Clarence Manion papers, 1922-1979, bulk 1941-1979


Descriptive Inventory for the Collection at Chicago History Museum, Research Center

By Archie Motley, Mary Janzen, Frank Boles, Christopher Ann Paton, 1982; rev. Christopher Tounsel; Peter Alter, 2014



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Title: Clarence Manion papers, 1922-1979, bulk 1941-1979

Main entry: Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979

Inclusive dates: 1922-1979, bulk 1941-1979.


51.25 linear ft. (119 boxes).

1 oversize folder.

4 sound cassettes. (in box 104).

1 sound recording (1 reel). (in box 113).


Restriction: The collection is open for research use except box 117 is closed to researchers.

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Provenance statement: Gift of Clarence Manion (M1968.0709) and gift of Mrs. Clarence Manion (M1980.0025).

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This descriptive inventory contains the following sections:

Biographical/historical note,

Summary description of the collection,

Description of some material related to the collection,

List of online catalog headings about the collection,

Arrangement of the collection,

Detailed description of archival series in the collection,

List of contents of the collection.


Biographical/historical note:

Clarence E. Manion, lawyer, educator, broadcaster, author, and lecturer, was born in Henderson, Kentucky, on July 7, 1896. He received an A.B. degree from St. Mary's College in St. Mary, Kentucky, in 1915 and a Master's degree in philosophy from the Catholic University of America in 1917. Manion became a teacher of history and government at Notre Dame University in 1919. In 1922, after receiving a J.D. degree from Notre Dame, he was admitted to the Indiana Bar. He practiced law in Evansville until 1925, when he rejoined the Notre Dame faculty, this time as a Professor of Constitutional Law.


In 1936, he married Virginia ("Gina") O'Brien. They had five children.


In 1936 also he established a private law practice in South Bend, named Doran and Manion, which in 1958 became the firm of Doran, Manion, Boynton, and Kamm. Manion became Dean of Notre Dame's Law School in 1941 and held this position until he retired from the university in 1952. Even after his retirement, he was often referred to as "Dean" Manion although his closest associates called him "Pat". In addition to his flourishing law practice, Manion owned considerable land in the South Bend area.


Manion was appointed Chairman of the Commission on Intergovernmental Relations by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in September 1953. The Commission, made up of U.S. senators and representatives and other prominent citizens, was appointed to study the federal government's relationship to the states, particularly in fiscal matters. Manion's support of the Bricker Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, designed to limit the president's treaty-making powers, apparently made him a political liability to the Eisenhower administration. He resigned his chairmanship in February 1954 at the request of the President.


This event marked the transition to a new career. Manion, who earlier in his life had been a registered Democrat and even a "New Dealer" went on to become one of the leading exponents of and spokesmen for political conservatism in the United States. In addition to his writings and public addresses, Manion delivered a short series of radio broadcasts in 1954 expressing a conservative viewpoint. The broadcasts proved so popular that the series was extended, becoming known as the Manion Forum. The Forum first consisted of commentaries by Manion, but the format later was changed to include guest speakers and interviews with them. At one time or another, most of the leading conservatives of the day were guests of the Manion Forum. Weekly programs were broadcast nation-wide on radio and later on television as well until Manion's death, July 28, 1979.


Apart from his Manion Forum radio and television broadcasts, Clarence Manion was best known for his role in prompting the Presidential candidacy of Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. Manion was active in attempting to secure Goldwater's nomination in 1960. His publication and distribution of Goldwater's book, The Conscience of a Conservative, gave impetus to the Goldwater cause. Goldwater became the Republican Party's standard bearer in 1964, but Manion was less involved in the 1964 campaign than he had been in 1960.


Summary description of the collection:

Clarence Manion's papers are comprised of incoming correspondence and carbon copies of outgoing letters; transcripts of Manion Forum broadcasts, 1954-1979; and publications advocating conservative positions on American domestic and foreign affairs, including monographs written or published by Manion; speeches, news clippings, and other materials. The manuscript of Barry Goldwater's book, Conscience of a Conservative is included.


Topics discussed in the collection include advocacy for the Bricker Amendment; activities of the John Birch Society in California and elsewhere; support for Goldwater's presidential campaigns in 1960 and 1964; Manion's appointment to and resignation from the federal Commission on Intergovernmental Relations; Manion's service on the American Bar Association's Committee for the Study of Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives; the threat of Communist expansion abroad and internal subversion; U.S. military preparedness; and the extension of the power of the federal government in domestic affairs; Manion's activities as a professor of constitutional law at Notre Dame University, and his businesses, and family. Correspondents include William F. Buckley, Jr., General Bonner Fellers, Barry Goldwater, J. Bracken Lee, J. Fred Schlafly, Phyllis Schlafly, Paul Talbert, and Robert Welch.


The papers not only state Dean Manion's personal views on history and political theory. They also document conservative thought and action in America because of the extraordinary breadth of Manion's contacts on the political right as well as the wide reach of his radio and television programs. Correspondents include personal friends as well as members of the general public who listened to the Manion Forum; public officials and political leaders; and conservative publicists, theoreticians, and organizers.


