18        Mother's Remedies Corporation: miscellaneous materials


box 15

Mother's Remedies Corporation: scrapbook of advertisements, form letters, sales materials, and premium catalogs, 1916-1948


box 16


            Publishing projects (non-Bardian House) [abbreviated "Publishing" in this list]:

1          Publishing: Abel, Dominic, 1976

2-3       Publishing: Bassiouni, M. Cherif, 1967-1976

4          Publishing: Bernstein, Sidney (Matthew Bender Publishers) 1971-1975

5          Publishing: Blodget, Otis (International Famous Agency), 1970

6-8       Publishing: "Blunderbuss, or The Duchess of Deception (Chicago's Heart Byrne)" book about Jane Byrne and Luis Kutner's role in her rise to power, 1979-1980

9          Publishing: Brandt, Barbara, 1953-1954

10        Publishing: Browne, Jane Jordon, 1979-1980

11        Publishing: Bruno, Al, 1970

12-14   Publishing: Commerce Clearing House, Charitable Trusts book, 1966-1974


box 17


1          Publishing: contracts, 1965-1970

2-3       Publishing: Conway/Weinstock Associates, 1971-1974

4-6       Publishing: Dodd, Mead, & Co.: How to Be a Wise Widow, 1964-1980

7          Publishing: Edwards, Chuck: Homer Lea, 1972

8          Publishing: Elliott, Neil, 1970-1981

9          Publishing: Epstein, Jason, Random House, 1970-1971

10        Publishing: Eriv, Harold, Foundation Press, 1976

11        Publishing: Essex, Harry, "Fatty,"

12        Publishing: Hawley, Dr. Wendel, Tyndale House, 1978

13        Publishing: Kogan, Herman, Sun-Times, 1969


box 18


1          Publishing: Kohner, Walter, 1973

2          Publishing: Landis, Sara, 1971-1976

3-11     Publishing: Law reviews, correspondence in re. Kutner manuscripts, 1967-1977

12        Publishing: Linen, James, Panex Publishers, 1976

13        Publishing: "Memory Green," 1953-1954

14        Publishing: Mental diets, 1954

15        Publishing: miscellaneous in re. Kutner writings, 1949-1955, 1972


box 19


1          Publishing: Mundy, Ruth, 1964-1970

2          Publishing: Munson, Gorham, 1954

3          Publishing: Oceana Publications, 1960, 1977-1978

4          Publishing: Ombudsman for Mankind mailing list and responses, 1970

5          Publishing: Orgyboy magazine

6          Publishing: "Pathways," 1955-1956

7          Publishing: Playworld Digest, 1979

8          Publishing: Random House, 1954-1955

9          Publishing: Roth, Ron, Columbia Pictures/TV, 1979-1980

10        Publishing: Saturday Evening Post, 1952-1955

11        Publishing: Simon, Judge Caroline K., 1970-1973

12        Publishing: Sperling, Milton, 1970-1976

13        Publishing: Temple University, Albert K. Wilkerson, 1970-1973

            Publishing: "The Trialle of William Shakespeare" [abbreviated "Shakespeare" in this list]:

14        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Braun, Zev, 1976

15        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Budget, 1974

16        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Dorsey, Lionel A., 1976-1977

17        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Elkins, Hillard, 1974-1975

18        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Kahn, Michael, American Shakespeare Theatre, 1975-1976

19        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Karlweiss, Ninon Tallon and Oscar, 1971-1972

20        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Marder, Louis, 1967-1974

21        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Olivier, Sir Laurence, 1970-1975

22        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Shakespeare, 1970-1975

23        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Shakespeare book reviews

24        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Shakespeare in Encyclopedia Britannica, 1976

25        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Shakespeare play funding, 1979-1980

26        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Shakespeare play production, 1973-1974

27        Publishing: "Shakespeare": Sherwood Productions, Philip Woolley, 1971-1972


box 20


1          Publishing: "Shakespeare": Stamm, Rudolf, 1979-1980

2          Publishing: "Shakespeare": Stewart-Goldman, International Creative Management, 1975

3          Publishing: "Shakespeare": Sutton, Stephen; Rand McNally, 1978

4-8       Publishing: "Shakespeare": "The Trialle of William Shakespeare," 1975-1980