Description of some material related to the collection:

Related materials at Chicago History Museum, Research Center, include the Clarence Manion photograph collection (1981.0117) and a complete run of the Manion Forum Newsletter cataloged separately. A complete collection of audio recordings of Manion Forum radio broadcasts, 1954-1979, on 1294 reels was given to Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, by Mrs. Manion in 1980.


List of online catalog headings about the collection:


Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979--Archives.

Bozell, L. Brent, 1925-1997--Correspondence.

Buckley, William F. (William Frank), 1925-2008--Correspondence.

Fellers, Bonner Frank, 1896-1973--Correspondence.

Goldwater, Barry M. (Barry Morris), 1909-1998--Correspondence.

Goldwater, Barry M. (Barry Morris), 1909-1998. Conscience of a conservative.

Helms, Jesse--Correspondence.

Kirkpatrick, Clayton, 1915-2004--Correspondence.

Lee, J. Bracken (Joseph Bracken), 1899---Correspondence.

Manion, Gina O'Brien

Rickenbacker, William F., 1928-1995--Correspondence.

Schlafly, J. Fred (John Fred), 1909-1993--Correspondence.

Schlafly, Phyllis--Correspondence.

Talbert, Paul H.--Correspondence.

Welch, Robert, 1899-1985--Correspondence.

Wood, Robert E. (Robert Elkington), 1879-1969--Correspondence.

John Birch Society.

Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )

University of Notre Dame. Law School.

United States. Constitution. Bricker Amendment.

Manion forum (Radio program)

Anti-communist movements--United States--20th century.

Catholics--Indiana--20th century.

Conservatism--United States--20th century.

Constitutional law--United States--20th century.

Farmers--Indiana--20th century.

Lawyers--Indiana--20th century.

Treaty-making power--United States--20th century.

Indiana--Commerce--20th century.

Indiana--Politics and government--20th century.

United States--Politics and government--20th century.



Audio tapes.

Audio cassettes.


Manuscripts for publication.






Added entries:

Bozell, L. Brent, 1925-1997.

Buckley, William F. (William Frank), 1925-2008

Fellers, Bonner Frank, 1896-1973

Goldwater, Barry M. (Barry Morris), 1909-1998

Goldwater, Barry M. (Barry Morris), 1909-1998. Conscience of a conservative.

Helms, Jesse.

Kirkpatrick, Clayton, 1915-2004.

Lee, J. Bracken (Joseph Bracken), 1899-

Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979. Cancer in the constitution.

Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979. Conservative American.

Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979. Constitution of the United States.

Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979. Key to peace.

Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979. Lessons in liberty.

Manion, Clarence, 1896-1979. Men of principle.

Manion, Gina O'Brien. Mama went to war.

Schlafly, J. Fred. (John Fred), 1909-1993.

Schlafly, Phyllis.

Talbert, Paul H.

Welch, Robert, 1899-1985

Wood, Robert E. (Robert Elkington), 1879-1969

Manion forum (Radio program)

Here's how by who's who.

United States--Indiana--South Bend.

United States--California.


Arrangement of the collection:

The papers are arranged in five series:

Series 1. Correspondence, 1922-1978 (box 1-56)

Subseries 1. Chronological correspondence, 1922-1965

Subseries 2. Alphabetical correspondence, 1966-1979

Subseries 3. Correspondence with selected prominent persons, 1961-1979

Series 2. Topical correspondence and clippings, 1950-1978 (box 57-81)

Series 3. Manion Forum, 1954-1979 (box 81-109)

Series 4. Speeches, 1941-1978 (box 109-113)

Series 5. Publications and other materials, 1926-1976 (box 113-119)


Detailed description of archival series in the collection:

Series 1. Correspondence, 1922-1978 (box 1-56)

Series 1 is almost entirely composed of incoming letters and carbon copies of Manion's replies to Manion Forum broadcast listeners across the nation, Conservative friends and associates, and to a lesser extent, congressmen and other government officials. A large portion of this correspondence relates to the Manion Forum and concerns arrangements for guest speakers as well as listeners' reactions to topics such as foreign aid, taxation, nuclear test bans, social security, farm legislation, civil rights, Cubs, and socialist and Communist forces at work in the U.S. and abroad. Besides correspondence, this series also contains some legal briefs, news clippings and other items. Some of the incoming letters from prominent individuals in this collection are copies of originals which were retained by the Manion family. For the convenience of the researcher, selected correspondence has been moved from its original file location in Series 1 and re-filed into other series of the Manion papers in order to consolidate materials related to certain important topics in a single location. However, the remaining correspondence is wide-ranging and touches upon many of the topics that appear in the other series.


Series 1 is made up of three subseries, the first arranged strictly by date from 1922 to 1965; the second, arranged by year and then filed alphabetically by correspondent's name within each year from 1966 to 1979; Subseries 3 contains correspondence with selected prominent persons filed under the name, 1961-1979. It is sometimes possible to find a letter to/from or about the same person in each of the subseries.


Of special interest in Subseries 1, Chronological correspondence, are: 1927-1928 materials including correspondence with Nicholas Murray Butler about Manion's article, "What Price Prohibition?"; a few items relative to Manion's interest in running for elective office, including an April 25, 1940, letter concerning his withdrawal from the U.S. congressional race in Indiana and an August 7, 1933, news clipping on his interest in Indiana's U.S. Senate seat; and papers concerning Manion's opposition to U.S. entry into World War II, including letters to U.S. senators and correspondence with General Robert E. Wood, chairman of the "America First" committee.


Subseries 1 also contains various materials relating to Dean Manion's association with Notre Dame University. Papers from the 1940s discuss the possibility of closing the Law School for the duration of World War II. An August 4, 1944 letter from the President of Notre Dame, Rev. Hugh O'Donnell, comments on the admission of an African American student in the Law School.


In the 1953-1954 files, the publication and distribution of Clarence Manion's The Key to Peace, a textbook on U.S. government and the Constitution, is discussed. Materials concerning the aims, formation, and membership of "For America," a group working to promote peace, "Americanism," and national defense, and to oppose Communism and totalitarianism, are present in the files from 1954 onward as are materials relating to the John Birch Society.


Subseries 2, Alphabetical correspondence, dates from 1966 to the year of Manion's death, 1979; it lacks files "N" - "Z" for 1971. However, it is sometimes possible to find a letter to/from or about the same person in each of the subseries.


Subseries 3 contains correspondence with selected prominent persons filed under the name, 1961-1979. However, it is sometimes possible to find a letter to/from or about the same person in each of the subseries.


Some of the correspondents whom Manion regarded as "most prominent" were kept separately filed after 1964 (subseries 3), including National Review editor William F. Buckley, Jr., Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Chicago Tribune editor/reporter Clayton Kirkpatrick, William F. Rickenbacker of the "Rickenbacker Report" and California insurance executive Paul H. ("Tex") Talbert. The Talbert correspondence is of special interest in relation to the John Birch Society. Talbert was an officer of the Society who was critical of its national leader Robert Welch. The "prominent personalities" files have been retained as separate entities, but the researcher should be aware that correspondence with these persons also may be found in Series 1, Subseries 1 and 2, and elsewhere in the Manion papers.


Series 2. Topical correspondence and clippings, 1950-1978 (box 57-81)

Series 2 consists primarily of subject files maintained by Clarence Manion to which have been added smaller lots of subject files from other series of the Manion Papers as well as some isolated files. The "Manion biographical files" (filed under "M" document some aspects of Clarence Manion's activities apart from the Manion Forum. The "Chicago Historical Society" files contain materials that Manion set aside because he thought they would be of special interest to researchers at CHS. The range of materials contained in this series is illustrated by the following descriptions of three of the larger topics: an American Bar Association committee on Communism, 1950-1953; the Bricker Amendment, 1953-1957; and Harry Goldwater's presidential campaigns, 1959-1964.


The American Bar Association Committee for the Study of Communist Tactics, Strategy, and Objectives was formed to study communist activities in relation to proper court procedure and law enforcement. This group of files include correspondence (a good deal of it with Austin F. Canfield, the Committee's chairman), minutes of meetings and other related papers. A major subject is the drafting and publication of the ABA's "Brief on Communism: Marxism-Leninism, Its Aims, Purposes, Objectives and Practices" in 1951. The Committee also considered a proposal to poll its members in order to discover if any of them were members of Marxist-Leninist organizations or the National Lawyers Guild, which was suspected of Communist leanings.


The files on the Bricker Amendment consist of Clarence Manion's correspondence with individuals, including Senator John Bricker, and organizations which advocated the passage of the Bricker Amendment or similar legislation to check the treaty-making powers of the U.S. President. News clippings and other printed materials amplify the correspondence. Scattered references to Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin occur in the correspondence. Lyndon B. Johnson, than a senator from Texas, stated his opposition to the Bricker amendment in a letter which is attached to Arthur C. Hughes' letter of February 4, 1954. The Bricker Amendment files also contain a photocopy of a letter from Supreme Court Justice Sherman Minton (February 25, 1954) in which he takes issue with a Manion Forum broadcast on the Court's decision in the steel seizure case.


The Barry Goldwater files (box 68-71) begin with Minton's efforts to organize a committee and to rally support for Goldwater's efforts to secure the Republican Party's presidential or vice-presidential nomination in 1960. Of special interest is an 18-page abstract of the minutes of a Goldwater for President meeting at the Union League Club in Chicago, January 23, 1960. A major subject of the Goldwater files is the 1960 publication and distribution by Clarence Manion of Goldwater's book, Conscience of a Conservative, which played an important role in securing the presidential nomination for Goldwater in 1964.


The 1960 campaign materials discuss, in some detail and depth, both the philosophy and strategy of the Goldwater candidacy, specifically the relevancy of Goldwater's campaign to the cause of conservatism in the United States, Republican strength in the South, and the role of the civil rights question in the campaign. During February and March 1959, correspondents comment on the advisability of establishing a third major political party in the United States on conservative lines.