9          Publishing: TV documentary on World Habeas Corpus, 1965-1975

10        Publishing: TV program proposals, 1960 & undated

11        Publishing: University of Miami Press, 1976

12        Publishing: University Press, Washington, D.C.

13        Publishing: Whittingham, Richard, Martial Justice review, 1971-1972

14        Roosevelt, Elliott, Jr., Prudential Minerals, 1970-1971

15        Stone, W. Clement Foundation, requests for funds, 1970


Series 3. Client and case files, 1928-1980 (box 20-45):

box 20 continued


16        Abrams, Dr. Irving, 1975

17        Adler, Lawrence Cecil, 1978-1979


box 21


1          Adler, Lawrence Cecil, 1978-1979

2          Adler, Dr. Mortimer, 1978

3-4       Art Institute of Chicago re. Ferguson Fund, Greene vs. Art Institute, 1957-1962

5          Apollo Savings, 1971-1972


box 22


1-2       Austin, Bruno vs. Ragen, Stateville Correctional Center, Joliet

Austin, Bruno vs. Ragen, Stateville Correctional Center, Joliet, 1944-1948, scrapbook 18 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 22 - continued


3          Berton, Pierre, re. Dionne Quintuplets, 1976

4          Blizzard, Larry A., 1971

Boyd, Raymond, 1947-1948, scrapbook 19 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 22 - continued


Brannon, William T. vs. Paul Newman et al.,1976, re. motion picture, "The Sting," alleging it was based on Brannon's writings about "Yellow Kid" Weil [abbreviated as "Brannon, The Sting" in this list]

5-6       Brannon, The Sting: general


box 23


1-5       Brannon, The Sting: general


box 24


1          Brannon, The Sting: general

2          Brannon, The Sting: correspondence 1959-1969 (including letter from J. Edgar Hoover)

3          Brannon, The Sting: Pleadings Book I


box 25


1          Brannon, The Sting: Pleadings Book II

2          Brannon, The Sting: Brannon-Kutner Indemnity Trust, 1976

3          Brannon, The Sting: Jim Clement re. "The Sting"

4          Carey, Clarence & Jeanne, suit against Chicago Teachers Union, 1978

5          Carrol, Lisa

6          Class action suits: miscellaneous

7          Class action suits: Penn Central Railroad


box 26


1          Class action suits: David Berger

2          Colson, John Calvin, re. firing as Northern Illinois University professor, 1980

            Dodd, Senator Thomas J. [abbreviated "Dodd" in this list]:

3          Dodd: article re lobbying and conflict of interest, by Abner Mikva

4          Dodd: article on legal and economic concepts of income, by Joseph P. Crockett

5          Dodd: biography of Senator Dodd

6          Dodd: Buckley, William F, Jr., "Firing Line" program on Senator Dodd and General Klein, July 17 1966

7          Dodd: Buckley, William F, Jr., National Review article on Senator Dodd, May 16, 1967

8          Dodd: commentaries: Javits, Senator Jacob

9          Dodd: commentaries: Long, Senator Russell

10        Dodd: commentaries: McCarthy, Senator Eugene

11        Dodd: commentaries: Young, Senator Stephen

12-13   Dodd: Congressional investigatory powers

14        Dodd: correspondence and newsclippings

15-16   Dodd: credibility of witnesses


box 27


1          Dodd: credibility of witnesses

2          Dodd: first census resolution

3          Dodd: formal complaint to the U.S. attorney by Senator Dodd

4-5       Dodd: insurance industry

6          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: Affidavit and statement

7          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: biography and testimonial

8          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: Committee to expunge censure of Senator Dodd

9-11     Dodd: Klein, General Julius: communications and newsclippings

12        Dodd: Klein, General Julius: Duggan, Tom radio show, Mar. 31, 1967

13        Dodd: Klein, General Julius: Fulbright, Senator William, hearings on foreign agents


box 28


1          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: Javits, Ben

2          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: newsclippings

3          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: Shaw, Arnold F.