Less material from the 1964 campaign is present, but noteworthy is Manion's letter to Senator Barry Goldwater of June 12, 1964, in which Manion suggested William Miller of New York as Goldwater's vice-presidential candidate. Miller later became Goldwater's running mate in the campaign.


Some of the prominent individuals whose correspondence is filed with the Goldwater topical files (and also found elsewhere in the collation) are J. Bracken Lee, former governor of Utah and head of "For America," Bonner Fellers, William F. Buckley, Jr., L.. Brent Bozell, and William J. Dorn. There is also a good deal of correspondence with cattleman Hubbard Russell of Maricopa, California, treasurer of the sponsoring committee for Conscience of a Conservative, which purchased the book in lots in order to be able to distribute it at a discount.


Series 3. Manion Forum, 1954-1979 (box 81-109)

Series 3 contains material generated in connection with Manion Forum broadcasts, including a complete set of transcripts of radio and television programs from October 3, 1954, through August 19, 1979, copies of Manion Forum publications, correspondence from contributors and supporters, and some financial records. This series cover all broadcasts, beginning with the first.


A complete collection of audio tape recordings of Manion Forum radio broadcasts from 1954 to 1979 on 1294 reels was given to Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, by Mrs. Manion in 1980.


Of special interest in Series 3 is correspondence and other papers concerning the cancellation by the Mutual Broadcasting System network stations of an October 10, 1957, Manion Forum broadcast by Herbert V. Kohler, president of the Kohler Company near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. In this broadcast (which was carried by stations not affiliated with the Mutual network), Kohler criticized actions of the United Auto Workers in their strike against his company. The Mutual system refused to broadcast the program on the grounds that it could lead to legal action against the broadcasters, even though Herbert Kohler agreed to reimburse any judgment claim against the network. In addition to correspondence with Kohler and letters of support from Manion Forum listeners, Series 3 also contains items relative to the cancellation of the Manion Forum's contract with the Mutual system as a result of this censorship.


Series 4. Speeches, 1941-1978 (box 109-113)

Series 4. is arranged by date. The series consists primarily of texts of speeches around the country by Manion as advocate of conservatism between 1941 and 1978 but also occasionally includes related correspondence, clippings, or programs. (Some routine correspondence concerning travel and lodging arrangements in connection with speeches between 1961 and 1965 is found also in Series 1, subseries 1). During the early 1960s, Manion addressed a number of young conservative organizations on college campuses.


Series 5. Publications and other materials, 1926-1976 (box 113-119)

Series 5 contains books and pamphlets written or published by Clarence Manion. Most of the series is arranged alphabetically by title, usually with a copy of the publication preceding any manuscript materials about the publication.


Also include is a box of computer printouts (box 117: Closed to researchers); a box of appointment and desk books; a box of correspondence, 1926-1972; and one oversize folder.


List of contents of the collection:

Series 1. Correspondence, 1922-1978 (box 1-56)

Subseries 1. Chronological correspondence, 1922-1965

Box 1

1 Correspondence, 1922-1928

2 Correspondence, 1929-1939

3 Correspondence, 1940-1944

4 Correspondence, 1945-August 1947

5 Correspondence, September 1947-1950

6 Correspondence, 1951-February 1952


Box 2

1-7 Correspondence, March 1952-march 1955


Box 3

1-5 Correspondence, April 1955-December 1957


Box 4

1-5 Correspondence, January-September 1958


Box 5

1-7 Correspondence, October 1958-July 1961


Box 6

1 Correspondence, August-December 1961 and undated

2-5 Correspondence, January-February 10, 1963


Box 7

1 Correspondence, December 1962

2-5 Correspondence, January-February 10, 1063


Box 8

1-6 Correspondence, February 11-April 30, 1963


Box 9

1-6 Correspondence, May 1-June 30, 1963


Box 10

1-6 Correspondence, July 1-August 31, 1963


Box 11

1-6 Correspondence, September 1-October 24, 1963


Box 12

1-6 Correspondence, October 25-December 31, 1964


Box 13

1-6 Correspondence, Misc. and undated 1963-March 10, 1964


Box 14

1-6 Correspondence, March 11-June 15, 1964


Box 15

1-6 Correspondence, June 16-September 20, 1964


Box 16

1-7 Correspondence, September 21-November 23, 1964


Box 17

1-4 Correspondence, November 24-December 21

5-7 Correspondence, January 1965


Box 18

1-7 Correspondence, February 1-May 10, 1965


Box 19

1-6 Correspondence, May 11-July 31, 1965


Box 20

1-6 Correspondence, August 1-October 31, 1965


Series 1. Correspondence, 1922-1978 (box 1-56)