4          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: tax case of Governor William G. Stratton

5          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: Time magazine essay on congressional ethics, Mar. 31, 1967

6          Dodd: Klein, General Julius: verified petition

7          Dodd: Kroll, Lucy: "We Find No Fault," the ordeal of Senator Thomas J. Dodd

8-12     Dodd: Kutner vs. Dodd on repayment of fees for legal services, 1968


box 29


1          Dodd: Martin, David

2-5       Dodd: memoranda

6          Dodd: National Committee for Justice for Dodd

7-10     Dodd: newsclippings


box 30


1-2       Dodd: Pearson-Anderson columns

3          Dodd: precedents: Long, Senator Edward

4          Dodd: precedents: Powell, Congressman Adam Clayton

5          Dodd: precedents: previous censures of senators

6          Dodd: precedents: Sourwine, J. G.

7-8       Dodd: privacy

9          Dodd: Senate hearings transcripts

10        Dorfman, Allen M. vs. James Thompson (U.S. Attorney, District of Illinois)


box 31


1-5       Dorfman, Allen M. vs. James Thompson (U.S. Attorney, District of Illinois)


box 32


1          Dorfman, Allen M. vs. James Thompson (U.S. Attorney, District of Illinois)

Drury, William, murdered investigator: scrapbook 20, 1938 May, 10-1950 Sept. 26 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Drury, William, murdered investigator: scrapbook 21, 1950 Sept. 26-1951 Sept. [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 32 - continued


2          Dunn, Benny, re. mother's injury in John Hancock Center

3          Egan, Paul

4          Greco, Michael, re. adoption

5          Halasy, Kate Newman vs. Estate of Fritz Thyssen


box 33


1-2       Halasy, Kate Newman vs. Estate of Fritz Thyssen

3          Jackson, Robert

4-6       Jewish War Veterans vs. American Nazi Party march in Skokie, transcripts and background materials


box 34

Jewish War Veterans vs. American Nazi Party march in Skokie, transcripts and background materials


box 35

Jewish War Veterans vs. American Nazi Party march in Skokie, transcripts and background materials


box 36

Jewish War Veterans vs. American Nazi Party march in Skokie, transcripts and background materials


box 37

Jewish War Veterans vs. American Nazi Party march in Skokie, transcripts and background materials


box 38

Jewish War Veterans vs. American Nazi Party march in Skokie, transcripts and background materials


box 39


1          Keeler, Harry Stephen

2          Kerner, Otto; Kerner vs. Everett, Everett vs. Gulf & Western

3          Krebiozen case, background material and complaint, 1965

4          Kutner vs. Commission of Internal Revenue, 1956

5-10     Kutner vs. P.J. Cullerton, 1970


box 40


1          Lees (Ida) Foundation, 1976 See also Series 3: Dotty Stern

2          Maazel, Marvin, correspondence, 1968-1977

3          Maciejczak, Jeannine

4          Mervis, Myra vs. Charles Swibel et al.

5          Montgomery, James, case background materials, Waukegan, Ill.

6-9       Montgomery, James, vs. State of Illinois; Waukegan, Ill.


box 41


1-6       Montgomery, James, vs. State of Illinois; Waukegan, Ill.

Montgomery, James, vs. Illinois, 1949; Waukegan: scrapbook 22 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 42


1          Pound, Ezra correspondence, some from Ellen Borden Stevenson, 1956-1971

Rosenthal vs. Merchandise National Bank, 1948: scrapbook 23 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 42 - continued


2-5       Scott, William J., correspondence and legal documents, 1976-1978

6          Sears Roebuck: Stephen Flanagan et al. vs. Sears Roebuck


box 43


1          Sheppard, Dr. Sam, corres. including F. Lee Bailey & Dr. Stephen Sheppard & clippings, 1961-1966

Siegal et al. vs. Warden Ragen, Stateville Correctional Center, 1948-1951: scrapbook 24 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 43 - continued:


2          Soderberg, Elinor Richey, Hyde Park Herald defamation case, 1963

3          Stevenson, Ellen Borden: accounting of funds, personal property & investments, 1928-1949

4          Stevenson, Ellen Borden: accounting of funds, personal property & investments, 1949-1964

5-8       Stevenson, Ellen Borden: general

9          Stevenson, Ellen Borden: McMullen, Jay, vs. Plaza Digest Inc.

10        Stevenson, Ellen Borden: Stevenson, Ellen Borden vs. Adlai E. Stevenson


box 44


1          Stevenson, Ellen Borden: Stevenson, Ellen Borden vs. Adlai E. Stevenson

2          Theatre Tax Exemption case

3          Tucker, Preston T. vs. Otto Kerner Jr., et al., 1950

Tucker, Preston, & Tucker Corporation, 1946-195: scrapbooks 25 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Tucker, Preston, & Tucker Corporation, 1946-1951: scrapbooks 26 [oversize pkg. on shelf]

Tucker, Preston, & Tucker Corporation, 1946-1951: scrapbooks 27 [oversize pkg. on shelf]


box 44- continued


4          Valdez, Remy vs. St. Joseph's Hospital: appeal

5          Valdez, Remy vs. St. Joseph's Hospital: complaints and summons

6          Valdez, Remy vs. St. Joseph's Hospital: correspondence

7-8       Valdez, Remy vs. St. Joseph's Hospital: legal research


box 45


1          Valdez, Remy vs. St. Joseph's Hospital: pleadings and orders

2          Ware, Mitchell


Series 4. Writings (box 45-66):

Subseries 1. Non-fiction:

box 45 - continued


3          Abraham Lincoln, Almost Impeached

4          Advise and Dissent: Due Process of the Senate

5          American Nazi Rockwell and the Jews of America

6          America's Destiny and Small Business

7          Amnesty

8          Aristotle, Aquinas and Kant on Human Rights

9          An Arrogant Democracy

10        The Art of the Advocate book review

11        C titles, miscellaneous

12        Cannibalism: A Legal Lacuna


box 46


1          The Cavalcade of America

2          The Challenge to Small Business

3          The Commission for International Due Process of Law

4          Compelled Testimony, Immunity: Charade for Perjury

5          Concept Therapy, Self Discovery for Peace of Mind through Self Motivation

6          The Concrete Utility of World Habeas Corpus

7          Constructive Notice: A Proposal to End International Terrorism

8          Controlling the Disruptive Trial

9          The Controversial Question of Amnesty

10        The Corporacide of Corporation Executives

11        The Corruption of Wealth

12        Crime Torts: Due Process of Compensation for Crime Victims

13        Cultural Aspects of the Japanese Labor Structure: Eastern Ideals in a Westernized Society

14        D titles, miscellaneous


box 47


1-2       Decline and Fall of the United States

3          Democracy

4          Discord in the Congressional Record

5          Disputata Principia Mankind: preface to book including the Third Revolution, The Struggle of Civilization and the Human Treatment of Human Beings