Subseries 2. Alphabetical correspondence, 1966-1979

Box 21

5-6 Correspondence, A-B 1966


Box 22

1-5 Correspondence, C-G 1966


Box 23

1-6 Correspondence, H-Mc 1966


Box 24

1-7 Correspondence, N-W 1966


Box 25

1-2 Correspondence, X-Z 1966


Box 26

1-8 Correspondence, D-L 1967


Box 27

1-8 Correspondence, M-T 1967


Box 28

1-4 Correspondence, U-Z and miscellaneous 1967

5-6 Correspondence, A-B 1968


Box 29

1-5 Correspondence, C-G 1968


Box 30

1-5 Correspondence, H-L 1968


Box 31

1-5 Correspondence, M-R 1968


Box 32

1-9 Correspondence, S-Z and miscellaneous 1968


Box 33

1-4 Correspondence, A-D 1969

5 Correspondence: Diesing, Gordon W. 1969

6-7 Correspondence, E-F 1969


Box 34

1-5 Correspondence, G-K 1969

6 Correspondence: Kilpatrick, James Jackson (Washington Star Syndicate) 1969

7-8 Correspondence, L-N 1969


Box 35

1-2 Correspondence, Mc-N 1969

3 Correspondence: Nielsson, George W. 1969

4-8 Correspondence, O-T 1969


Box 36

1-5 Correspondence, U-Z and miscellaneous 1969

6-8 Correspondence, A-C 1970


Box 37

1-11 Correspondence, D-M 1970


Box 38

1-8 Correspondence, N-U 1970


Box 39

1-4 Correspondence, V-Z and miscellaneous 1970

5-7 Correspondence, A-C 1971


Box 40

1-9 Correspondence, D-M (I missing) 1971, (N-Z 1971 missing)

10 Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1971

11 Correspondence, A 1972


Box 41

1-12 Correspondence, M-Z and miscellaneous 1972


Box 43

1-10 Correspondence, A-J 1973


Box 44

1-8 Correspondence, K-S 1973


Box 45

1-5 Correspondence, T-Z and miscellaneous 1973

6-10 Correspondence, A-F 1974


Box 46

1-3 Correspondence, H-J 1974

4 Correspondence: Jones, Sarah R. (Mrs. Henry Stewart), president general of DAR, 1974 &

Jones, John L. 1974

5 Correspondence, K-L 1974

6 Correspondence: Lyons, Rev. Daniel, S. J. 1974


Box 47

1-3 Correspondence, M-N 1974

4 Correspondence: Norton, Jerry (chairman, University Informational Services) 1974

5-6 Correspondence, O-R 1974

7 Correspondence: Rice, Charles E. 1974

8 Correspondence, S 1974


Box 48

1-5 Correspondence, T-Z and miscellaneous 1974

6-12 Correspondence, A-G 1975


Box 49

1 Correspondence, H 1975

2 Correspondence: Harnischfeger, Walter 1975

3-5 Correspondence, I-L 1975

6 Correspondence: Lyons, Rev. Daniel, E.J. 1975

7-11 Correspondence, M-R 1975

12 Correspondence: Rice, Charles E. 1975

13-17 Correspondence, S-Z 1975


Box 50

1 Correspondence, M 1985

2-17 Correspondence, A-R 1976


Box 51

1-5 Correspondence, S-W and miscellaneous 1976

6 Correspondence, A 1977

7 Correspondence: Alabama insurance agents 1977

8-20 Correspondence, B-Q 1977


Box 52

1 Correspondence, R 1977

2 Correspondence: Rice, Charles E. 1977

3-8 Correspondence, S-Z and miscellaneous 1977

9-21 Correspondence, A-M 1978


Box 53

1-3 Correspondence, N-R 1978

4 Correspondence: Rice, Charles E. 1978

5-9 Correspondence, S-W and miscellaneous 1978

10-25 Correspondence, A-R 1979

26 Correspondence: Rice, Charles e. 1979

27-32 Correspondence, S-Z and miscellaneous 1979


Box 54

1 Correspondence, miscellaneous 1980

2 Correspondence, miscellaneous 1981

3 Correspondence, miscellaneous Undated


Series 1. Correspondence, 1922-1978 (box 1-56)

Subseries 3. Correspondence with prominent persons, 1961-1979

Box 54 continued

4 Correspondence: Amyx, Hurst B., 1961-1977

5 Correspondence: Buckley, William F., 1964-1966

6 Correspondence: Budenz, Louis Francis, 1966

7 Correspondence: Capell, Frank, 1964

8 Correspondence: Claiborne, Clay J., 1979

9-10 Correspondence: Denchfield, Arthur L., 1978-1979

11 Correspondence: Fairbank, Robert, 1964

12 Correspondence: Goetjen, Henriette, 1964

13 Correspondence: Heinsohn, A.G., 1965-1966


Box 55

1 Correspondence: Helms, Senator Jesse, 1977

2 Correspondence: Jarski, Ingeborg, 1963-1966

3 Correspondence: Kirkpatrick, Clayton, 1969-1972

4 Correspondence: Knaus, Vincent L, 1969

5 Correspondence: McIntyre, Rev. Carl, 1966

6 Correspondence: Morrison, Robert S., 1970-1971

7 Correspondence: Neel, James R., 1966

8 Correspondence: Niles Township supervisor, 1977

9 Correspondence: O'Meara, Dean Joseph, answers to letters, 1968

10-11 Correspondence: Phillips, J. C., 1966, 1974


Box 56

1 Correspondence: Phillips, J. C., 1975

2 Correspondence: Rickenbacker, William F., 1970-1971

3 Correspondence: Sporl, Cyprian, 1969-1970

4-14 Correspondence: Talbert, Paul H., 1961-1979


Series 2. Topical correspondence and clippings, 1950-1978 (box 57-81)