6          The Dodd Case: Senate Censuring and Individual Rights

7          Due Process in the Contested New Hampshire Senate Election

8          Due Process of Debate: A Senator's Dilemma

9          Due Process of Economy: Proposed Controls of Agricultural Cooperatives

10        Due Process of Executive Authority

11        Due Process of Foreign Policy

12        Due Process of Outer-Space Law

13        Due Process of Rebellion


box 48


1          Due Process of the Right to Vote

2          The Emerging United States of Earth

3          Equal Rights for Management

4          E.P.A.: A Constitutional Redundancy (by Luis Kutner?)

5          Euthanasia: Due Process for Death with Dignity, the Living Will

6          Executive Privilege… Growth of Power Over a Declining Congress

7          The Finale of the Beginning

8          The Freedom of Academic Freedom

9          Freedom of Information

10        The Genocide of the Gerontocracy

11        The Genocide of whales

12        Geoffrey Chaucer, Law-giver

13        Global solar Treaty: Energy for Peace

14        The Great Betrayal: Defeat of Charitable Trusts

15        The Great Gallows Robber


box 49


1          The Great Gallows Robber

2          H titles, miscellaneous

3-7       Habeas Corpus and Other Post-Conviction Remedies


box 50


1-5       Habeas Corpus and Other Post-Conviction Remedies


box 51


1-2       Habeas Foeta: Due Process for the Unborn

3          Habeas Marinus: Proposal for Ocean Law

4          Hi-Rise Lessor Liability

5          Homo Pace: Political Psychiatry for Peace

6          Human Decency: World Habeas Corpus for World Man

7          The Human Right of Individual Freedom

8          The Human Rights of Karl Marx


box 52


1-2       The Human Treatment of Human Beings

3          Humanism

4          Humanism: a World Federation

5          I Miscellaneous

6          If You Are Imprisoned in a Foreign Land

7          Insuring the Survival of Motion Pictures

8          The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Future Security

9          International Due Process for Prisoners of War

10        International Eminent Domain

11        International Terrorism: The Inversion of Relegated Responsibility

12        Islam, Human Rights and World Habeas Corpus

13        Israel: The Rampart of American Security

14        Judge Frank Comerford, Chicagoan

15        The Judicial Process: the Role of the Lawyer

16        A Legal Note on the Nixon Pardon

17        Legal Profiles of Socrates, Milton, Dickens and Galsworthy

18        Lincoln the Lawyer: Myth and Reality


box 53


1          The Living Will, Coping with the Historical Event of Death

2          The Long Shadow of the Dreyfus Case

3          Magna Carta: The Ignored Legacy of Anti-Semitism

4          Mankind vs. Mankind

5          Marx and Two French Utopians

6          Minimizing Personality Tensions in Industrial Relations

7-8       The Move to Impeach Justice Douglas

9          My Years With Capone

10        The Neglected Ninth Amendment


box 54


1          The New Concept of Corporacide: Some Unpostponable Considerations

2          The New Panama Canal Treaties

3          Nixon vs. Cox: Due Process of Executive Authority

4          Now It Should Be Told

5          G Miscellaneous

6          Oil and Human Rights

7          The Ominous Precedent of the Eichmann Case

8          The Ordeal of Harold and Rose Barnes

9          Overdue Due Process for Women Lawyers

10        The Panama Canal Treaties

11        Plato and Aristotle: Precursors of the Human Rights of World Habeas Corpus

12        Political Science, Oil and Human Rights

13        Politicide: The International Crime of Aggression

14        A Preface to the Atomic Age

15        A Preface to Human Maturity


box 55


1          A Preface to Human Maturity

2          A Preponderance of Perjury: The continuing Farce of the Expert Witness

3          Presidential Executive Orders

4          A Proposal for the United Nations Writ of Habeas Corpus and an International Court of Human Rights

5          Psychiatry and International Law

6          The Psychology of the American Woman

7          The Reciprocal Rights and Responsibilities of Students, Faculty and Administrators

8          The Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of Students, Faculty and College Administrators

9          Rights and Responsibilities at the University

10        Rights vs. Riots and the rule of Law

11        The Rule of Law

12        Savigny: German Lawgiver


box 56


1          Self-Determination and World Habeas Corpus