Box 57

1-4 American Bar Association Committee for the Study of Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives:1950-1953

5 American Council on Education, 1967

6 American Defense Fund, 1967-1968

7 American Economic Foundation, 1966-1967


Box 58

1 American Emergency Committee on the Panama Canal, 1967

2 Americanism Educational League, Knott's Berry farm, 1966

3 America's Future, Inc., (George A. Membrez, Jr.) undated

4-5 American Security Council, 1967

6 Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc., 1972

7 Anderson, Thomas H., 1967

8 Andrews, T. Coleman, 1964-1967

9 Annexation of Manion's property by city of South Bend, Indiana, ca. 1971-1974

10 Ashbrook, John M., 1970-1972

11 Asian Speakers Bureau, 1965-1969

12 Associated Press press release, 1971

13 Baldauf, Commander Lawrence, 1967

14-15 Banks and trusts, 1969-1975


Box 59

1-7 Banks and trusts, 1973

8 Barrett, Edward, 1953


Box 60

1-4 Barrett, Edward, 1954-1958

5 Benson, Ezra Taft, 1967

6 Bethel, Paul D., 1967

7 Betts, Jackson E., 1967

8 Bicentennial, 1976

9-16 John Birch Society


Box 61

1-7 John Birch Society


Box 62

1-4 John Birch Society

5 Braden, Spruille, 1964-1967

6-9 Bricker Amendment, 1953-May 1954


Box 63

1-2 Bricker Amendment, June 1954-1957

3 Brophy, Frank C., 1964-1967

4 Burke, Frederick H., 1967

5 Castner, Paul (Rockne Research), 1966-1967

6-7 Catholic Freedom Foundation, 1967

8 Centennial correspondence (Notre Dame Law School), 1969

9 Chautauqua Institution, 1969

10 Chicago Historical Society, 1973

11 Chicago Tribune subscription, 1970-1971

12 China, Republic of, 1966-1968

13 Chinese Information Service, 1967

14 Colby, Roy, 1966-1968


Box 64

1 Collins, Mrs. Mary Love, 1964-1967

2-7 Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: 1953


Box 65

1 Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: 1953 undated

2-6 Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: 1954

7 Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: 1954 undated, 1955-1956

8 Committee of the States (Robert C. Olne, national chairman) 1967

9 Committee to End Aid to the Soviet Enemy, 1967

10 Concerned Citizen's Project, 1971-1972

11 Consular treaty, letters and wires, 1967

12 Coomer, Edward (Norman College), 1965-1967


Box 66

1 Council for Civic Responsibilities, 1964-1967

2 Davis, Commander John E., 1967

3 Davis, Tom, 1967

4 Declaration of Independence, 1967

5 Dickerson, Colonel Robert L., 1966

6 Dresser, Robert, 1964-1967

7 Equal Rights Amendment

8 Evans, M. Stanton (editor, Indianapolis News), 1971-1972

9-12 Federal Communications Commission


Box 67

1 Federal Communications Commission

2-4 Fellers, Brig. General Bonner (Taxpayers Committee to End Foreign Aid), 1966-1973

5 Findley, Paul, 1967

6 Foundation for Economic Education, Inc. (Leonard E. Read), 1967

7 Gabler, Mel (textbook evaluation, etc.), 1964-1967


Box 68

1-2 Genocide convention, (U.N. treaty 1946)

3 Gest, John, 1961-1967

4-8 Goldwater, Barry: Conscience of a Conservative, 1959-1963

9 Goldwater, Barry: Conscience of a Conservative, Draft chapters 1-5


Box 69

1 Goldwater, Barry: Conscience of a Conservative, Draft chapters 6-10

2-3 Goldwater, Barry: Conscience of a Conservative, galleys

4-7 Goldwater, Barry: General correspondence, January-July 20, 1959


Box 70

1-6 Goldwater, Barry: General correspondence, July 21, 1959-July 1960


Box 71

1 Goldwater, Barry: Publishers correspondence, 1960-1967

2 Gore, Jack W.

3 Guild, Captain, 1964-1967

4-5 Hagerty, Rev. Cornelius, C.S.C., 1967

6 Harriss, Robert M., 1964-1968

7-9 Hart, Edna Coverdale, 1967-1968


Box 72

10 Hart, Laura W., 1967

11 Hines, Paul, 1967

12 Hinkel, John V., 1969-1972

13 Indiana Committee for Captive Nations, Inc., 1967

14 Indiana Criminal Justice Agency, advertising campaign


Box 73

1-4 Indiana Criminal Justice Commission

5 Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency

6 Indiana Textbook Commission


Box 74

1 Johnson, Lyndon B., 1967

2 Keene, David A., 1967

3 Kimmel, J. S., 1965-1967

4 Koch, Fred, 1965-1967

5 Large Families of America, Inc.

6 Legion of St. Michael, 1966

7 Liberty Lobby, 1966-1967

8 Link, Joseph Jr., 1967

9 Lowry, General Sumter L., 1966-1967

10 Manrara, Louis, 1964-1968

11-16 Manion biographical file


Box 75

1-4 Manion biographical File

5 Manion Canyon Christmas Trees, 1972-1978

6-7 Manion testimonial dinner, May 15, 1974

8-10 Maxwell, William D., 1968-1969

11 McMillin, George O., 1966-1967

12 Media Unlimited, Inc. (David Dye), 1965-1966


Box 76

1 Meeting, Montgomery, Alabama, June 7

2 Cardinal Mindzenty Foundation, 1967-1968

3 Montana reapportionment file (Richard Bord and Michael Foley), 1965-1967

4 Moreel, Admiral Ben, 1967

5 Morris, Robert, 1964

6 Moseley, C. C., 1969-1972

7 Mundt, Senator Karl, 1967

8 National Committee for the Liberation of China, 1967

9 National Federating of Conservative Organizations

10 National Review

11 National Student Committee for Victory in Vietnam, 1966-1967

12 Newspaper articles

13-14 Newspaper mailing lists

15 New York Times Op-ed articles, 1971-1972

16 Niendorff, Hazel, 1955-1965

17 1976 Committee (William J. Grede), 1966-1967

18 1976 party platforms

19 Olds, Frederic C., 1966

20 Panama Canal treaty, ca. 1977


Box 77

1 Panama Canal treaty, ca. 1977

2 Philbrick, Herbert E., 1967

3 Phillips, J. C., 1966-1967

4 Photographs (photocopies)

5 Pope's children War Relief (Marieli Benziger), 1967

6-8 Prayer in public schools


Box 78

1 Prayer in public schools

2 Publicity for senate race and National Emergency Council

3 Research Group, 1977-1978

4 Reese, Benard P., 1967

5 Retractions of statements in re: Manion

6 Rivers, L. Mendel, 1967

7 Rockwell, Colonel Willard F., 1968

8 Rogers, Donald T., 1967

9 Rostow Account

10 Rural Electrification Administration broadcast correspondence

11 Schettler, C. R., 1967

12 Eleanor Schlafly/Cardinal Mindzenty Foundation, 1964-1978


Box 79

1 J. Fred Schlafly, 1964-1965

2 J. Fred Schlafly, 1966-1967

3 J. Fred Schlafly, 1968-1969

4 J. Fred Schlafly, 1970

5 J. Fred Schlafly, 1971

6 J. Fred Schlafly, 1972-1973

7 J. Fred Schlafly, 1974-1975

8 J. Fred Schlafly, 1976-1977

9 J. Fred Schlafly, 1978-1979

10 Phyllis Schlafly, 1963-1967

11 Phyllis Schlafly, 1968-1969

12 Phyllis Schlafly, 1970-1973


Box 80

1 Schlafly, Fred and Phyllis, 1978-1979

2 Schmitz John, 1971-1972

3 Schooley, John M. 1967

4 Sheppard, Gerald A., 1968-1972

5 Shuman, Charles B., 1967

6 South Africa visit, 1968

7 State Superintendent of Schools, 1972

8 Surplus Record correspondence (Mrs. J.C. Shallis) 1964-1967

9 Swigert, Ernest G., 1967

10 Taxpayer's Union of U.S.A., Inc., 1968

11 Thurmond, Senator Strom, 1964-1968

12 Triumph Magazine (L. Brent Bozell), 1967

13 Telegrams to all senators and representatives

14 TV Guide, 1967

15 Tshombe Emergency Committee, 1967

16 Utah Supreme Court, 1975

17 Unfair competition, 1975

18 Virginia Education Fund (R. B. Crawford), 1967

19 Wallace, Governor George, 1963-1964

20 Watt, George Story, 1971


Box 81

1 We, The People (Harry Everingham), 1967

2 We, The Taxpayers (Samuel J. Andalman), 1967

3 Williams, Joseph F., 1966-1967

4 Wurmbrand, Rev. Richard, 1967

5 Young Americans for Freedom, 1967

6 Youth Against Communism Movement, 1967


Series 3. Manion Forum, 1954-1979 (box 81-109)