2          Soviet Jewry and World Habeas Corpus

3          The Struggle of Civilization

4          Stubborn Men of History

5          The Talmud and World Habeas Corpus

6          Tax Equity for Non-Resident Aliens

7          The Third Revolution

8          Thomas Jefferson--Anarchist


box 57


1          Timocracy

2          The Troubled Pulpit

3          The Twilight of Male Statesmanship and "World Women," an idea for an organization

4          Unfair Comment: A Warning to News Media

5          A Unicameral Congress: Proposal for Reorganization

6          The Use of the Nuremberg Tribunals as a Precedent for Bangladesh War Crimes Trials

7          Wilkie at Philadelphia

8-9       The Wise Single Girl

10        Witness Immunity: Abuses, Uses and Myths

11        World Court of Human Rights

12        World Genocide Tribunal: Rampart Against Future Genocide


box 58


1          World Habeas Corpus

2          World Habeas Corpus: Due Process and the Judeo-Christian Tradition

3          World Habeas Corpus for Imprisoned Jews in Arab Countries

4          World Habeas Corpus, Human Rights and World community

5          World Habeas Corpus: Legacy of Mount Sinai

6          World Habeas Corpus: Legal Ligament for Political Diversity

7          World Habeas Corpus: miscellaneous articles

8          World Habeas Corpus: Ombudsman for Mankind

9          World Habeas Corpus and the Protection of Jews in Arab Countries

10        World Habeas Ecologicus

11        A World Outer Space Prison: A Proposal


box 59


1          The Yom Kippur War--The Homefront


Series 4. Writings (box 45-66) - continued

Subseries 2. Fiction:

box 59 continued


2          Abra and Cadabra

3          Advice to the Lovelorn, columns by Tony Raymond and Flavius (Luis Kutner)

4          Arson Detail

5          Bouquets and Brickbats

6          Call for Love

7          Call for Venice

8          Charley, the Third Vice President

9          The Crime and the Miracle screen play based on the Bruno Austin case

10        The Cup of the Lip

11        Dorian Gray

12-13   The Duster


box 60


1-2       The Duster

3-6       The Dust of Love, by Alycia Conquest (a.k.a. Luis Kutner)

7          Essays, partial drafts

8          An Evening with W. C. Fields, by Kutner and Sperling

9          Ex-Con, and The Vindicator

10        Fashion Horoscope, by Cellini (a.k.a. Luis Kutner)

11-12   Fathers, Incorporated


box 61


1          Fathers, Incorporated

2          Flights and Cascades

3          The Greater Love

4          Guide for Believers

5          Harum Scarum

6          Honest John Passes On

7          "I am a Proud American," lyrics by Luis Kutner, music by Bob Ragland

8          Into Thy Hands


box 62


1          Intrigues, by Allen Crane (a.k.a. Luis Kutner)

2          Jimmy the Book

3          Know thyself

4          The Lady Sees All

5          Leopard Sunlight: Poems

6          The love Call

7          Madame Mayor

8-9       Madame President

10        Make Way for Love


box 63


1          Mannikan of the Year (1953)

2          Manresa: ‘Retreat' to Victory

3          The Master Potter

4          The Merchants of Venice: A Musical

5          The Milky Way: A Musical

6          Minnie the Mooch, by Guy Strong (a.k.a. Luis Kutner)

8          Mister Justice

9          Moon Splashed

10        Moss and Foliage

11        My Good Rosette


box 64


1          Now It Should Bee Told

2          Oil

3          The 'Omaha Duke' Goes West

4          On Leave

5          One Foot Out the door

6          Opportunities U.S.A.

7          Our Neighbor's Keeper

8          Paris, I Love You

9          People vs. Guy Longsen

10        Play, unidentified

11        Possessed

12        Prayer for Permanent Peace

13        Primrose and Fury: Poems


box 65


1-3       The Prophet

4          Red Wine and Shadows

5          Reminders for Happiness column

6          Rip Van Broadway

8          Runaway Bachelor

9          The Sap from Hollywood or the Land of Promise

10        The Sap from Syracuse

11        Scandal

12        Short Change

13        Short Stories

14        Sofa Scrimmage, by Bebe Fineman

15        Stevie Shaw Prescribes

16        Story


box 66


1          The Swamp

2          The Ten Commandments of Mental Health

3          Theo

4          This is a Glorious Nation patriotic march

5          Thoughts for a Rainy Day

6-10     The Trialle of William Shakespeare

11        Two Merchants of Venus

12        The Virtuous Tyrant

13        Whip Thong

14        Who Done It

15        Why all Hams Have Egos or Confessions of a Kitchen Cagliostro