Box 81 continued

7 Minutes, resolutions, agreements

8 Newspaper articles re Manion Forum broadcasts, 1970

9 Indexes, 1963-1970

10 Listing of broadcasts 1-371 October 3, 1954-November 5, 1961

11-14 Radio broadcasts: 1-80, October 3, 1954-April 8, 1956


Box 82

1-12 Radio broadcasts: 81-319, April 15, 1954-April 8, 1956


Box 83

1-10 Radio broadcasts: 320-743, November 13, 1960-December 29, 1968


Box 84

1-10 Radio broadcasts: 744-1264, January 5, 1969-December 31, 1978


Box 85

1 Radio broadcasts: 1265-1294, January 7-August 19, 1979

2-6 Manion Forum Newsletter notes and production, 1961-1979

7 Manion Forum weekly column, 1961-1965

8-11 Manion Forum Radio Footnotes: 1-400


Box 86

1-9 Manion Forum Radio Footnotes: 401-1300


Box 87

1-6 Manion Forum Radio Footnotes: 1301-1850

7 Listings of TV broadcasts, 1-350

8-12 Manion Forum television broadcasts: 1-299


Box 88

1-3 Manion Forum television broadcasts: 300-381

4 Television production notebook

5-6 Manion Forum Kohler broadcast, August 1957-January 1958

7-8 Correspondence re broadcasts and support, 1954-1967

9-10 Manion Forum program planning


Box 89

1 Manion Forum program planning, 1968-1975

2-7 Radio stations and miscellaneous inquiries

8-24 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: A


Box 90

1-70 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: A-C


Box 91

1-59 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: C-D


Box 92

1-69 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: D-H


Box 93

1-71 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: H-M


Box 94

1-66 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: M-O


Box 95

1-83 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: O-S


Box 96

1-75 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: S-V


Box 97

1-29 Supporters and contributors, 1959-ca. 1966: W-Z

30-84 Form solicitation letters


Box 98

1-88 Form solicitation letters


Box 99

1-80 Form solicitation letters


Box 100

1-82 Form solicitation letters


Box 101

1-13 Form solicitation letters

14-16 Miscellaneous, 1961-1964; "Sales Letter Round Table:" Production mail records

17 Production mail records, 1964-1970 (1 vol.)


Box 102

1-4 Solicitation letters and financial campaign material

5-6 Contributor correspondence, 1968-1979


Box 103

1 Contributor correspondence, 1968-1979

2-11 Contributor acknowledgements


Box 104

1-2 Contributor acknowledgements

3-5 Sales and publications: "The Constitution of the United States in Script and Sound

Audio-Recordings The Constitution of the United States : A Documented Study in Sound and Script, by Clarence Manion (book and 4 cassettes)


Box 105

1 Manion Forum budgets

2 Correspondence re. funds and expenses, information re. sales, broadcasts and supporters, 1962-1979

3-6 Manion Forum Planned Equity Plan


Box 106

1-2 Manion Forum Planned Equity Plan

3-4 Manion Forum audits, 1956-1977

5 Comparative income, new and old accounts

6 Sales information, 1965-1972


Box 107

1 Miscellaneous

2-4 Manion Forum guest speaker files


Box 108

1 Manion Forum guest speaker files

2 Card index of speakers

3 Typed versions of radio broadcasts, 1962-1967

4 Weekly newspaper columns, 1961-1963

5 News clippings of and in reference to newspaper columns


Box 109

1 Promotional material

2 Program possibilities and miscellaneous


Series 4. Speeches, 1941-1978 (box 109-113)

Box 109

3-5 Speech materials: 1941-1954


Box 110

1-5 Speech materials: 1955-1965


Box 111

1-4 Speech materials: October 1967-March 1968


Box 112

1-5 Speech materials: 1968-1971


Box 113

1-2 Speech materials: 1971-1979

3 Possible and cancelled speeches; travel schedules

4-5 Undated speech materials

Audio-recordings Dedication of the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, Calif., June 6, 1968 (tape recording, 1 reel)


Series 5. Publications and other materials, 1926-1976 (box 113-119)

Box 113

6-8 Cancer in the Constitution, by Clarence Manion, 1972


Box 114

1-3 Cancer in the Constitution, by Clarence Manion, 1972

4 Communism and the Supreme Court, (1966?)

5 Conscience of a Conservative, by Barry Goldwater, 1961

6-8 The Conservative American : His Fight for National Independence and Constitutional Government, by Clarence Manion, 1964


Box 115

1 The Conservative American : His Fight for National Independence and Constitutional Government, by Clarence Manion, 1964

2 Here's How by Who's Who : A Compilation of Messages from Successful Men, Directed to the Youth of American in the Hope That Herein Will Be Found a Spark of Inspiration That Will Point the Way to Individual Achievement, compiled by Jesse Grover Bell, 1965

3-7 The Key to Peace : A Formula for the Perpetuation of Real Americanism, by Clarence Manion, 1951


Box 116

1 Lessons in Liberty : A Study of God in Government, by Clarence Manion (1939, 1976?)

2 Let's Face It : Adapted from the Manion Forum Broadcasts, by Clarence Manion, 1956

3 Mama Went to War, by Gina O'Brien Manion, 1966

4-6 Manion Forum miscellaneous pamphlets

7 Men of Principle : Guest Book of the Manion Forum, by Clarence Manion, 1959


Box 117 (transfer box) Closed to researchers:

Computer print-out lists


Box 118 (record carton)

Appointment and desk books


Box 119 (slim box)

1-3 Correspondence, 1926-1972


1 oversize folder